Korean Fashion Tips For Short stature

Friday, February 8, 2013
Korean clothes - Dressed korea is now a choice of Indonesian youth. But for those who are short / petite it will be difficult to mix and match these Korean clothes. Are you short stature? Perhaps the following fashion tips is suitable for you. Yes, we may have a short body becomes less confident with our appearance. But actually we do not need to be ashamed and blame ourselves. Because even though our bodies short, we can still look stunning. Depending on how we choose and organize our appearance.
Tips Fashion Korean
Here, we give some fashion tips for guys who have a short body.
Wear a dress suit of the same color, monochromatic. Avoid wearing superiors and subordinates with sharp color differences, for example, wearing a red and white subordinates. The best idea is to wear a suit with a monochromatic color. This setting will give the illusion of looking taller for your performance.
High-waisted pants and jeans to help you appear taller. You can also choose a high-waisted skirt. Subordinate type adds the illusion of height for the appearance factor.
Avoid the use of pants with a wide lower end models. This type of clothing will make the body look shorter. Try to wear jeans or pants that cover the shoes, but not that expands from the bottom. Another tip is to avoid wearing Capri pants. Capri pants are also cutting height and make your body look short.
Wear dark colors, not bright. Dark colors in monochromatic tones to add the illusion of height. Other additional features of the dark color is that it will make you look slim. Usually short people have a tendency to look fat because of a lack of height.
For accessories belt, wear a slim belt. Never use a wide belt, at will whatever you with the wide belt models. Unless you want to look even shorter.
  If you love using striped clothes, choose clothes with vertical lines.
The model also affect the appearance of your hair you know. Choose a short haircut, which will give the illusion seem high on your appearance.
Believe left alone in wearing any clothing. Similarly, korean fashion tips for those who are short / small / petite, hopefully this article can be useful for all of you.