Tips on Preventing and Treating Hair Loss

Saturday, February 2, 2013
Tips on Preventing and Treating Hair Loss hair loss problem - regardless of age or gender. Anyone can be affected. Moreover, if a person is experiencing severe stress. As a result, hair becomes brittle and fall out. Relax, there is good news for you. Dr Nipun Jain, senior consultant dermatologist from Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, Delhi, will give tips strengthen brittle hair, as reported Healthmeup.
Tips on Preventing and Treating Hair Loss

Here are Some Tips on Preventing and Treating Some of the hair loss.
Live a balanced diet and drink water.
Lacked iron cause hair loss. So, you should multiply the consumption of fruits and green vegetables are rich in iron.
Consumption of foods high in protein for the hair, which includes egg whites, soy, cheese, nuts, milk, and yogurt well.
Consumption of foods that contain a lot of zinc, selenium, biotin, and essential fatty acids necessary for hair growth.
Be gentle on your hair! Then, choose a wide-toothed comb or tenuous.
Avoid tight hairstyles braids or ponytails. Pulling hair too tight can cause hair loss, called Traction Alopecia.
Effect on the hair straightening cause hair loss and damaged hair. Stay away from hair care to give the effect of heating on the scalp!
Protect your hair from the sun. Excessive exposure to UV rays can cause hair damage and premature gray hair.
For those of you who like to swim, always wear a hat when on the move in the water. Why? The content of chlorine in the pool water can be harmful to the health of the hair. You are also advised to quickly shower after swimming.
Avoid direct contact with rain water. Rain water contains chemicals that can cause hair loss. So, stop exposing the hair when it rains. You can cover your hair with a hat or umbrella.
Need not be expensive to get your hair healthy and shiny. Enough to take care of on a daily basis and avoid the things that damage healthy hair. Hopefully Tips Preventing and Treating Hair Loss can be useful for you. Do not forget to read the article Beauty Tips and Health Formerly on Some Myths About Growth and Hair Care. Stay beautiful and healthy!