Tips on Choosing Colors Clothing

Saturday, January 5, 2013
You would often see some people wearing clothes with colors that collide, such as wearing a dark blue combined with bright green berwanai subordinates. It will certainly make people who wear the clothes to be the center of everyone's attention. Well, do not you also make the same mistake in mixing-matching and wearing clothes you will wear.
Tips on Choosing Colors Clothing
Perhaps many people underestimate its suitability in choosing the color of clothing. They are usually assumed to incorporate all the colors they like home comfortable and look good when worn. Of course this is not entirely wrong, but you should also consider the opinions and judgments of others when you combine the clothes you wear.

It's good that you know the basic knowledge about the actual colors you've probably learned from the lessons of art while you are still in school. What are the knowledge base color, let's read on below:

Do not wear clothing that has more than 3 dominant colors
It is highly recommended, as you mix and match the clothes you will wear, you should choose clothing that does not have too many dominant colors are very striking.

Choose a color that matches the skin
Identify the colors that match your skin, for example if you have a darker skin color, wear bright colors like pituh, beige, gray or baby blue. Conversely, if you have a skin with a lighter color, you can try to explore colors like red, black and other solid colors.

Do not wear pants with bright colors
To find a safe, preferably when you are wearing a colorful, choose a subordinate or pants with a neutral or dark colors like black, blue or brown jeans.

Adjust the color of dress to the time and place
Choose clothing with a dark color or salmon when you will be attending the event in the evening and formal. In contrast, for events are more casual, you can use light colors are fresh.

Wear the waist belt the color of shoes
Get used to wearing a belt that has the same color as your shoes. Suppose your black shoes, you should wear a belt with dark colors, especially black.

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