Tips to Improve Confidence

Friday, February 8, 2013
Tips To Increase Confidence - While berkaskus fun eh see Hot thread that still connects the same blog ane, ane kopas az deh ya .. insha Allah useful for all who read ya .. :) Confidence is a very important thing that must exist in a person in my opinion. Why? Confident because without a sense we will feel that we are around the dark! yes, though - we'll be in a very steep ravine and dark even no sign - sign of life at all. nah, with a sense of Confidence is the one we can feel that the whole world look at us and say Hiiii! Sometimes there was a sense of Confidence is enormous so make someone feel sensations like the world embrace and obey what he says. but sometimes taste Confidence can disappear, which can make someone as alienated into a very dark cave with no inhabitants at all. therefore here I will tell you little things or little things that can improve your confidence, even up to 75%! hmm interesting is not it? let's see what-what trivial things. 
Tips to Improve Confidence
1. Chat with yourself in the mirror
Why? how come? weird yaa .. haha .. yes indeed seem strange but it is really powerful loh .. I've often practiced hehehe .. chat is like you are teaching on your own. imagine you are a master of science or who was giving lessons to dozens of your students. or chat about whatever it is, and if you are good at or longer in a period of foreign language learning foreign language chat pake aja, and ga have to be afraid of! 
2. Helping others with sincerity 
for some reason every time I help others I feel that my confidence grew. probably because we've felt that we ourselves can be beneficial to other people .. hmm try deh 
3. Hear a song can evoke the spirit 
Yup, this one is way too powerful can say why? because music can be triggers emotions. when we listen to sad songs or music, then we will feel a sense of sadness as well follow if we listen to the song a fun, happy, and excited the energy will also be transmitted to us. 
4. Dividing teach science or to others 
if you have distributed Sciences deh try other people, surely science would be more useful. and when you teach science to others you are also getting added automatically you clever! just calm ga endless science anyway, God will give you more knowledge when you share your knowledge to others. sharing is fun! 
5. Making others laugh 
jokes you try to love the same lightness or humor you my friends, if they laugh automatically increase your PD! do not believe? try deh kalo how crisp dong? yes it's DL .. huahuahua xD. 
6. Smiling and Thankful 
well here it is important, we should be thankful for what God has given to us. try deh we imagine other people who are not as fortunate as us. and the smile is for what God has given to us. smiling youthful drug also loh .. so please do not hesitate to smile. just do frequency Myspace dikirain crazy .. Smaller .. 
7. Chat with strangers 
ya nah he is the most exciting especially for a guy yes, try you're talking to a girl or acquaintance with a girl who balum at all you know! or at whoever it is, would pedicab kek, newsboy, mba-mba, yes you talk aja. maybe her taste is a bit extreme for some guy to meet with a girl we do not know at all. but this way I have proved 65% and even up to 90% can improve your confidence in an instant! do not believe? try deh 
8. Beraffirmasi 
focus your mind to something positive. imagine you are confident and can get what you want, and sure is! you try to say to myself like "I Ganteng" a lot later your brain will respond to serve targeted, and your subconscious will say I Ganteng! and that the unconscious brain already said, no matter what they say deh!