Hero of the week: Greg Rutherford

Saturday, March 2, 2013
Not only is Greg Rutherford a sporting hero, but he's a sartorial one too. Many thanks to an anonymous contributor on a previous post for pointing me in the direction of this marvelous picture.

This is flawless morning dress. The tie is in a Macclesfield pattern - a tight check in black and white which gives a grey or silver impression at a distance. While by no means mandatory, it is the most traditional and formal tie to wear with morning dress, and gives a sense of classic elegance as well as the impression that the wearer understands what he is wearing.

A similar tie from Burton

The waistcoat is a double-breasted buff morning waistcoat. Again, this is about the most classic choice you can go for. It looks fantastic, although to really show it off to it's best, Mr Rutherford MBE ought to leave his coat undone. The white shirt is a good choice, particularly for such a formal occasion, although a light blue shirt whit a white collar is perhaps more traditional and would add a little colour to the ensemble.

Is Mr Rutherford an extremely good dresser, or did he just go to Ede and Ravenscroft and say 'give me correct morning dress'? I don't care, because knowing when to ask for (and take) advice on dressing is just as important as knowing correct dress codes, and plenty of other public figures (Mr Obama, sir, I'm looking at you) would be well advised to ask around a bit before they try and do formalwear.

Congratulations to Mr Rutherford MBE.