70s Fashion Style Is Great For Your Fancy Dress Party

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
I was a teenager in the seventies and have very fond memories of that decade. The 70s are sometimes referred to as "the decade that taste forgot". Whether or not you agree with that sentiment, no one could ever call the 70s dull, especially when it came to the fashion. Bold bright colours, psychedelic patterns, PVC boots, the literally staggeringly high platforms - and that was just for the men! In recent years, there has been something of a revival of the fashions of the 70s and we have even begun talking nostalgically about that decade. We remember fondly the endlessly long hot summer of 1976, disco dancing to the great music and Starsky and Hutch on the telly. Somewhere in the back of our minds we file away memories of the Winter of Discontent, the strikes and the standpipes in the street during the drought. The seventies revival has seen a huge increase in the popularity of vintage clothing boutiques (formerly known drearily as second hand shops), as well as fancy dress shops selling and hiring all manner of 70s fancy dress items. Whatever 70s fancy dress item you are looking for, one of these places is bound to have it, whether the item you are searching is a pair of original Falmer flared jeans, a pair of black PVC boots or a Starsky cardigan.

 Fashion Style
 Fashion Style Is Great For Your Fancy Dress Party

 The fashions of the seventies were many and varied. I will now mention some items (in alphabetical order) that we wore back in the 70s and which might inspire you for a 70s fancy dress party. Firstly, the Afghan coat. Now it's best if you wear this to a winter 70s fancy dress party as this is incredibly hot to wear and very heavy. This was from the early seventies and was a knee-length sheepskin coat with a huge fur collar and trim. Bell bottom trousers were trousers or denim jeans that flared out from the knee and swept along the ground as you walked. As the seventies worn on, flares became increasingly wider, as much as 24 inches if you wanted to be seen as really cool! Cheesecloth shirts and blouses were great for people who hated ironing. These crinkly items were very comfortable and were often in a checked pattern and, for the girls, had two long bits at the front which you would tie just above your navel. They went very well with jeans and a big metal buckled belt. Espadrilles were woven or canvas wedge sandals with long ties to criss-cross up the legs. Halter-necks were little backless tops for the girls, which tied up round the neck and midriff and were great to wear in the summer or when disco dancing, teamed with mini skirts and PVC boots. Hot pants were very popular in the early seventies and are often worn to 70s fancy dress parties. They are shorts with a bib and brace and the early ones were made from Crimplene. These are just a few of the fashion items from the 1970s and will hopefully give you some inspiration for your 70s fancy dress party.