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Monday, March 18, 2013
Hi everyone..so sorry I have been away from blogging for such a long time.  I will be catching up soon.... promise!

Salt Can Make Beautiful and Younger

Salt Can Make Beautiful and Younger - Generally people know salt can only be used for seasoning. But there is also the use of salt for treatment at the beauty salon for example, salt therapy is commonly used for masks, scrubs and detox your body to remove dead skin cells and brighten kulit.Tanpa have to pay dearly to the salon, you can try it yourself at home. The texture of coarse salt is very useful for peeling dead skin cells, thus regenerating the skin more quickly, easily lift dead skin cells and the skin was brighter again. Prepare the salt in the container. Before using it as a body scrub, wet or wipe the skin with water, then rub with salt, while occasionally rubbed until blended. Let stand for 10 minutes, then rinse with cold water. Treatment of this salt is a natural process that is reasonably priced and effective way to restore youthful look. In addition to toned, the skin will feel smoother and wrinkles will be faded.
Salt Can Make Beautiful and Younger
For those with acne, salt masks can also be used to get rid of acne because salt contains anti-bacterial. Use salt to mask for a few minutes. Salt is also beneficial for those who have oily skin, because salt can effectively absorb excess oil on the skin.
Not only that, the salt can relieve allergic skin. Use as bath salts, skin rash due to infection or allergies will heal naturally. For those of you who are tired from a day to work, can be alleviated with the help of salt. It's easy, just by soaking feet in warm water that has dissolved salt. This method can relax the body, in addition to relieving tired legs will feel more relaxed and light, so you can rest more comfortably.
So little review article on Salt Can Make Beautiful and Younger

Design a Unique Women's Shoes and quirky

Design a Unique Women's Shoes and quirky
Cute Shoes for Girls Best Quality
A designer shoes always follow the trend shoe models konsumen.Tak infrequently required by their design is as unique as possible in order to continue to attract consumers and in addition follow the trend model berkembang.Tentu be customized shoe design and the convenience of foot posture when memakainya.Karya-works of unique and quirky shoes are made olh a desainerKobi Levi.Sejak graduated from university in 2003, Levi has a lot of unique shoe design-unique. His works were widely recognized in Italy, Brazil, and other countries lainnya.Lihat course work is very unique and quirky .... If from the price ...? must be expensive too.
Footwear Design and Many Girls Best Demand
 Footwear Design and Many Girls Best Demand
Women Shoes Design
 Women Shoes Design
Unique Women Shoes Design
 Unique Women Shoes Design
Unique Shoe Collection Women favored
Unique Shoe Collection Women favored Design a Unique Women's Shoes and quirky

Korean Hair Style Gallery

Saturday, March 16, 2013
Korean Hair Style Gallery - korean fashion trend here is currently more highly in gandrungi teenagers and overseas innonesia own, many young artists who imitate the dress korea artist is. Not only how but also the order mabut berpakaianya and other other accessories.
Korean Hair Style Gallery
Today our youth was hit by fever korea where they were cheered anything based on style and fashion korea. One of the most at this time looking for the fair sex is Korean Hair Style Gallery.

Any Korean star style hair styles that are popular today. Let's look at some Korean Hair Style Gallery below.

Basically, Korean Hair Styles have the same characteristics, namely hairstyle hairstyles straight, curly, black hair slightly browned, and there's even a bit of contrast color hair.

Korean Hair Style Gallery Long wavy hairstyle
Korean Hair Style Gallery Long wavy hairstyle is one of the Korean hairstyles that are popular today. Many young women who imitate this wavy long hair style. They use this hair style because it inspired many Korean drama series and movies that are often featured long wavy hairstyle is. The actress and girlband korea used those long wavy hair style for a long time. Korean long wavy hair style will make the pemilinya look more beautiful and graceful. Not only that, they also appear more feminine with long wavy hairstyle is. To create a thick, textured effect on the hair, use a hair clip on extensions in order to maximize results and instant.
Bob hairstyle Model
Bob hairstyle Model
Hair Style Korean Ala bob is perfect for your straight hair. This hairstyle will give the impression of a simple hairstyle but chic. In addition to simple and interesting, bob hairstyle is perfect for those of you who live in tropical countries like Indonesia to not bother and the heat out of the house at the time.

High bun hair style
Korean Hair Style Gallery
High bun hair style will show the impression of cute and casual for those who have it. Who would not want to be called cute and casual as a woman. Of course, almost all women like to be called ladies casual and cute. You can choose from several types of high bun hairstyle since high bun hairstyle has a lot of models.

Hair Styles aka messy neat. If you do not want to bother to go to the hairdresser to get this neat hairstyle, you can set it yourself at home. It's easy. Tie your hair into ponytail, then wrap the remaining hair and clip the hair so that does not change and falling apart.
Use hair accessories
If we look at the serial drama or girlband korea, we will easily find some use hair accessories on their hairstyles. It is true, korean style haircut is synonymous with the use of

Hair accessories such as bandanas and jepi hair with a variety of features and design.
Motif Hair accessories: flowers, plain, large size, small size, and the colors are characteristic of hair accessories that are often used by most actresses and girlband korea

Teen model kebaya modern kebaya sellers

Friday, March 15, 2013
Teen model kebaya modern kebaya sellers - In antiquity, kebaya is still commonly used by mothers to attend weddings or other important events. But along with the development of the modern era, the characteristic length - long gone. Even now many children - young children and teens gang - wearing kebaya busy to attend a specific event.
modern kebaya can be combined with jeans or skirts
Model kebaya in use in the year - the year used slightly different to the current model or a model of a modern kebaya. Many mods and creations are used in kebaya modern models now ini.Seperti embroidering or adding beads

This is consistent with youthful children - now teenagers who always want to look glamorous and fashionable yet simple.

Over time, the designers did not hesitate - hesitate creation of an idea - the idea into their kebaya, so it is quite fantastic to fruition.

Actually, the theme is traditional kebaya dress, but with a nice blend of designers, modern kebaya can look more gorgeous and beautiful, but does not eliminate the elements of the kebaya.
Pictures and the latest modern kebaya
Clothes Kebaya 2013
 Bestselling Women's Clothing 2013
Bestselling Women's Clothing 2013
 New Model Clothes Kebaya 2013
Bestselling Women's Clothing 2013
 Bestselling Women's Clothing 2013
New Model Clothes Kebaya 2013
Even modern kebaya can be combined with jeans or skirts.

Fashion Style Sunglasses Artist Hollywood

Fashion Style Sunglasses Artist Hollywood - Blistering heat or being in places that are too bright pencahayaanya forcing us to use glasses, indeed protective eyewear apart as our eyes can also be used as a way to beautify themselves or us, in this election kacaamata can choose the shape of your face, or we can also cheat the artist or friend us ta, even pretty ssaat wear glasses.
Glasses can improve the appearance of women, not to mention Hollywood celebrities, ranging from Rihanna to Miranda Kerr.

Look beautiful with glasses is not difficult. Simply adjust the shape of the face and frame of your glasses. Even the glasses were able to change and create the first impression of the person's appearance.

Of shapes, glasses can tell a lot about someone's personality, whether she was a conservative or radical. Even indirectly to describe what he does.

Style sunglasses artist hollywood style Choosing the right frame the shape of the face would support a person's appearance. Lots of places to be looking for eyewear styles, depending of your choice. Well, as a bonus, here are some glasses that became the target of celebrity fashion enthusiast.

1. Style-Miu Miu glasses Culte
Style-Miu Miu glasses Culte

Fashion Style sunglasses artist hollywood style - Some celebrities are known to have dressed attractive Culte have to wear glasses, Miu-Miu collection Autumn / Winter 2013. They are Miranda Kerr, Rihanna and star of 'Glee', Diana Agron.

Glasses model sold for U.S. $ 390 or about USD 3.6 million. Available in a variety of colors, ranging from black to gold glitter, glasses 'culte' comes in a variety of lens colors, black and brown.
2. lens gradingStyle Sunglasses Artist Hollywood

Style sunglasses artist hollywood style - Glasses with lens color gradation is not new in the world of fashion. But the most famous designers and brands (some of which, Dolce & Gabbana and Bebe) seem to still want to include this model glasses in their summer 2013 collection.

3. Prada Minimal Baroque
Prada Minimal Baroque

Style sunglasses artist hollywood style - Prada Minimal Baroque 'sunglasses The set is made ​​by the Italian fashion house famous. Comes in two forms of the frame, round and cat's eye.

Some of the celebrities who have been spotted wearing it is, Selma Blair, Eva Mendes, Anna Paquin and Gwen Stefani. The unique shape make these sunglasses can change the appearance of the 'usual' you be outstanding.

Adolescent Lifestyle and Media

Adolescent Lifestyle and Media - All types of media, be it the Internet, television, movies, music, and magazines, a major effect on our lifestyle today. Most media inform about youth lifestyle of the city, which in fact mimics modern lifestyle. So, do not be surprised if it leads us to be very consumptive.
Adolescent Lifestyle and Media
Adolescence is a time of searching for identity. We as teens start looking for a fit lifestyle and according to taste. We also started to look for an idol or figure of identification that can be used as a role model, both in search of lifestyle, speech, appearance, and others. Impact we have encountered many friends with various attributes that actually they only imitate it. Aware that does not present a lot of teenage soap opera that offers a new lifestyle? The young star was able to change the style loved by teenagers.

In adolescence influence is very strong idol. Idol or figure will control our lives without us knowing it might. Well, this is where the media

However, is it true that the media in such a bad effect on teens? Actually not a hundred percent so. It is a challenge for us to sort out or selectively to the messages conveyed by the media. Because, can not be denied that the media presence is absolutely necessary. Because, on the one side of the media allows us to know a variety of information, news, discoveries, and new things. Or it could be concluded that the presence of the media actually has positive and negative.

The presence of the media is not free from the interests of the market. Thus, if we are not selective about media messages, we will become victims of the media. no one did when we buy a product based on the information from the media. However, keep in mind, how should the products we buy it for ourselves. Do we really need it or because our products are affected by the lure presented by the media.

Dress code: Cheltenham

Thursday, March 14, 2013
At most races other than Ascot and the Derby, the dress code is somewhat 'flexible'. Suits are sometimes recommended in certain enclosures, but often its more a matter of choice.

The most usual approach taken by men with any sense of style is to go for a fairly smart country look - heavy on tweed and, often, soft waistcoats in bold country colours. Personally, I chose my grey Donegal tweed suit. It gets relatively little use, and I like the fact that it's not quite as much of a statement as a full suit in a convention green overchecked tweed or something. 

A dark green waistcoat sets this suit off nicely, and gives that all-important opportunity to get out the recently-inherited pocket watch. Other than that, I favour a slightly less aggressively 'country' shirt and tie, to slightly up the smartness and avoid looking as if I'm going on a shoot...

Off to the races? Tweed in cold weather, light grey or blue suits in the Summer. Either way, smarten up and ditch the jeans.

Top Fashion Brand 2013

Thursday, March 7, 2013
GUCCI Top Fashion Brand 2013
GUCCI Top Fashion Brand 2013
The brand was founded in 1921, an Italian brand by Guccio Gucci. It makes very good leather goods. This is the best Italian brands.
Louis Vuitton Top Fashion Brand 2013
Louis Vuitton Top Fashion Brand 2013
It is a French brand and it means Style and Panache. It makes sunglasses, leather goods, watches, all kinds of shoes.
Chanel Top Fashion Brand 2013
Chanel Top Fashion Brand 2013
This brand produces luxury goods high-end, perfumes, clothes, cosmetics and many other things. Chanel is one label that is recognized throughout the world.
Burberry Top Fashion Brand 2013
Burberry Top Fashion Brand 2013
It is a British brand that manufactures almost all of perfumes to clothing to accessories. They make about a billion dollars per year.
Fendi Top Fashion Brand 2013
Fendi Top Fashion Brand 2013
It is the best known Italian brands in the manufacture of bags, it started in 1925

Most Expensive And Luxury Fashion Brands in the World

Herme `s hermes top fashion brand 2013
hermes top fashion brand-2013
It is a French brand known for making companies and incredible handbags and scarves. There is a lovely perfume and leather they use is very soft.
Versace Versace top fashion brand 2013
Versace top fashion brand 2013
Gianni Versace was founded in 1978, it is the Italian brand. This brand gained popularity after the boutique and is now among one of the top brands and expensive in the world.
Christian Louboutin christian louboutin top fashion brand 2013
christian louboutin top fashion brand-2013
This brand makes shoes for women designer shoes and breath-taking! their shoes kind of unique because all the shoes they make have red soles. They say that the goal is to make women feel confident and needless to say that if he could buy shoes, not on top of the world?
PRADA prada top fashion brand 2013
prada top fashion brand 2013
"Devil Wears Prada" seriously! This brand is a status symbol, a fashion icon. It has been producing leather accessories, hats and shoes.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gammarelli: Infallible socks.

Monday, March 4, 2013
My thanks to reader KB for pointing me in the direction of the marvelous socks made by Gammarelli. A business that's been around for over 200 years, it is one of the many historic shops in Rome selling clerical attire but with the added honour of having served the former Pope, Benedict XVI. In particular, they are known for making the white socks that Pope Benedict wore, and for making other versions in black (for priests and, well, anyone really), purple (for Bishops) and red (for Cardinals). They come in either cotton or fine wool, and are knee-high (which I like, as you may know).

Image property of Mes Chaussettes Rouges

Of course, I am neither a bishop nor a cardinal (and not currently in the running for Pope, to my disappointment), but I don't think that should preclude anyone from wearing beautiful socks in bold colours, so I bought myself a red pair and a purple pair from Mes Chaussettes Rouges, a French company which is the only authorised online retailer of these socks. They have a charming delivery style, with the socks coming neatly wrapped in brown paper with no business franking but an array of colourful stamps to make up sufficient postage. Above the printed address is l'impeccable Jacob Bate written neatly in ink. (Although, as one friend pointed out, it looks a fair bit like l'impossible Jacob Bate which is equally suitable.)

Inside the package is an attractive felt drawstring bag, containing the socks. I'm an absolute sucker for nice packaging, it's an important way for high-end companies to demonstrate the customer service and attention to detail that is an important part of their brand, even though they increasingly have to trade online. Still, it's the socks that really matter, and they are great - a perfect fit (as you'd expect for socks that come in not just individual sizes but half-sizes) and beautifully soft and thin. The red ones are a good look, and went particularly nicely with my black tie on Saturday night - even more so since they matched my favourite red braces. And yes, I wear red socks with black tie. I happen to like it.

The purple ones are a bit more unusual (and perhaps a bit more explicitly clerical although, to be fair, I think Roman senators got there first) but that's no bad thing.

Give them a go, you won't regret it, and you can wear them over the next few weeks as you speculate on the outcome of conclave.

Trend Model Girl Latest Fashion Shoes 2013

Saturday, March 2, 2013
Trend Model Girl Latest Fashion Shoes 2013 - In addition to the latest women's clothing that could be considered a target of the fashion lovers as well as the general population, the latest model of shoes is also very much be in great demand by lovers of fashion. One was in the year 2013 will be a lot of models and the latest models are also examples of women's shoes. Well in this post I will give you the latest models in the year 2013 this lady.
Model wedges shoes currently a trend and women enjoy doing. Footwear is one of fashion apparels that are useful for maintaining one's appearance. Not only fashion clothes are changing and developing shoes too. And most women like wearing high-heeled shoe models. Wearing shoes wedges models an option for women who want to look more graceful.
If the shoes are not in tune with fashion wear, is likely to reduce the appearance. Wearing shoes is not only just for footwear but also to increase the dress looks more interesting. As with any dress clothing, footwear was also always follow the development trend and often change over time.
Trend Model Girl Latest Fashion Shoes 2013
Recent examples of Model Girl Shoes
Read Also: Short Haircut Model Girl, Model Handbag New, Women's Work Shoe Models
Model Handbag New, Women's Work Shoe Models
 Models Women's Shoes
Image Design Model Model Shoes Wedges
Image Design Model Model Shoes Wedges

Trend Model Girl Latest Fashion Shoes 2013

Trend Model Girl Latest Fashion Shoes 2013

For the latest shoe trends this year, model type women's shoes as if that is currently the trend? Models of women's shoes wedges or shoes with thick soles currently seems to be in love. Model wedges shoes back so the trend began early last year. The development trend of shoes can typically last up to 2 years ahead.
Use of the model is very fitted wedges shoes for women who are used to wearing flat shoes with the right models, but have the desire to change the existing use rights sapatu models but still want to feel comfortable when walking.
Although the model's heel wedges can reach 11 cm to 13 cm, but because of the shape that the sole was flat from front to back so it will still feel comfortable when worn. Very different models all with stiletto heels or high heels are usually the size of tingga for her right there on the part that is behind it.
Use of the model wedges women shoes can be worn by women with clothes that have a somewhat relaxed atmosphere by choosing the mix

Definition of Fashion | Fashion Meaning

Definition of Fashion | Fashion Meaning Fashion comes from the English language, which means the way, custom, or fashion.
Polhemus and Procter shows that "in contemporary western societies, the term fashion is often used as a synonym of the term makeup, style and fashion" (Malcolm Barnard, Fashion as communication). But fashion is essentially serve as a protective cover, courtesy and charm.
Fashion Meaning
Despite all the clothes or makeup will bring a certain style, but not all styles will be fashion. Malcolm Barnard says that, "when a style can be said to pass the outdated or no longer fashion". But fashion can not be enforced Katika someone does not correspond to a particular style. As in OCD in the movie The Clique "and haute couture fashion is pure self-expression, and perfection can not be imposed but is expected". Which means that "fashion is couture and pure self-expression and excellence can not be imposed but expected". Fashion is a form of lifestyle that can be tested, maintained, or abandoned.

One can send messages about themselves through fashion or clothes. Clothing is a way for individuals to distinguish themselves as individuals and express uniqueness. Fashion that blends aesthetics and creative elements can also determine the appearance can indicate the status of economic and social roles define a person.

Talk about fashion, fashion is actually not just about fashion or clothing only. In its development, fashion also expanded into other fields besides besides clothing. Which include accessories, lifestyle, makeup and hair structure. Even many films that discuss or inspiring the fashion world that we will discuss in the films that inspire the fashion world. Thus Explanation On Understanding I Know Fashion

Hero of the week: Greg Rutherford

Not only is Greg Rutherford a sporting hero, but he's a sartorial one too. Many thanks to an anonymous contributor on a previous post for pointing me in the direction of this marvelous picture.

This is flawless morning dress. The tie is in a Macclesfield pattern - a tight check in black and white which gives a grey or silver impression at a distance. While by no means mandatory, it is the most traditional and formal tie to wear with morning dress, and gives a sense of classic elegance as well as the impression that the wearer understands what he is wearing.

A similar tie from Burton

The waistcoat is a double-breasted buff morning waistcoat. Again, this is about the most classic choice you can go for. It looks fantastic, although to really show it off to it's best, Mr Rutherford MBE ought to leave his coat undone. The white shirt is a good choice, particularly for such a formal occasion, although a light blue shirt whit a white collar is perhaps more traditional and would add a little colour to the ensemble.

Is Mr Rutherford an extremely good dresser, or did he just go to Ede and Ravenscroft and say 'give me correct morning dress'? I don't care, because knowing when to ask for (and take) advice on dressing is just as important as knowing correct dress codes, and plenty of other public figures (Mr Obama, sir, I'm looking at you) would be well advised to ask around a bit before they try and do formalwear.

Congratulations to Mr Rutherford MBE.

Best blog posts of the week

Friday, March 1, 2013
A roundup of particularly worth-reading posts from my fellow style bloggers:

The Suit Room: The Real Traditionalism
Beautiful suit, and a great post about how much more important it is to dress in a way that looks right and feels right, and not to worry about classifying yourself too much.

To the Manner Born: Another One Bites the Dust
A sad post about an all-too-familiar occurrence. I didn't know about the shop feautred, but I am wondering if I should try to visit it before the end. Sadly, it's hardly alone - one of my favourite shops, a completely obscure but totally traditional bespoke tailor on the corner of Gwalior Road in Putney closed last year when the owner retired. Sad, but perhaps inevitable.

Grey Fox: What Shoes Should I Wear?
A sensible answer to a reasonable question. What I particularly like is that the fox doesn't enforce his own style on a man who has made it clear tends to wear more casual clothes, and finds him something that is (in my opinion) absolutely suitable for what the reader is looking for, but still stylish, beautiful and traditional. Ideal.

Mensflair: Awarding Costume not Design
Fascinating and timely post by Winston Chesterfield about the way that costume design in film is now seen as primarily about recreating historical fashion, rather than reflecting and even furthering present-day style.