Trend New Fashion Mode 2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013
As well as hair trends 2013, nor many designers have made predictions related to fashion trend in the year 2013. Trend fashion, both 2013 models and also models clothes batik clothes, as well as the latest models of Muslim clothing already published. Not just in terms of feature cutting, pattern, color, and detail. But the fashion trend this year also utilizes technology advances through digital print technology.
Various motifs derived from digital print technology has colored motifs predicted outfit certainly going to be a model in the year 2013. The new range of motifs obtained in the form of belt motif, temples, puppets and so on.
Besides glancing fashion trend of local designers, so it's good too if we looked at the references fashion trend overseas also affects the local fashion trend.
Like what fashion trends 2013 are sourced from international designer references, then to see the details you can glance at the various references that exist, such as television and one through Fashion TV and other media, such as magazines that specifically discusses the latest fashion.
For those of you who have not had time to glance at the various references that have been mentioned, then the following news blog will try to share information Hottest fashion trend of the international designers who have been released by the site Wolipop.
Fashion Trend Natural
Trend fashion with a strong sailor theme with the feel of a summer highlight for the trend back into fashion in 2012. Demkian this model also predicted to be a trend back to the year 2013. Nautical fashion theme can be seen in colored clothing navy, red and white was an option. Just look at fashion design and Yong Budisutisna Soesastro Auguste.
Fashion Mode 2013
Pastel colors dominated the color of pale and shiny. In the selection of pastel colors for 2013 fashion trend can be seen from a collection owned by the canal made ​​of woven Ikat Indonesia, kebaya Anne Avantie and ballgown design Rusly Tjohnardy. In addition, the Era Soekamto also display the kebaya is soft and luxurious with the dominance of pastel colors and crystal accessories belt.