The Timeless Styles of Formal Wear

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
Formals have also stood their own in the ever changing scene of fashion. Whether it was the formal black suit or the skirt, they never fail to add that air of sophistication to a persona. More than the style statement that is made by wearing a formal dress, it is the demand of the situation which requires one to be dressed in formal and is hence the more important than the style statement. When you dress formally, you are sending a signal of grooming to those around you. It is a reflection of your personality, the way you have been brought up and the values you stand up to. If the communication through your style is right, a good first impression is formed which paves the way for further dialogue. This shows how important formals are. There are certain rules which must get right in order to make an impact. Let us take a peek at how you can get your formal ensemble right.

The Timeless Styles of Formal Wear
The Timeless Styles of Formal Wear

Beginning with the color of the shirt, never wear a translucent shirt. A thick shirt woven out of a good quality fabric is the right choice. Pay a lot of importance to the quality of the shirt even if you have to spend a few extra bucks. Moving on to the color of the shirt, it is best to stay away from flashy colors like red, purple or green. These are colors meant for walking down the red carpet at the Oscars. Cameras love this color, your boss and co workers may not. White is the safest color to be chosen when dressing for an interview or a meeting.

Make sure the shirt is pure white and no shade lesser or more. If the event is less formal as in case of an official party, you can opt for pastel shades which are muted like off white, cream, light blue etc. stripes work well with almost everyone but checks are not considered formal. If you are not sure you can carry for stripes, go for the plain look. The last most important thing is the size of the shirt. Do not squeeze yourself into the shirt or float in one. A tight shirt will make you feel even more uncomfortable when you wear a tie. Wear the shirt before buying. Trial rooms are built exactly to serve this purpose. Remember to button the shirt fully before leaving your home.

Pastel shades for pants is complete no. go for the standard colors like off white, light brown. No white pants unless you want to relive the physical education moments in school. Light colored pants are the perfect choice. And the size of the pant is equally important here. Make sure that not even an inch of your legs are exposed.

Shoes and socks
The color of the shoes must be the same as that of your belt. While we are at it, a belt is a must for formal occasions. Black and brown are the standard colors for belts.