Tips To Eliminate Sense Less Confident

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Seeing colleagues more successful, more established playmates, sometimes led to feelings of self-confidence
Though a sense of inferiority that just will confine you in stagnant situation. Because no self-confidence, you do not dare to take action, afraid to make changes. Who can kill a sense of inferiority? Yes, you own. Not easy. But if you do not immediately fight the feeling insecure, not exposed to harm others, but your own. Here are 7 ways to combat shyness
Tips To Eliminate Sense Less Confident

1. Discover the Advantages
One cause of low self-esteem, because you feel you do not have excess to be proud of in front of others. Ah, come on! Everyone will have an advantage; thing many do not realize the advantages of it. To discover the advantages of self-actualization. You can start by finding out what are the things that draw the most attention and become your hobby.

2. Work
After finding an activity or thing that attracts attention, do it intensely. Make a masterpiece out of your hobby. If you love photography, continue to make works of photo you like. Even if you conclude only interested in food, you also had to do with the intense and create a masterpiece.
Make the creation of new food processing or alloy that has not been invented before, for example. Produce works will provide the inner satisfaction and pride in yourself. Especially if you appreciated the work of others, your confidence level will undoubtedly rise dramatically.

3. Optimistic
Believe me, the fear of failure will only increase the sense of inferiority. To fight it, the only way you have to cultivate a feeling of optimism and positive thinking. If others can, why can not I? If I had tried but failed, then it's time to try again, not stopping.

4. Hanging out at the Environmental Positive
It could be as long as this sense of inferiority nurtured in an environment that is not conducive. Experience ridiculed, insulted, demeaned, and always being compared to someone else can bring traumatic feelings that resulted minder. If your environment does not give a feeling of comfort, start looking for a positive social environment, which could give positive comments instead of dropping.
How, back to point 1. Join the community or organizations that have common interests with you. Are in an environment with people who have similar interests, in addition to expanding horizons, cultivate the spirit and raise the motivation for the more advanced.

5. Thinking Open
Perhaps you've not inferior, but too stubborn and unwilling to accept input, so it could not make any significant changes in your career and life. Try to think openly. Who knows another person's input is true. A lot to read and find references that enrich knowledge. With an open mind, receive feedback, and enrich themselves with knowledge, you will be more motivated to get out of the shackles of inferiority and make new breakthroughs.

6. Look Motivator Idol
Motivation can come from anywhere. If difficulties motivate yourself against inferior, it may be time to find motivation motivator as fertilizer. Today many names popping motivator reliably in various media. You can choose motivator idols that you think could be a reference and a place to find a solution to your problem.

7. Do not Give Up
When the tip 1-6 inferiority nor change, does not mean having to give up. All things can not be obtained in an instant, as well as menananmkan confidence. Try and try again until you find the right formula and goals are achieved. Begin confidence grow from little things, like the proposal in meetings, making decisions in the discussion, and courage to get along with many people in the office.