How to Eliminate Acne Naturally and Effectively

Monday, February 18, 2013
How to Eliminate Acne Naturally and Effectively - How to get rid of acne is actually tricky. Easy, because a lot of tips and suggestions that we get either from friends or the internet. In health magazines are also many who write about how to naturally remove acne scars all along. However, in reality there are many who find it difficult to implement due to several factors, one of them for less painstaking.

Therefore you need to know in advance about what acne is and what causes acne can arise, so that it can perform perawatn more intensive and painstaking.
How to Eliminate Acne Naturally and Effectively
What is acne?
Acne is a condition in which the clogged skin pores, causing an inflamed sac of pus. Acne can occur on areas of the face, neck, arms and back. Almost everyone has experienced acne in the course of his life.

What causes acne can arise?
Many factors cause the appearance of acne, such as:

- It is true that dirty skin can lead to acne, but can also be caused by factors within the body. Hormones, piles of oil or sebum in the skin in collaboration with the bacteria that causes acne is the most common.

- Blockage of pores due to the use of cosmetics that contain a lot of oil or the use of powder that blends with foundation

- Lifestyle stress and lack of sleep at night can trigger the production of certain hormones that come out when someone is stressed, allowing the growth of acne

That is some cause of acne on the face, neck, arms or back us. Furthermore, to cope with the course could not mnegoleskan certain drugs to the affected skin acne. How to get rid of acne should be done from inside and outside the body.

How to remove acne from the inside:

1. multiply drinking water as directed by a doctor
2. eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables
3. adequate rest at night and avoid stress to suppress the production of cortisol, which indirectly can trigger acne
4. acne medication prescription from a doctor
5. avoid eating that contain caffeine such as tea, chocolate, coffee and greasy food

How to remove acne from the outside:

1. treatment uses natural ingredients such as aloe vera, get aloe vera wash and peel the skin. Take aloe vera gel and smooth the face and leave a few minutes to dry. After that, rinse with clean water and dry with a clean soft towel pat manner.

Actually there are many natural ingredients that can be used to get rid of acne naturally. Perhaps I will discuss in a future article.

How to prevent acne appears:

1. diligent exercise
2. drinking enough water as recommended by your doctor, do not be excessive
3. eat vegetables and fruits to launch CHAPTER
4. enough rest and avoid stress
5. Routine washing towels, pillows and bed linen'll always clean
6. Do not squeeze pimples because it will be getting worse and spreading
7. Avoid eating caffeinated, berminay, and sugary food
8. wash your face with soap 2 days washing the face to reduce excess oil
9. facial facial routine 2 weeks or once a month

That's some way to eliminate acne that you can try and you've learned about what causes acne so the healing process can be optimized.