Tips Using Blush On

Monday, February 18, 2013
Tips Using Blush On - Note the tip applying blush to enhance your appearance:
Tips Using Blush On
1.Gunakan natural colors such as pink, orange, or red brick for cheeks makeup everyday. Occasional use dramatic color to be different, for example, when going to a party.

2.Select one color blusher lighter or darker than the color of skin to visible contrast and bright faces. Blush pink color suitable for white skin and yellow,

while orange or orange color is very fitting for brown skin or dark.

3.Untuk oval face, dab blush on the tip of the highest order cheekbones look more prominent bones. For a square face, brush blush towards the temples so impressed oval face. For triangular faces, should give the shading on the lower jaw and chin, then brush blush on the side towards the top of the ear. As for round face, point of blush on the cheek bones upward. Try not to get too close to the nose.

4.Tersenyumlah while wearing blush in front of the mirror. Having seen parts protruding cheeks, brush from the center towards the top leads to the eye.

Thus Beauty Tip Using Blush On Good Work and more beautiful you with this tip