The basic luggage set project

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Having spent the last ten days more or less constantly on the move travelling first to India, and then around Uttar Pradesh, including one night staying in a little room in a temple at the Kumbh Mela, I have come to appreciate the vital importance of really good luggage. My own is, frankly, inadequate - I have a selection of battered grips, all somehow the wrong size for any given trip, and have an embarassing tendency to transport suits in the zip-up cotton covers my tailor gives me, rather than the sort of lovely leather suit-carrier that would properly protect them.

So, my belated New Years resolution is to finally get some decent luggage. But what do I need, and where shall I get it? I have decided on an initial set of three basic items:

Weekend Bag
This will replace most of my current selection of sports bags, grips, holdalls and other assorted stand-ins for proper luggage. It needs to be big enough to contain everything I need for a long weekend but small enough to take as carry-on - so that I can travel for short trips without checking luggage in, and can use it as a supplementary bag for longer trips. It needs to be elegant, but hard-wearing enough for serious travel, and not so expensive-looking as to just scream 'mug me' when I'm travelling in the less salubrious parts of the world. And I include South London in that.
Something like the above from Opumo is exactly what I'm after - beautiful, practical, perfectly sized, and suitable compartmentalised. That said, at £994 I'm not sure I could comfortably throw it into an overhead compartment or the back of an auto-rickshaw. Perhaps I should be sensible and go for something a bit more suitable for serious travel, like the cheaper and more rugged offering from Henri Lloyd.

Suit carrier
This is an absolute must, and I've been after one for ages, but all the ones in my price bracket seem to be of the boring black canvas variety. Opumo do something reasonably nice (below) but it hardly looks more substantial than the freebies I get with my suits, and I really fancy something that can cater for a couple of suits and maybe a pair of shoes, a tie and a few other odds and ends. That way, it can carry everything I need for a black or white tie event or a single night away. Aspinal of London do one that looks a bit more meaty, although at £550 it's a bit on the steep side.

Suit case
And finally, for everything else, a proper suitcase. Here, there's really only one thing I want, and that's a globetrotter case.

There are a few options, but the centenary model particularly appeals - I like the straps and the colour options. Globetrotter cases are awesome - they have the look of old fashioned trunks, the strength of modern suitcases, and wheels for those of us without an army of porters. The midsized 28" suitcase in tan is probably just what I need although, at just short of £1,000, it's not necessarily what I can afford...

Any other suggestions to fulfil my requirements?