Fashion Accessories Introduction

Thursday, February 28, 2013
Fashion Accessories Introduction - Probably the most popular fashion accessory types is that of jewelry. As it had been previously discussed, fashion accessories are designed for all varieties individuals, irrespective of age or gender. For teens and youngsters, fashion jewelry items that are fashionable frequently include vibrant pieces, and charm necklaces or charm bracelets. When it comes to guys, a popular piece of jewelry frequently consists of large pendant necklaces, many of which exhibit a cross or other popular or meaningful symbol. As for women, trendy pieces of fashion jewelry may include earnings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, and so on.
Fashion Accessories Introduction
Another kind of fashion accessory that you may be interested in owning is a purse or even a handbag. Teens and girls most commonly own purses and handbags. A purse is often used to describe a bag which is smaller or compact in size and handbags are often a little bigger. Handbags and purses come in variety of differing styles; thus, it's common for many women and teenagers to possess more than one purse or handbag. In fact, a lot of individuals out there want to match their fashion accessories, including their purses and handbags, with the clothing that they wear.

Are you curious about updating your appearance, at the least when it comes to your fashion? If you are, you will not only want to examine the very latest in fashion trends, as far as clothing, but you may also want to examine the latest trends in fashion accessories Fashion accessories are rapidly increasing in popularity, although many still have no idea what they are.

With regards to fashion accessories, you'll find that a number of differing products are included. Fashion accessories, like fashion clothing pieces, are available in variety of differing sizes, shapes, and styles. You can find fashion accessories that are created for kids, youth, men, females, small sized, and plus sized individuals. A handful of of the countless fashion products that you may want to look at at one of your neighborhood fashion stores or on-line are outlined below.

In conjunction with handbags and purses, travel bags are sometimes considered a fashion accessory. Travel bags are similar to purses and handbags, but you will find that they are often designed for both women and for men. A travel bag might include a smaller bag that can be used as a carryon bag for an airplane ride, a diaper bag, as well as a laptop carrying case and so on.

Shoes and boots are also considered a fashion add-on, although many don't necessarily consider them to be. Most often, women’s shoes and boots are associated as fashion accessories, as opposed to males’s boots or shoes.

Among the reasons for that is due to the large choice of women’s shoe types that you can find available for sale. For example, it's more than possible to seek out athletic shoes, casual sandals, elegant sandals, flat dress shoes, high-heeled shoes, and so on. Like handbags and purses, many women possess several pairs of shoes or boots and many attempt to coordinate their shoes, specially for work, with the rest of their ensemble.

Another one of the many differing kinds of fashion accessories available for purchase are belts. For many men and boys, belts are not necessarily considered a fashion accessory, as much as they are a way to hold pants up; but, the same doesn’t actually ring true for females. females’s belts are available in a number of different sizes, shapes, and styles. That is certainly among the reasons why females’s belts and belts that may be designed for children and for teenagers are often considered as fashion accessories. There are belts available which have been designed for wearing with a casual pair of jeans, as well as a pair of traditional kaki pants for work.

Belts, handbags, purses, travel bags, jewelry, and boots and shoes are just a few of the countless fashion accessories which you are likely find on the market at one of our local fashion stores as well as on the internet. As a reminder, fashion accessories are an effective way to spice up any wardrobe, especially one that could use an updating. 

Top Celebrity Fashion Designers

Top Celebrity Fashion Designers - Lauren Conrad Lauren Conrad, star of MTV reality show The Hills, actually has a pretty, laid-back California style. But her much anticipated line the Lauren Conrad Collection was a let-down. Lovely LC seemed to be going out of her way to ‘design’ as boring a basics collection as could be had – an entire line made of plain and unflattering jersey cotton for some offensively high prices. That hasn’t stopped her from putting out another collection with US store Kohl’s this autumn though, and unfortunately the second go-round is just as generic.
Celebrity Fashion Designers
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan seems to feel that being a washed-up celebrity has-been with stringy blonde extensions gives her the right to nominate herself Marilyn Monroe’s style representative on earth. No matter how hard she tries though she certainly can’t match the lovely Monroe, even if she creepily named her line of leggings ‘6126’ after the screen siren’s birthday. Lohan’s line features leggings alone – zipper leggings, faux leather leggings, sparkly leggings, shiny leggings. Hardly the most challenging item to design, they look like something a tween could customise with a glue gun, some cheap lycra and a portfolio of Miley Cyrus paparazzi snaps.

Mischa Barton
If La Lohan’s leggings weren’t enough of a capsule collection, someone actually thought they could make a quick buck from Mischa Barton’s boho headbands. Starting at $50, Barton’s hair accessories are over-priced, poorly finished and embellished in junk. The wilted hippy flowers stink of the desperation of someone who has been putting out forgettable, lack lustre performances since The O.C. ended three years ago.

The Jonas Brothers
Of all the things we though the Jonas Brothers could be doing – pretending to play guitar and saving themselves for marriage – sticking their names on a tween fashion line of ruffled denim skirts was not one of them. In spite of having no fashion experience and an average age of about 20, the family-friendly JoBros have their own fashion collection of mostly Disney-prep argyle sweaters, Polo shirts and pleated denim for thirteen year old girls at WalMart. It’s a strange combination though of all the celebrities listed above, it’s probably the most appropriately pitched and priced fashion line for the pop stars’ fans.
Paris Hilton It seems Paris Hilton is a celebrity first and foremost for having money, and then working that fame to make even more. The kind of person who gets paid just for showing up at a party, Paris is sometimes more a marketable brand than a person. And what an unfortunate brand! Paris launched an exclusive line for Kitson Boutiques selling her particular brand of style – mostly t-shirts screen printed with her face in gold lame. With lots of cheap, shiny dresses too, it has to be one of the most unattractive celebrity fashion lines on the market.

Top Celebrity Fashion Designers Reality TV has swollen the ranks of celebrities from lists B through to Z to the point where it seems like every other week another almost has-been is busy trying to revive a faint career with a new fashion line. The lesson here seems to be stick with what you’re good at, even if that’s flashing your knickers at the paparazzi. Paris Hilton, we’re looking at you. Read on for the worst celebrity fashion lines in all their shiny, tacky glory. 


Wednesday, February 27, 2013
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OKC State Fairgrounds in Hobby, Arts and Crafts building from 2pm-10pm

Review: Otto Originals

There's a nice scene in the film of Another Country (which is well worth watching, if you haven't already seen it) where the pupils (at a school that is not Eton but pretty much definitely is Eton) are playing cricket. They are casually dressed in that fantastically casual 'public schoolboy on the playing fields in summer' look that brands like Ralph Lauren would so desperately like to capture: rumpled white shirts, hand-me-down cricket jumpers, and grass-stained white trousers held up with school ties. Later, if I can track down my DVD copy, I shall try and get a suitable screengrab.

Anyway, it's that look of using a tie as a belt that I particularly like. Trouble is, it's a bit self-consciously preppy, ruins your ties and can look a bit odd when you're no longer 17 so it's not something I tend to go for. That doesn't change the fact that a flash of striped silk at the waist of casual trousers evokes endless summers, cricket games on green meadows, post-rowing beers in a pub with a lax policy on ID, and all sorts of other wholesome visions. Is it any wonder, then, that I particularly love the belts made by Otto Originals, a start-up company created by a brother-sister team based in the Cotswolds. They've taken a slightly more grown-up approach to holding your trousers up with a tie, and make the ties into proper belts with leather ends, brass buckles, and hidden webbing to support the silk.

It gets better though, because they're not just selling belts made from any old ties. While they do sell a range of one-offs made from ties found in charity shops (and thereby indirectly supporting a range of charities!), the core of the business is a clever model where you pay online, send your chosen tie to a freepost address and, in a couple of weeks, get back a beautifully made and carefully packaged belt, plus a little bracelet made from the offcuts.

This is one of those ideas I just wish I'd come up with. In retrospect it's obvious, but I'm not aware of anyone else who does this and (if they exist) I doubt anyone else does it with quite the same combination of efficiency and charm as Otto Originals.

The belts are all handmade in the Otto studio in the Cotswolds and the quality is obvious - soft tan leather, neat stitching, and a solid brass buckle. How long the belt will last depends a lot on the tie you send in, but they're more robust than you might expect and I would imagine they'll wear well and look more distinguished with age.

Having a belt made from your own tie costs £44 which is extremely reasonable given the individual work that goes in to each one. I suppose if you were to buy your own tie specially then the whole thing would come out quite pricey but, for me, the real appeal is in finding a use for an old tie that, for whatever reason, you don't get much use out of otherwise. A stripey school tie that doesn't quite seem suitable for business-wear could make a great belt, as could a slightly more flamboyant one that you love but can't pull off in the office and have no other opportunities to wear. Or you could always do your own charity-shop hunting and find something suitable.

Whatever your choice, you'll end up with a beautiful and genuinely unique casual belt. Oh, and you can get 25% off until the end of March in their Spring promotion, by entering SPRINGBELTS into the voucher code box. So there's no excuse not to.

Note: The belt in this article was provided by Otto Originals for review. No payment has been made for this post, and acceptance of items for review does not guarantee positive coverage.

Tips Fashion Designer a Successful

Saturday, February 23, 2013
Tips Fashion Designer a Successful - It's this ever present dream of being a successful fashion designer that has you work day and night on your designs in most cases for many years without pay and working a job to pay the pills which is brutal torture, when all you can think about is living and working in fashion.

Famous fashion designers come from all walks of life there is no one system to follow that will have you become the next famous fashion designer. Some have graduated from elite fashion schools and some have never attended fashion school. Some have undertaken a fashion internship with a fashion house and others have made their own designs in their basement. The only elements all these fashion designers have in common is they had an intense passion for fashion, were able to design fashions highly sought after and connected with someone who gave them the opportunity to break into the fashion industry. It is essential in becoming a successful fashion designer you get you and your designs out there as much as possible, as how will anyone know about your fashions if they can't see them?
Fashion Designer a Successful
If you are like me you live and breathe fashion. You are constantly inspired with so many new designs racing through your mind, so many you can't seem to get them all down quick enough at the pace they arrive. You constantly dream of the day your fashions will be on the fashion runway with the lights beaming brightly overhead, the cameras flashing everywhere and the audience being completely mesmerized by your incredible designs. You can't stop thinking of the day you will open a magazine or watch the Oscars and see a famous celebrity in one of your breathtaking designs. Your book shelf is stocked with fashion books and magazines, and you absolutely can't resist visiting textile stores to view all the latest fabrics, decorative beads, rhinestones and trims.

Tips Fashion Designer a Successful - In getting your fashions out there here are a few things you can do:

1. We are not usually good at everything some of us are great at designing clothes but lack the sewing and pattern making skills. It is here you can partner with someone who shares your passion for fashion and has the skills you lack. It is in the bringing together of different skills you can create a real product that can be showcased.
2. In having a fashion line of 14 outfits you can apply to your local fashion week. In the USA: New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco all have fashion weeks. These fashion weeks attract many editors, journalists and local socialites who will see your fashions and potentially give you the exposure you need to get known.
3. Many city night clubs hold fashion shows, find out what night clubs hold fashion shows and contact them as to how you can be apart of an up and coming show.
4. Locate fashion boutiques that cater to the fashions you design,

Fashion Accessories Whenever Buying Wholesale

Fashion Accessories Whenever Buying Wholesale - Wholesale fashion accessories are bought in bulk directly from the manufacturer. When you purchase items from the manufacturer, there are plenty of advantages involved. They include you having high quality products directly and at an inexpensive cost, you get room to settle with the producer concerning the products and market trend changes and you're able to raise your suggestions without that long chain that is generally found in the market sometimes. In this manner, an issue affecting the products is aired and dealt with quicker and you are able to buy products of a specific design as requested by a customer just by asking a manufacturer to design it for you.
Fashion Accessories
Wholesale fashion accessories are things, bought in volume which that are utilized to contribute, in a secondary manner, to the wearer's outfit; they are generally used to complete an attire and are chosen to specifically match the wearer's look.

They are classified in two: those that are carried like handbags, umbrellas, canes and sword and those that are worn as well as jackets, boots, shoes, ties, scarves, stockings, socks, sunglasses watches, belts shawls and caps. The best thing about these fashion things is that they are simple to observe at a glance. Branded purses, footwear, jewelry and new hairstyles are essential symbols in the world of fashion.

The world of fashion can change a lot in several months. You should do enough research to determine what accessories are in fashion and which are not. Failure to do this may possibly cause costly purchases of wholesale fashion accessories that is no longer in fashion wasting a lot of time, money, and effort. Always be updated with the latest trends all over the world and be imaginative so they won't always rely on what exactly the suppliers are providing but to come up with your own styles and sending to them. This will assure you as the seller remain on the top of the game and attract many clients resulting to a booming business.

Fashion goods tend to be offered at expensive prices. Individuals usually feel that the most expensive an item is the greater its value. Any buyer of wholesale fashion accessories should be careful not to fall in to such beliefs. You must execute your own investigations and use them to determine what exactly to purchase.

You should focus on purchasing quality goods at the lowest price possible for business functions. As business person, you should focus exclusively in things that will certainly maximize profit in your business. By purchasing trendy goods of the highest quality at the affordable possible cost and selling them at the right price, you will be able to achieve this aim.

There are logistics price that are involved if you buy wholesale fashion accessories. You must familiarize yourself with the rules and regulation in the state you do business in to avoid unnecessary conflict with the law. Carry out a study about the basics of purchasing items whether by importation or local purchase. Furthermore, identify if the producer offers any warranty for the products and after sale services like transportation.

There are lots of things to be deemed in buying fashion things and accessories in wholesale. This write-up has shown you a couple of important hints for that

Complementary but not matching

Friday, February 22, 2013
Understanding the meaning and vital importance of 'complementary but not matching' is probably the most difficult part of wearing a pocket square. I'm not sure my own grasp of colour is really up to the task, so I tend to go with 'whatever I happen to think looks nice'.

If I were to post-rationalise this particular outfit choice, I might point out that the pink in the pocket square picks out the pink shirt, while the blue flowers are the same shade as the blue overcheck on the jacket. However, all I really care about is that I found a pocket square with little elephants on, to go with my Oriental Club tie.

Sometimes, that's all that matters.

(Pocket Square is from Thomas Pink, Tie by Dege & Skinner)

Debrett's to launch accessories range

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Debrett's, the specialist publisher famous for its books on etiquette and its register of aristocrats and other notable figures, is apparently planning to launch its own range of accessories. I can't say I'm surprised; although Debrett's books are excellent, they are both niche and relatively few (about 13 titles, not counting the Peerage and Baronetage or the annual editions of People of Today) and it's hard to see how they make enough sales to stay afloat in what is a very difficult climate even for much larger publishers and booksellers.

Information is fairly scarce (and largely behind a paywall on a ladies fashion site that I have no intention of subscribing to) but it seems that Jodie Kidd has been called upon to design the range, and my guess is that it will be fairly female-focused and revolve around the sort of smallish leather goods that can be more easily sold online. In some ways it's a shame that Debrett's is moving away from its core expertise, but their existing leatherbound diaries and notebooks are nicely made and I wouldn't rule purchasing out a wallet or something. That said, I can't help wondering if they'd end up being rather indistinguishable from the range of (undeniably very nice) wallets already made by people like Smythson, Aspinal of London, Mulberry, and so on. Do we really need another brand doing the same thing?

Do let me know if you have any more information on this.

Beautiful Hair at Any Age

Monday, February 18, 2013
Beautiful Hair at Any Age - Taking care of your hair properly will make it healthier. Look even more stylish. As the body and mind, the hair also needs a refresher. What should be done?
Beautiful Hair at Any Age
Age of 20
Fortunately for those of you who are in the age of 20, because the age of 20 is the peak of her physical growth. Horman at this age beraada center in stable condition, the effect looks optimal hair growth.
But you can not simply ignore. Also recommended care is good and true.
The influence of stress, air pollution, lack of food nutrition, and the influx of chemicals on the hair, can make dry hair and scalp healthy, do the treatment or hair spa cream bath regularly once a month. Use hair tonic after every wash that hair roots strong. then, try cutting the ends of your hair at the salon once every 3 months to remove the broken.

At this age, hair still reveal beautiful sheen, although the signs of aging begin to appear, such as gray hair. At the age of 30, all custom made at the age of 20 will begin to make an impact either positive or negative. Instead, the hair always looks healthy and shiny, try cutout style hair with the more practical models.
Keramas 2 weeks with conditioner and hair tonic suits your hair type, as well as 2 weeks doing cream bath, hair spa or hair mask. If you want to cover gray hair, do it close to the hair dye according to the condition of the scalp. Choose colors that match your skin tone so that the type will give a brighter and cleaner effect on the skin.

Age of 40
Signs of aging are beginning to emerge in the 30s, is now increasingly apparent at the age of 40. Terliah hair getting thinner and reduced humidity. Color pigment black hair, now began to fade, the frequency of hair growth begins to slow down. Give extra attention to your hair, such as choosing a more gentle shampoos and intensive conditioners.
Semingggu 3x wash your hair thoroughly using the right shampoo and hair types and conditions. Do not ignore also benefit conditioner to maintain moisture in the hair and make hair softer and healthier glow.
To strengthen the roots and hair shaft, use a hair tonic after shampooing. Give a massage-massage in order to absorb the perfect tonic, and also provide information on a special serum to nourish the hair roots. If you are accustomed to styling your hair with the help of a hair dryer, do not forget to mengulaskan hair shine or serum on the hair shaft, especially at the ends of the hair.

Thus, Hair Care Tips that always beautifully unraveled until the age old still has a Beautiful Hair

Tips Using Blush On

Tips Using Blush On - Note the tip applying blush to enhance your appearance:
Tips Using Blush On
1.Gunakan natural colors such as pink, orange, or red brick for cheeks makeup everyday. Occasional use dramatic color to be different, for example, when going to a party.

2.Select one color blusher lighter or darker than the color of skin to visible contrast and bright faces. Blush pink color suitable for white skin and yellow,

while orange or orange color is very fitting for brown skin or dark.

3.Untuk oval face, dab blush on the tip of the highest order cheekbones look more prominent bones. For a square face, brush blush towards the temples so impressed oval face. For triangular faces, should give the shading on the lower jaw and chin, then brush blush on the side towards the top of the ear. As for round face, point of blush on the cheek bones upward. Try not to get too close to the nose.

4.Tersenyumlah while wearing blush in front of the mirror. Having seen parts protruding cheeks, brush from the center towards the top leads to the eye.

Thus Beauty Tip Using Blush On Good Work and more beautiful you with this tip

Makeup Trends 2013

Makeup Trends 2013 - Products on the market increasingly diverse and changing every season. You do not get confused, the following products make up and hair to the latest nail.
Makeup Trends 2013
basic Natural
  • Make up with natural colors remain the target of this mucim.
  • Adjust the base color powder (foundation) in color. Apply a thin layer of foundation only on areas that really need camouflage, such as the chin, the nose, and the eye area without exaggeration.
  • After that you can rely on loose powder and compact powder favorites. For more natural results, choose shades of yellow powder.
color Palette
  • No doubt, this color is able to make an appearance different make-up. Elegant and classical in the evenings, smart chic for daytime.
  • Before applying red lipstick, start with a lip liner to form a more perfect lips. Paint the lip area also with a similar color lip liner, only then apply your lipstick. This is to avoid the appearance of lips that seemed 'framed useless' as a lipstick color starts to fade.
  • If you do not appear much too confident with red lipstick, you can use other fresh colors. When you want to look fresh, lipstick color palette of pink, brown, peach bus until amenajdi choice.
  • To get the maximum rina fresh colors, choose the make-up base that matches the color of your skin.
sensation Wink
Exempt variety of colors, earthy colors or metallic soft lure on the eyelids. You may use berbentik cream eye shadow, blushes, or solid. To maintain the appearance of eye shadow menajdi more durable, cover the eyelid area first with a liquid highlighter.

Classic Lines
If you want an edgy look, the lines sharp eye liner in dark colors worth having. Sharp lines will form the eye area look more 'talking'.

Eyebrow series
Eyebrows that look natural (bold) is still the preferred make-up artist to conjure all the models look attractive. to balance this style, minimalist makeup sengaaj made​​.

Beautiful manicured
Face sweet ballerina into your typical Christian Dior and Valentino in a makeup model. Refresh with a pink blush and lipstick color as the main focus of this makeup.

Main color
The heats of the nail back in demand as well as a diverse selection of colors. Although bolted into coveted eclectic color, solid red palette still remain popular. Apply on the surface of the nails that are manicured and shaped oval or square.

Rona Rain
Brighten cheek area with game pink to peach blush. For a more natural results, apply on the cheek peak leads to the temples as forming the letter C. Apply also highlighter after applying blush on for more natural results.

Main Texture
A series of styles that accentuate the texture of the hair healthy an option to perform day-to-day. For that, consult your favorite hair stylist to get a haircut and color to suit face shape and hue.
To get an alluring texture, do the hair care hair serum and hair mask. For the arrangement, rely on hair styling product, like gel, wax, and lotion.

talk Elegant
Classic and feminine style popular in this season. This is evident from the gay games in the 60's, french twist, and break off the action on the crown.

How to Eliminate Acne Naturally and Effectively

How to Eliminate Acne Naturally and Effectively - How to get rid of acne is actually tricky. Easy, because a lot of tips and suggestions that we get either from friends or the internet. In health magazines are also many who write about how to naturally remove acne scars all along. However, in reality there are many who find it difficult to implement due to several factors, one of them for less painstaking.

Therefore you need to know in advance about what acne is and what causes acne can arise, so that it can perform perawatn more intensive and painstaking.
How to Eliminate Acne Naturally and Effectively
What is acne?
Acne is a condition in which the clogged skin pores, causing an inflamed sac of pus. Acne can occur on areas of the face, neck, arms and back. Almost everyone has experienced acne in the course of his life.

What causes acne can arise?
Many factors cause the appearance of acne, such as:

- It is true that dirty skin can lead to acne, but can also be caused by factors within the body. Hormones, piles of oil or sebum in the skin in collaboration with the bacteria that causes acne is the most common.

- Blockage of pores due to the use of cosmetics that contain a lot of oil or the use of powder that blends with foundation

- Lifestyle stress and lack of sleep at night can trigger the production of certain hormones that come out when someone is stressed, allowing the growth of acne

That is some cause of acne on the face, neck, arms or back us. Furthermore, to cope with the course could not mnegoleskan certain drugs to the affected skin acne. How to get rid of acne should be done from inside and outside the body.

How to remove acne from the inside:

1. multiply drinking water as directed by a doctor
2. eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables
3. adequate rest at night and avoid stress to suppress the production of cortisol, which indirectly can trigger acne
4. acne medication prescription from a doctor
5. avoid eating that contain caffeine such as tea, chocolate, coffee and greasy food

How to remove acne from the outside:

1. treatment uses natural ingredients such as aloe vera, get aloe vera wash and peel the skin. Take aloe vera gel and smooth the face and leave a few minutes to dry. After that, rinse with clean water and dry with a clean soft towel pat manner.

Actually there are many natural ingredients that can be used to get rid of acne naturally. Perhaps I will discuss in a future article.

How to prevent acne appears:

1. diligent exercise
2. drinking enough water as recommended by your doctor, do not be excessive
3. eat vegetables and fruits to launch CHAPTER
4. enough rest and avoid stress
5. Routine washing towels, pillows and bed linen'll always clean
6. Do not squeeze pimples because it will be getting worse and spreading
7. Avoid eating caffeinated, berminay, and sugary food
8. wash your face with soap 2 days washing the face to reduce excess oil
9. facial facial routine 2 weeks or once a month

That's some way to eliminate acne that you can try and you've learned about what causes acne so the healing process can be optimized.

Mens Wool Gauze Shirt with Double Pocket

 I haven't had time to blog for weeks....but I have been sewing!   This is one of the many shirts that I've been making for my clients.  The fabric is a luscious wool gauze...light and airy...and slightly crumpled in a good way.

This design features a bias cut button band and bias cut sleeves with bias sleeves plackets (the plackets made with coordinating wool gauze stripe). I also added a double-pocket.

Working with wool gauze is not difficult, but is usually better suited to designs with more drape than a structured menswear shirt.  The key to making this beautiful fabric "work" for the structured parts (collar, cuffs, front band, and sleeve plackets) was using the right interfacing.  My newest Interfacing style, *ProSheer Elegance MEDIUM Fusible Interfacing* provided the perfect amount of structure plus flexibility needed for a nice crisp collar and cuffs...without "weighing down" the design.

SEWING NOTES-- Interfacing and buttons available at , Wool Gauze fabric from my personal "shirt-making fabric stash".

A few words about the new men's shirt pattern from Vogue.  It will be a while before time allows me to make that particular shirt.  I still need to finish more custom-drafted shirts for clients before I can indulge in any personal sewing...and the first personal sewing I'll be doing before I evaluate yet another shirt pattern, will be making a few outfits for my Grand-Nieces.
In the meantime, Peter from Male Pattern Boldness has made V8889, and has reviewed it both on and on his blog. He did not choose to use the interesting undercollar-button detail, so perhaps I'll find the time to a least make the collar+stand to show you what that little detail is all about!

Restaurant Review: Great Queen Street

I like fine dining, I really do. Unlike several of my friends and family I actively enjoy a formal dress code, a quiet setting, starched linen, flawlessly courteous service and, of course, excellent food. (Without excellent food, the other items just serve to disguise mediocrity and should be shunned, which is perhaps part of the reason people can be cynical about such restaurants.)

Nevertheless, part of the joy of living in London and dining out once or twice a week is in exploring the more casual options which, often, serve equally good food. These are the sort of places that you can drop into with friends for a quick bottle of wine and a steak, or for a three-course meal finishing with brandy, and still spend under £100 a head and not be hurried off your table at the end. For some reason, three of my new favourite restaurants in this sort of category are clustered around the Covent Garden area; a nice enough part of London but generally one I associate more with crowded and overpriced tourist traps than particularly enjoyable dinners. These, which all sit somewhere between the bistro/gastropub and the brasserie category are exceptions, and ones well worth a visit. The first, and the subject of today's post, is Great Queen Street; located (perhaps unsurprisingly) on Great Queen Street, opposite Freemason's Hall and roughly equidistant between Covent Garden and Holborn.

Image property of Ewan Munro. Distributed under Creative Commons license.

Very much in the gastropub mold, Great Queen Street has no website, an unassuming and easily missable frontage, and a self-consciously laid-back aesthetic with bare wooden tables, a long bar with spaces for those dining solo or in small groups and all drinks from cocktails to claret served in an range of chunky tumblers. Actually, they do dish out proper wine glasses if you ask or if, it seems, you've ordered something that they think justifies it. I still haven't quite figured that one out - perhaps it just depends on the waiter at the time.

Anyway, the important thing is that the food is largely excellent. The menu varies daily, and veers towards the traditionally British, with an emphasis on large grilled or roast meat dishes, seasonal game, and various forms of potatoes. One occasionally fun but occasionally annoying quirk is that the really appealing dishes are often only available 'for two' or even 'for four'. That may require a certain amount of negotiation with your dining companions and it can lead to frustration if you have your heart set on the slow-roast lamb with dauphinoise potatoes, but your companion is more interested in a fish dish. On the other hand when everyone can come to terms this style of eating is both sociable and cost-efficient even if, as has once happened to me, an odd number of diners means that you end up having to order enough veal for six, for five...

Service is always excellent; knowledgeable bar staff make a range of well priced cocktails with skill and care while the waiting staff are polite, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about the food. Despite the restaurant being relatively small and pubby, it never seems to get excessively noisy and there is enough space between tables to be able to converse comfortably and with a degree of privacy.

Prices are variable, with enough main courses in the £15-£20 range although the best stuff can be closer to £30 per person, particularly once you've added a couple of side-dishes, since potatoes and vegetables are often not included.

It's become a regular haunt for a reason. Give it a try.

Development of Young Women's Clothing

Saturday, February 16, 2013
Development of Young Women's Clothing - Look attractive and follow emerging fashion, of course, has become a separate trend for teenagers. Currently female fashion model, is no longer dominated by the muted colors, or just use a single color so as not to crash. Now it's reversed, fashion model collision is a trend among teenagers Jakarta and Batam. This fashion, it is a pleasure for trend among teenagers who always follow the latest fashions, eg underwear hongkong very loved.
Development of Young Women's Clothing
Miss, saleslady said ID Girl Batam Center, women's fashion for young women who were in was a fashion model collision. "Clothes that are trendy teen clothes hongkong by using bright colors and a collision between one color with another color," he explained. This short-haired woman gave an example, clothes-lines gari t'shirt vertical yellow jackets combined with vertical stripes in green.

Obviously, these two colors do not connect the t-shirt and jacket. However, the reality is the same model that is emerging among adolescents Batam. So do not be surprised if you see today's teenagers, using the clothes that you think are 'strange'. That's just the model trend. As for the pants, underwear model press body with the tip of a pair of much smaller, this is the most desirable among young people. Besides hanging pants, still be an alternative for young girls.

Considerations In Trend Following

Should be recognized that the pants with jeans material is very comfortable to use and the most fitting brought to mejeng or JJS (leisurely stroll) with my friends after school or study groups. Community jocks, must be very attentive to detail clothing worn. Actually, not just young women who pay attention to his appearance. Parents must take into account the development and interaction of her children, especially after he came of age.

Following trends is okay, as long as it adapted to the circumstances. Do not get caught up in the trend models sometimes do not match the shape of the body itself. Meanwhile, Mili said, to dress himself prefers simple with pictures full color and black.

"My shirt most black, because I was happy with the color black, and easy to integrate," he said. Still said her shoulder-length hair, I still follow the dress model is a trend and adjust the activity being performed.

Following the fashion trends it is fine, and it does not hurt. However, do not be influenced by the style of dress that is always up to date. By looking at the financial condition of the parents, not to force things that are not too piortitas in life.

Every now and then keep track of fashions legitimate. But, do not let one costume or fashion victim. Because the style of dress must be tailored to the shape of the body and the activities to be attended. Congratulations to follow the latest trend of fashion models. Increasingly not only adult women who are pampered with the latest fashion. Young women are also spoiled the designers who understand the latest clothing styles teenagers. Such discussion Trend Clothing, Women's Clothing Trend Development Modern Age

Trend Model 2013 New Clothes Daster

Friday, February 15, 2013
Trend Model 2013 New Clothes Daster - Here are some pictures of the latest negligee dresses 2013 are ngetrend. Negligee shirt Model 2013 is the latest collection of women's negligee shirt, designed by renowned fashion designer.

Here you can see the images being ngetrend negligee trendy among artists and celebrities, this negligee shirt you can use to relax at home or to sleep because of the design of the material is thin and comfortable to use, negligee she also has a fairly cheap price loh. .
Trend Models Clothes Daster
 Trend Models Clothes Daster Color Pink
Trend Models Clothes Daster girls
 Trend Models Clothes Daster Color Green
Trend Models Clothes Daster 2013
 Trend Models Clothes Daster Color Yellow
Trend Models Clothes Daster Woman
 Trend Models Clothes Daster 
Trend Models Clothes Daster
So had some pictures for her negligee dresses 2013 that you can buy at online stores that are scattered throughout the internet at low prices.

Fashion Tips The Compulsory You Know

Fashion Tips The Compulsory You Know - Have you already mastered about grooming procedure by Fashion Trend New Fashion this year, there is a little trick in determining Fashion to suit your needs
Tips Fashion
1. Select Body Shape Under Clothing
No shape is absolutely perfect, and no too bad shape. You should look for is to know your body shape! Not that you have a body shape that is not okay, but the use of fashion items that fit your body shape will make look more charming.

2. Choose a Model Asymmetric Vertical Or To The impression Slim
To give the impression slim, you can choose a dress with a pattern of vertical line or a dress with asymmetrical models.

3. Mandatory Having Belts
The belt can be a fashion item that saves you. In addition as a sweetener, a belt can give the impression of longer legs and thus give a perfect shape indentation at the waist.

4. Do not Buy Just Because Offers
Often the show discounts on a variety of women's fashion items make dark eyes and a home to buy but the majority do not ever wear them in the future. When you are going to buy clothes or other fashion items, be sure you know the fashion will combine items in your wardrobe.

5. Compulsory Have Accessories
Accessories are no longer the stuff is expensive. Therefore, you must have many kinds of accessories. Ranging from the casual colorful accessories, to accessories to attend a formal event. Your appearance will be more charming with the right accessories, and you certainly do not want to get confused when trying to come to an event but do not have the right accessories.

6. Clothes In The Pas
It's okay to wear a dress and expensive but looked 'bumps' are unsightly on the chest or back. Or .. panty line is printed on the dress or pants perfect .. it's a big disaster. Always wear clothes in the right size, because perfect appearance always starts from the 'inside'.

So a few Tips About Fashion Is Right for you may help in choosing the right also wear Fashion Clothing Fashion corresponding trend now

Danger Spicy Food For Your Health

Thursday, February 14, 2013
Danger Spicy Food For Your Health - Hey guys, health tips. variety of food can be enjoyed in kta beloved homeland, Indonesia. From Sabang to Merauke. Everything was very tasty and a great fit with our tongue, of course. From the food is made from spicy or not spicy. So what do you enjoy doing in your favorite foods in the neighborhood where you live ....??
Health Tips
Friends, health tips. For those of you who like spicy food should start now, you reduce the spicy food. This is because, it turns out eating spicy foods that taste is not good for your health. Friends, health tips, Here are 7 Danger Spicy food:

  1. Spicy foods cause damage to the stomach wall. This is because, spicy foods are a combination of acid and too much acid keperut entry, causing damage to the wall of your stomach.
  2. Spicy foods cause gastritis or ulcer disease acute. Symptoms of gastritis that is like vomiting, nausea, diarrhea.
  3. Spicy foods cause Gaster ulcer disease or gastric ulcer. Symptoms that appears when you are affected by this disease are abdominal burning, symptoms of nausea, vomiting.
  4. Spicy foods cause you hit insomnia or difficulty sleeping at night. So you should not eat spicy food at night. Because you will not be comfortable istrihat.
  5. Spicy foods cause you to lose your appetite. So try to reduce that taste spicy foods for your body's health.
  6. Spicy foods cause your weight goes down. So reduce or eliminate the habit of eating spicy foods if you want a little fat or skinny you are classified.
  7. Spicy foods cause you suffered a headache from the effects of gastritis. Because too many spicy foods are.
Hopefully Articles About Health to assist you in keeping Eating Patterns Spicy foods and spicy foods impact

Clothes Trend 2013 | Women's Clothing Model 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Clothes Trend 2013 | Women's Clothing Model 2013 - is one of the latest trends for women, where women's clothing should always follow the latest trends each year and each quarter by quarter. Trend clothes in 2013 is more likely a simple dress model and for the model office dress also impressed simple and do not use heat or thick materials. In 2013 forecast shows that in the new year 2013 will be a lot of women who work as a career woman, since the year 2013 shows that the year in which the economy is much more difficult then the husband and wife both are working. Well, this can make a change in the trend of 2013, where the first dress she impressed anggu and feminine, but in 2013 a more corpulent women look graceful and feminine attention because it was blocked by the busy days of work.
Women's Clothing Model 2013
Trend clothes 2013 for women simple cenderiung also mengunah 2013 women's hair trends are simple and more inclined to short hair that does not require a lot of care in the salon. Since the activity of the busy bagitu women clothing 2013 trend does not seem complicated and more elegant impression. And also applies to trend prom dresses 2013 are more inclined to fashion a short dress instead longdress. With tufted or simply as subordinates span makes an elegant impression and not complicated. For smock tops or dress looks just like a simple collar collar rampel to decorate the royal coat ladies tops. At the end of thun before christmas and new year 2013 must have been a lot of leading clothing designers began to show off clothes and fashion trend for 2013 as a new trend in the new year 2013 will be.
Clothes Trend 2013 Women
In choosing clothes trend 2013 make it a habit to match our body or face and appearance in their daily activities, for example, just when we used to use the new bike yamaha vixion but we use the model of work clothes that do not fit the official impress, fitting we use the car example nav1 toyota car or other luxury cars. The selection of range and we must match the clothes odel primarily to state, so just imagine we want to create an email, there are 2 major world email the yahoo and gmail, just select it in accordance with our hearts when we prefer to create a new gmail email so why are we also made the 2 emails in yahoo juga.intinya all good trend clothes from time to time but choose trends that Palin fits you and is often dihunakan by others in general
Clothes Trend 2013 Woman
Model 2013 women's work clothes without the use of even more simple yet elegant impression blazer with ribbon collar and collar rampel suitable for those of you who are applying for a new job and can be used at test time job interview job interview so that you can get away and work in the company keterima you want. 2013 Trend clothes are mostly inclined kewarna clothes more soft but not basic colors such as white and soft colors are hitam.contohnya young color like pink color cenderug whitish or pale red so impressed soft. Color options can be customized with favorite colors but look for the soft. In the trend of cloth models look too simple not too many ornaments such as flowers or other decorations so impressed with the natural color of the base fabric.

Keep Easy Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Keep Easy Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy - Hey guys, health tips. the heart is a vital organ that is owned by humans. When the heart has stopped beating, we can be sure we have lives separate from our bodies. For the majority of people would want a healthy heart always. By doing efforts to nourish the heart. Keeping the heart to stay healthy is the duty of every individual. So how to keep the heart in order to stay healthy ...??
Heart Health
Therefore, health tips this time will address an article related to heart. Friends, health tips. Here are tips to keep the heart in order to stay healthy:

  • For those of you who have the habit of smoking. So from now cease from these unhealthy habits. You need to know, smokers have a great chance of heart attack than those who do not have the habit of smoking at all.
  • Try to reduce excessive salt intake. Because it can lead to high blood pressure. Thus increasing coronary heart disease.
  • Diligent and increase the intensity of regular exercise every morning. In this case, can be a leisurely walk or run for half an hour or more.
  • A variety of problems that threw your mind can affect your heart health. Try to take the time to watch tv shows that contain comedy. So that you can laugh out loud and calm your mind.
  • You can also take the time to vacation or travel to somewhere fun. so can refresh your mind which is also very good impact on your heart health.
  • You should reduce or even drink containing alcohol. This is because alcohol can damage your heart muscle.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables contain many different vitamins that your heart needs such as spinach, avocado and nuts and reduce foods that have very high cholesterol levels.
Hopefully Articles About Keep Easy Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy Can Help you about caring for Heart Health

Tips To Keep Body Endurance Always Healthy

Tips To Keep Body Endurance Always Healthy - Hi, friends, health tips. Having a healthy body is the desire of every person, including you. By staying healthy, the activities we do can be run smoothly and in line with our expectations. With healthy too, so we do not have to spend time and money to buy drugs or go to the hospital. So we should always be grateful to the deliciously healthy given the Almighty God to us all.
Always Healthy
Friends, health tips. Healthy size that is when we are able to keep the immune system against disease that always hit like peyakit fever, flu, cough and others. Then how can we keep the immune system the right to keep it healthy and fit every day ....????? Here are health tips Tips To Keep Body Endurance Always Healthy:

  1. Get plenty of rest each day, is one of the factors to keep your immune system. In this case, enough sleep and quality.
  2. In a healthy body there is a sound mind and healthy too. So try to always think positive about all the problems that hit us.
  3. Every morning, try to always do regular exercise. It aims to maintain the condition of the body to keep it fit and healthy.
  4. Always make sure that the food you eat is already in the hygienic or clean or wash thoroughly cooked perfect.
  5. Eat reasonable portions do not overdo it. In fear of your body will be obese and at risk of disease associated with being overweight or obese.
  6. Fill fibrous foods every day. Fibrous foods are apples, carrots and beans. The function of these fibrous foods that keep the body from bacteria.
  7. Meet the needs of vitamin D. because vitamin D is working to stimulate immune cells to block viruses and bacteria. Vitamin D can be found in sunlight, eggs, liver and fish.
  8. Meet the needs of fluid required in the body. In this case the water is healthy. Eight glasses of water per day is the amount we must meet to provide for the fluids in our body.
Thus Always Tips for Healthy and hopefully avoid all illnesses Articles About Keeping this health Make you

Clothes Trend Korea 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Clothes Trend Korea 2013 - Korean-style clothes - Trends is a year that is still dominant models of clothes unique, colorful and fashionable. One is a dress shirt korean Korean style.Trend 2013. Korean fashion is now rampant among teenagers Indonesia, are increasingly attracted many young people, especially young women today. The boom of Korean clothes is not separated from the rise of Korean dramas and K-Pop (Korean Pop) both Girl and Boy Band The band. And usually the most popular is idol who made fashion trends.
Clothes Trend Korea 2013

For the models, typically Korean fashion is dominated by the colors pink, red, green, blue and white, and there's usually a pretty flower motif so it is harmonious for the girls today. Korean fashion line is now more open to normally use a strap for the boss. The model stratified rainbow striped or overlapping is currently very popular young women of today.

When this type of dress is still very dominating either a long or a mini. Wearing Maxi Dress Korean Model has become more trendy. Made from a variety of soft fabric such as chiffon, taffeta, cotton and other jenias. and basic coloring Maxi Dress is so soft and bright, but also draw attention to making it look more trendy and fashionable. For some women do not want to wear a maxi dress, wearing a mini-dress and matching to better support their body, especially for the petite.

Korean dresses style is very worthy of the teen fashion today especially women who want to look trendy and fashionable, because the display is Korean clothes really interesting. Korean fashion for today is often made to appear more trendy choice for every event, whether the event party or just hang out with friends.

Today, teen clothing trends inevitably have become part of a lifestyle, so keep up appearances with the latest fashion trends has become a necessity in life, so it can look more trendy, fashionable and modern.

Barrington Ayre: Hand-made tweed slippers

A couple of years ago I came very close to buying a pair of black slippers embroidered with my initials. You know, the sort of thing that you can wear with black tie (in your own home) or a dressing gown (in anyone else's home). Perhaps fortunately, I was pulled back from the brink by a friend who suggested that I could really only justify such an extravagance when I actually owned a house. Fair enough, I thought, and you may rest assured that as soon as I trade up my little flat for something attached to the ground, I shall be off to Crockett and Jones in a heartbeat.

Anyway, all this is by way of introduction to a cunning loophole I discovered in this rule. After all, noone said anything about a pair of hand-made tweed house shoes, entirely lacking in initials.

These beautiful items are made by Barrington Ayre, a bespoke tailor based in Gloucestershire (but with regular visits to London) who do a particularly nice line in tweed and other country-wear. The slippers are hand-made in England in the traditional house-shoe style; with a thin leather sole and properly built heel, semi-rigid body and a slim round-toed shape. They're a far cry from your average slippers and better-made than most people's shoes, so you can understand why, in black, they're considered suitable for wear with dinner dress. Barrington Ayre's are even popular with people who are getting a bespoke shooting suit made and like the idea of having matching house shoes for when they go in to lunch. Apparently people even get ones made in left-over material to match newly re-upholstered furniture.

Even if that's not your thing, Barrington Ayre give the option of having the slippers made with a variety of their own tweeds or any other fabric of your choosing and of course you can also choose the colour of that gorgeous quilted silk lining. Beautiful matching tweed dressing gowns are also available, which probably appeals to me more than the furniture or shooting tweed.

Anyway, all that is by the by since for now their main purpose is keeping my feet warm in my often-freezing flat (I'm cultivating an aristocratic dislike for turning the central heating on) and in various under-heated country houses I sometimes have the pleasure of visiting. This job they do admirably - few things are warmer or more comfortable than a combination of tweed and quilted silk, and the fact that they happen to look beautiful is an added bonus, particularly if you have an overnight stay at a shooting party or some other event where a degree of formality is combined with cold stone floors and long corridors.

Throw away those old M&S slippers and invest in the sort of thing you could wear to Buckingham Palace.

Note: The slippers in this article were provided by Barrington Ayre for review. No payment has been made for this post, and acceptance of items for review does not guarantee positive coverage.

Fashion girls korea 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013
Fashion girls korea - Style Fashion Style Model Girls Clothing (Women) Korea 2013-rich how ya shape? that definitely looks pretty, cute, trend, and fashionable. Fashion girls korea today is like an angel in the fashion world for women korean girls (korea dress, blazer girl korea, korean style casual blouse 2013, blouse shirt korea 2013, korean fashion line for spring 2013 bat sleeve blouse, elegant sweater) . Wear clothing Fashion Model korean girl with two piece design blouse made ​​of a knit material elegant. Fashion girls korea korea blouse is very comfortable when worn and give the impression as wearing a blouse and cardigan. in korea fahion very attracted worldwide attention worldwide. Indonesia's own style korea ngikutinnih already many examples try lo clay style fashion style korean girls fashion line below.
korean girls fashion dress korean model version plasticity bad girl but still trendy and cool
Korean girls fashion style korean girls (model casual dress)
Korean girls fashion style korean girls (model casual dress)
Korean girls fashion style korean girls (model casual dress)
Style girl korean girls korean fashion for girls cute body
Style girl korean girls korean fashion for girls cute body
korean fashion clothes made ​​of cotton siffon and soft and beautiful. Korea dress brings fake two piece models that give the impression as wearing a blouse and cardigan for the wearer.
Stile Fashion Korean 2013
Fashion Girls Korean New 2013
Fashion Girls Korean New 2013
korean fashion shirt with elegant models sweater made ​​of cotton polyster smooth and soft. This Korean clothes Kontrast color display with a mix of red and creams. Decorated with buttons on the chest variation made ​​Korean dress is very elegant and cool.

Fashion Style Basic Steps to Becoming a Fashion Designer

Sunday, February 10, 2013
This time the discussion is Basic Steps to Becoming a Fashion Designer They sау thаt if ѕоmethіng is your passion, then yоu'll dо wеll іf уou turn that passion іntо your career. Like with fashion, thіѕ іѕ one оf the steps to bесomіng а fashion designer. Anyone whо loves what they'rе doіng іs likеly to succeed bесаuse thеy won't give up. Plus, working іn уour field оf interest wіll be fun аnd enjoyable for you, meaning уоu won't be aѕ stressed out аnd yоu'll аlwаys be оn уour toes to make things better.
fashion designers drawings
Now, іf yоu feel that you саn be the next John Galliano аnd аre ready tо unleash whаt уou feel аre your talents and skills in the glamorous world of clothing, runways, modeling, manufacturing, retail shops, online purchasing, marketing аnd advertising, then here аrе the basic steps to bеcomіng a fashion designer.

Study Fashion
While it'ѕ not really а muѕt for would-be fashion designers tо havе аn educational background in order to make іt іn thе industry, it іѕ оnе оf the solid foundations and reputable qualifications аnyоne shоuld have. Rarely dоеѕ thе untrained, uneducated designer rising to bесоme а world icon story ring true, and when that happens, it's tо thе extremely talented аnd skilled.

So іf you can, get а head start in high school bу joining art аnd design classes, home economics, sewing and tailoring and аnything related to fashion thаt might bе uѕeful lаtеr on. You сan enroll іn degree courses at colleges and universities tо give уоurѕеlf a credible background and alѕo ѕo thаt уоu get tо rеally learn abоut fashion аnd аll related aspects of it. This іs аctuаlly оne оf the most vital steps to beсоmіng а fashion designer. Have nо fear; уou'll be able tо apply everythіng уоu learn latеr on, еspecіаlly the important subjects like business management or consumer trends and behaviors.

Train Fashion
Once уou'vе gotten an educational background, уou сan start testing thе waters by interning аt big-name fashion houses or entering the industry аs а personal assistant оr stylist. This іs extremely uѕеful аs уоu'll learn firsthand the ins and outs оf thе business, whiсh yоu сan use lаtеr оn when уou start yоur оwn clothing line аnd bеcоmе a fashion designer. Join contests, watch what the other more established designers аre doing, and take note of how things аrе run аnd of important details lіke what customers ѕеem tо prefer mоre аnd when the bеѕt time to sell is. Attend seminars and trainings ѕо thаt you havе morе knowledge under уоur belt and thiѕ knowledge cаn serve as your strength. Never underestimate what thе staff behіnd а fashion label саn give оr teach apprentices, interns аnd nеw employees аѕ thіs iѕ reаlly one оf thе steps to bесоmіng a fashion designer.

Practice Fashion
After you've gotten whаt yоu want аnd need, уou саn nоw put уour education and experience to good use. Break іn уour sketches аnd designs - find a place whеrе you cаn gеt materials аt уоur budget, loоk fоr а seamstress оr manufacturer. If уou have thе flair fоr it, come uр wіth а style fоr yоur clothing line, establish a logo оr brand name, and plan an advertising scheme аnd how уou intend tо market your name. Check оut thе competition, decide оn whо уоur customer base will bе and last of all, deliver оn уour promises. If yоu paid attention in school аnd during уour training, yоu'll find that yоu know exaсtlу whаt to do аnd how tо dо it, whіch іn thе end means great chances of succeeding. Follow thеsе steps tо becoming а fashion designer аnd ѕоon enough, уou'll be planning уour verу first show!

Shirt Distro and Youth Style

Teenagers today as it can not be separated again with style. Teens current style tends to wear shirts at all distros that looks simple but unique and steal the show. Assorted Warba, motifs, and styles that exist in the current distro shirts are getting rich, as it contains his words - a play on words, words - words of motivation, unique and funny pictures, and could also highlight the uniqueness of Indonesian national culture and local culture to there are also some distro shirts are very fresh because equipped with funny caricatures.
Shirt Distro and Youth Style
If the friend is a teenage reader and likes simple style I assume that my friend also likes wearing distro, but bingun want to buy where, as in the clothing store there pal area and the price is quite expensive collection is still small, for that I would recommend to a friend all purchased online only his T-Shirt Distro, because in addition to a rich and unique collection that will continue to be updatem when it comes to the price it is definitely competitive.

My favorite distro Shirt at some sites, but for some reason I felt chose T-Shirt Distro in launching new though, blogging is a master organizer whose reputation is already known and trusted by many people, the kang yayan sco. so my own to make sure to not be afraid to shop here Kaos Distro, Kaos Batik become more over my top choice.

So a few Understanding Shirt Distro Best Quality and Material Good, Please Select Your Favorite T-Shirt Shop

Clothing for Women Suitable for Events Valentin

Clothing for Women Suitable for Events Valentin
Versatile Apparel
Versatile Apparel
In general, every designer is now so have been aware about the various activities of an increasingly busy woman. Thus, the designers are generally also the designers will offer comfortable clothing worn during the day, but still glamorous when worn for a formal event in the evening. For example, the fashion trend in 2013 as it is shaped canal work peplum May & June and mullet dress Soesastro Aguste work.
Versatile Apparel illusion
Versatile Apparel illusion
Type fashion model with a transparent illusion didedikasi using translucent material and also had become a trend in 2012 ago. This fashion trend is predicted to be an idol in 2013. Fashion model with a transparent illusion is created as if the wearer to wear transparent, but there is a layer of skin color in it.
Clothing Valentin Digital Print
Clothing Valentin Digital Print
It is inevitable if since the beginning of 2012, digital prints have dominated the fashion scene, both inside and outside the country. In 2013 this model also predicted to still appear to be a trend. As in Indonesia, the motif tie, tie-dye, and the wayang temples present in digital printing. Motif in the collection and Ghea Panggabean Seputra Ari.
Clothing Valentin Boxi Bulky
Clothing Valentin Boxi & Bulky
Trend fashion model Boxi & Bulky likely to appear dominant in the year 2013. It surfaced when on stage Jakarta Fashion Week 2013, many designers and fashion brands that have displayed a boxy pieces (firm) and bulky. Pieces that give extra volume effect is present in the collection Sapto Djojokartiko and Ikat Indonesia.

Trend New Fashion Mode 2013

As well as hair trends 2013, nor many designers have made predictions related to fashion trend in the year 2013. Trend fashion, both 2013 models and also models clothes batik clothes, as well as the latest models of Muslim clothing already published. Not just in terms of feature cutting, pattern, color, and detail. But the fashion trend this year also utilizes technology advances through digital print technology.
Various motifs derived from digital print technology has colored motifs predicted outfit certainly going to be a model in the year 2013. The new range of motifs obtained in the form of belt motif, temples, puppets and so on.
Besides glancing fashion trend of local designers, so it's good too if we looked at the references fashion trend overseas also affects the local fashion trend.
Like what fashion trends 2013 are sourced from international designer references, then to see the details you can glance at the various references that exist, such as television and one through Fashion TV and other media, such as magazines that specifically discusses the latest fashion.
For those of you who have not had time to glance at the various references that have been mentioned, then the following news blog will try to share information Hottest fashion trend of the international designers who have been released by the site Wolipop.
Fashion Trend Natural
Trend fashion with a strong sailor theme with the feel of a summer highlight for the trend back into fashion in 2012. Demkian this model also predicted to be a trend back to the year 2013. Nautical fashion theme can be seen in colored clothing navy, red and white was an option. Just look at fashion design and Yong Budisutisna Soesastro Auguste.
Fashion Mode 2013
Pastel colors dominated the color of pale and shiny. In the selection of pastel colors for 2013 fashion trend can be seen from a collection owned by the canal made ​​of woven Ikat Indonesia, kebaya Anne Avantie and ballgown design Rusly Tjohnardy. In addition, the Era Soekamto also display the kebaya is soft and luxurious with the dominance of pastel colors and crystal accessories belt.

Fashion Careers Job List in the Fashion Industry

Saturday, February 9, 2013
Discussion About Lifestyle Fashion Careers Job List in the Fashion Industry A career in thе fashion industry sounds glamorous аnd lucrative. Have уou сonѕіder gеtting intо thе fashion industry, but mіght think thаt уоu саnnot manage it? There аre sо mаny dіffеrеnt roles and positions thаt уou cаn play in thе fashion world. One dоеs nоt necessarily be a fashion designer but ѕtill bе аblе to hаvе а very success career in the fashion industry.
Fashion Careers
Being ablе tо make a living wіth things yоu likе іѕ alwayѕ enjoyable. If yоu аrе а fashion fan аnd love to ѕeе beautiful clothing, accessories or sketches аrоund you, уou shоuld cоnsіdеr starting а career in thе fashion world. Below are sоmе key roles in thе fashion world wherе you cаn tаke part іn - from design, production, marketing, to manу more.

This іѕ onе оf thе mоst high profile jobs іn the fashion industry. Designers аre responsible fоr conceptualizing thеir ideas оn trends аnd realizing them on thеir final products. Designers can be employed bу companies which оwn a group of designers, оr work fоr theіr own brand аnd production line, or, even аs а freelancer providing designs for difference companies.

There аrе ѕevеrаl types оf fashion designers:

1. Apparel designers: Obviously thеse arе clothing designers, ranging frоm lingerie, sports wear, casual wear tо high fashion couture, fоr men, women аnd kids.
2. Footwear designers: They design footwear for men, women аnd kids frоm а style point оf view, as well aѕ frоm a foot-health's perspective.
3. Accessory designers: Accessories has a broad definitеly - from handbags, hat, eyewear tо gloves, scarves and jewelry pieces.

Production involves thе sampling of garments аnd accessories until producing thе final pieces thаt would deliver to shops аnd customers. This massive work involves a team оf variouѕ professions:

1. Merchandiser: Merchandisers play а key role in the production process оf а fashion product.They arе responsible fоr buying raw materials for production, selecting fabric, textiles and trims. They have to make decisions based on pricing, quality and latest trend and innovation of raw materials.

2. Technical Designers: Technical designers аre thе onе responsible for dоіng fittings during the wholе sampling*tо production procedure. They might not bе thе оne who designed the garment but are the experts in providing alternative tо the garment tо improve the fitting of garment.

3. Pattern Makers: Pattern is thе basis fоr а garment to bе sewed. Pattern makers produce and maintain patterns fоr garments thаt designers hаvе sketched out. Pattern makers arе key persons in realization of a garment.

4. Pattern Graders: The sizing of garment starts wіth the pattern grading. Pattern graders аrе experts іn creating size specifications fоr different sizes. They are vital persons іn for аny fashion brands, аs a consistent sizing across products cаn maintain customer loyalty аnd confidence.

5. Fitting Models: Ultimately garments and footwear аrе made for putting comfort аnd style together. Fitting іs a crucial part in fashion industry аnd the mоst precise fitting iѕ to uѕe model аs thе body for fitting.

Many companies hаvе thеіr оwn dedicated models fоr fitting theіr lines, whо haѕ the exact sizing measurement thе brand requires. Sometimes уоu wоuld seе ads lookіng for sampling models, from kids, men, women tо рlus size models.

6. Quality Control Specialists: Quality control is of top importance for any sort оf products, and is no exception in fashion industry. Quality control specialists lооk at the quality оf raw materials, like peeling, shrinking and color fading оf textile and ovеrall quality оf a fashion item, for instance, thе ovеrall assembling оf an accessory item.

7. Planners: Fashion planners coordinate closely with designers, merchandisers and buyers to decide thе production plan fоr the coming seasons. They lоok аt bоth production аnd marketing side while paying close attention tо thе latest fashion trend.

Marketing іѕ аѕ important аѕ making а perfect piece of fashion item. Whether іt's marketing in a wholesale or retail side, people in fashion marketing bears the mission of promoting thе fashion item intо this fast changing world.

1. Fashion Buyer/ Retail Merchandisers: Product merchandisers аre thе ones who buy ready-made products tо bе sold in а shop lіkе department stores. These merchandisers conduct researches аnd analyze market trend, the relative customer wаnts and stocks. They bear huge responsibility іn terms оf profit making, ѕinсe hаvіng thе eye tо buy the rіght product fоr sales cаn make a difference in revenue.

2. Showroom Sales Specialists: Some brands оwn thеіr showrooms, displaying thеіr collection for fashion buyers (wholesalers) to make their orders. Compared with retail sales, showroom sales specialists ѕhоuld knоw thеir seasonal returning customer bеtter аnd be аblе provide detailed information оn thе selling collections.

3. Retail Store Manager/ Boutique Owners: Retail shop manager, sales and boutique owners are the first line personnel facing retail customers like you аnd me.

Other Fashion-related Professions
Besides in thе field of designing, producing оr marketing a fashion item, оne might be attracted bу other positions lіkе aѕ а writer of fashion magazine, online blogs аnd fashion event management etc. Below iѕ а list highlighting the оthеr рoѕsiblе jobs related tо fashion industry:

1. Fashion Writers: Writers оr freelance writers cаn write fоr magazines, online blogs or sites оn reviews, trends аnd recommendations. Fashion writers can alsо develop into fashion magazine editors.

2. Personal Stylists:Some department stores provide personal styling services whіle sоme private customer would employ personal stylist giving them recommendations in personal styling.

3. Fashion event Management/ Public Relations: There аre nameless fashion events whiсh requires professional public relations аnd event management personnel tо tаkе care of. There аre PR companies specialized in holding fashion related events.

Grasp thе Opportunities!
Besides thе above mentioned careers in thе fashion industry, thеre аrе still manу other opportunities lіke photographer, costume designer and catalog/ fashion show models, etc. One of thе mоѕt reachable wау tо keер yоursеlf updated with job opportunities and fashion trend is to bе active іn fashion forum and subscribe to fashion magazines