Fashion Style Sunglasses Artist Hollywood

Friday, March 15, 2013
Fashion Style Sunglasses Artist Hollywood - Blistering heat or being in places that are too bright pencahayaanya forcing us to use glasses, indeed protective eyewear apart as our eyes can also be used as a way to beautify themselves or us, in this election kacaamata can choose the shape of your face, or we can also cheat the artist or friend us ta, even pretty ssaat wear glasses.
Glasses can improve the appearance of women, not to mention Hollywood celebrities, ranging from Rihanna to Miranda Kerr.

Look beautiful with glasses is not difficult. Simply adjust the shape of the face and frame of your glasses. Even the glasses were able to change and create the first impression of the person's appearance.

Of shapes, glasses can tell a lot about someone's personality, whether she was a conservative or radical. Even indirectly to describe what he does.

Style sunglasses artist hollywood style Choosing the right frame the shape of the face would support a person's appearance. Lots of places to be looking for eyewear styles, depending of your choice. Well, as a bonus, here are some glasses that became the target of celebrity fashion enthusiast.

1. Style-Miu Miu glasses Culte
Style-Miu Miu glasses Culte

Fashion Style sunglasses artist hollywood style - Some celebrities are known to have dressed attractive Culte have to wear glasses, Miu-Miu collection Autumn / Winter 2013. They are Miranda Kerr, Rihanna and star of 'Glee', Diana Agron.

Glasses model sold for U.S. $ 390 or about USD 3.6 million. Available in a variety of colors, ranging from black to gold glitter, glasses 'culte' comes in a variety of lens colors, black and brown.
2. lens gradingStyle Sunglasses Artist Hollywood

Style sunglasses artist hollywood style - Glasses with lens color gradation is not new in the world of fashion. But the most famous designers and brands (some of which, Dolce & Gabbana and Bebe) seem to still want to include this model glasses in their summer 2013 collection.

3. Prada Minimal Baroque
Prada Minimal Baroque

Style sunglasses artist hollywood style - Prada Minimal Baroque 'sunglasses The set is made ​​by the Italian fashion house famous. Comes in two forms of the frame, round and cat's eye.

Some of the celebrities who have been spotted wearing it is, Selma Blair, Eva Mendes, Anna Paquin and Gwen Stefani. The unique shape make these sunglasses can change the appearance of the 'usual' you be outstanding.