Beautiful Hair at Any Age

Monday, February 18, 2013
Beautiful Hair at Any Age - Taking care of your hair properly will make it healthier. Look even more stylish. As the body and mind, the hair also needs a refresher. What should be done?
Beautiful Hair at Any Age
Age of 20
Fortunately for those of you who are in the age of 20, because the age of 20 is the peak of her physical growth. Horman at this age beraada center in stable condition, the effect looks optimal hair growth.
But you can not simply ignore. Also recommended care is good and true.
The influence of stress, air pollution, lack of food nutrition, and the influx of chemicals on the hair, can make dry hair and scalp healthy, do the treatment or hair spa cream bath regularly once a month. Use hair tonic after every wash that hair roots strong. then, try cutting the ends of your hair at the salon once every 3 months to remove the broken.

At this age, hair still reveal beautiful sheen, although the signs of aging begin to appear, such as gray hair. At the age of 30, all custom made at the age of 20 will begin to make an impact either positive or negative. Instead, the hair always looks healthy and shiny, try cutout style hair with the more practical models.
Keramas 2 weeks with conditioner and hair tonic suits your hair type, as well as 2 weeks doing cream bath, hair spa or hair mask. If you want to cover gray hair, do it close to the hair dye according to the condition of the scalp. Choose colors that match your skin tone so that the type will give a brighter and cleaner effect on the skin.

Age of 40
Signs of aging are beginning to emerge in the 30s, is now increasingly apparent at the age of 40. Terliah hair getting thinner and reduced humidity. Color pigment black hair, now began to fade, the frequency of hair growth begins to slow down. Give extra attention to your hair, such as choosing a more gentle shampoos and intensive conditioners.
Semingggu 3x wash your hair thoroughly using the right shampoo and hair types and conditions. Do not ignore also benefit conditioner to maintain moisture in the hair and make hair softer and healthier glow.
To strengthen the roots and hair shaft, use a hair tonic after shampooing. Give a massage-massage in order to absorb the perfect tonic, and also provide information on a special serum to nourish the hair roots. If you are accustomed to styling your hair with the help of a hair dryer, do not forget to mengulaskan hair shine or serum on the hair shaft, especially at the ends of the hair.

Thus, Hair Care Tips that always beautifully unraveled until the age old still has a Beautiful Hair