Makeup Trends 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013
Makeup Trends 2013 - Products on the market increasingly diverse and changing every season. You do not get confused, the following products make up and hair to the latest nail.
Makeup Trends 2013
basic Natural
  • Make up with natural colors remain the target of this mucim.
  • Adjust the base color powder (foundation) in color. Apply a thin layer of foundation only on areas that really need camouflage, such as the chin, the nose, and the eye area without exaggeration.
  • After that you can rely on loose powder and compact powder favorites. For more natural results, choose shades of yellow powder.
color Palette
  • No doubt, this color is able to make an appearance different make-up. Elegant and classical in the evenings, smart chic for daytime.
  • Before applying red lipstick, start with a lip liner to form a more perfect lips. Paint the lip area also with a similar color lip liner, only then apply your lipstick. This is to avoid the appearance of lips that seemed 'framed useless' as a lipstick color starts to fade.
  • If you do not appear much too confident with red lipstick, you can use other fresh colors. When you want to look fresh, lipstick color palette of pink, brown, peach bus until amenajdi choice.
  • To get the maximum rina fresh colors, choose the make-up base that matches the color of your skin.
sensation Wink
Exempt variety of colors, earthy colors or metallic soft lure on the eyelids. You may use berbentik cream eye shadow, blushes, or solid. To maintain the appearance of eye shadow menajdi more durable, cover the eyelid area first with a liquid highlighter.

Classic Lines
If you want an edgy look, the lines sharp eye liner in dark colors worth having. Sharp lines will form the eye area look more 'talking'.

Eyebrow series
Eyebrows that look natural (bold) is still the preferred make-up artist to conjure all the models look attractive. to balance this style, minimalist makeup sengaaj made​​.

Beautiful manicured
Face sweet ballerina into your typical Christian Dior and Valentino in a makeup model. Refresh with a pink blush and lipstick color as the main focus of this makeup.

Main color
The heats of the nail back in demand as well as a diverse selection of colors. Although bolted into coveted eclectic color, solid red palette still remain popular. Apply on the surface of the nails that are manicured and shaped oval or square.

Rona Rain
Brighten cheek area with game pink to peach blush. For a more natural results, apply on the cheek peak leads to the temples as forming the letter C. Apply also highlighter after applying blush on for more natural results.

Main Texture
A series of styles that accentuate the texture of the hair healthy an option to perform day-to-day. For that, consult your favorite hair stylist to get a haircut and color to suit face shape and hue.
To get an alluring texture, do the hair care hair serum and hair mask. For the arrangement, rely on hair styling product, like gel, wax, and lotion.

talk Elegant
Classic and feminine style popular in this season. This is evident from the gay games in the 60's, french twist, and break off the action on the crown.