Definition of Fashion | Fashion Meaning

Saturday, March 2, 2013
Definition of Fashion | Fashion Meaning Fashion comes from the English language, which means the way, custom, or fashion.
Polhemus and Procter shows that "in contemporary western societies, the term fashion is often used as a synonym of the term makeup, style and fashion" (Malcolm Barnard, Fashion as communication). But fashion is essentially serve as a protective cover, courtesy and charm.
Fashion Meaning
Despite all the clothes or makeup will bring a certain style, but not all styles will be fashion. Malcolm Barnard says that, "when a style can be said to pass the outdated or no longer fashion". But fashion can not be enforced Katika someone does not correspond to a particular style. As in OCD in the movie The Clique "and haute couture fashion is pure self-expression, and perfection can not be imposed but is expected". Which means that "fashion is couture and pure self-expression and excellence can not be imposed but expected". Fashion is a form of lifestyle that can be tested, maintained, or abandoned.

One can send messages about themselves through fashion or clothes. Clothing is a way for individuals to distinguish themselves as individuals and express uniqueness. Fashion that blends aesthetics and creative elements can also determine the appearance can indicate the status of economic and social roles define a person.

Talk about fashion, fashion is actually not just about fashion or clothing only. In its development, fashion also expanded into other fields besides besides clothing. Which include accessories, lifestyle, makeup and hair structure. Even many films that discuss or inspiring the fashion world that we will discuss in the films that inspire the fashion world. Thus Explanation On Understanding I Know Fashion