Dress code: Cheltenham

Thursday, March 14, 2013
At most races other than Ascot and the Derby, the dress code is somewhat 'flexible'. Suits are sometimes recommended in certain enclosures, but often its more a matter of choice.

The most usual approach taken by men with any sense of style is to go for a fairly smart country look - heavy on tweed and, often, soft waistcoats in bold country colours. Personally, I chose my grey Donegal tweed suit. It gets relatively little use, and I like the fact that it's not quite as much of a statement as a full suit in a convention green overchecked tweed or something. 

A dark green waistcoat sets this suit off nicely, and gives that all-important opportunity to get out the recently-inherited pocket watch. Other than that, I favour a slightly less aggressively 'country' shirt and tie, to slightly up the smartness and avoid looking as if I'm going on a shoot...

Off to the races? Tweed in cold weather, light grey or blue suits in the Summer. Either way, smarten up and ditch the jeans.