Tips Caring Color Apparel

Saturday, January 5, 2013
When buying clothes, of course you do not just look at the model only, but also the color of clothing to be one of your considerations when buying. Well, over time the color of the clothes you buy will surely fade if not cared for properly. In fact, the color of good clothes make you more confident and comfortable in using these garments.

To care for the color of the actual garment tricky. You should be cautious and not home when washing your clothes it. More specifically, what should you do, consider some explanations below.
Tips Caring Color Apparel
Do not be too frequent washing
You know, every time you wash your clothes, actually reduces the quality of the ingredients of your clothes. Therefore, you should not immediately wash your clothes if only worn for 2-3 ja, alone and not dirty. Should be enough winds. This can make your clothes become more durable.

Chouse quality detergent
If you want all your clothes last longer, then wear a quality detergent. No harm to memgeluarkan more money to buy a good detergent that your clothes remain durable and the color does not fade.

Use detergent to taste
Separating clothes before washing is also important to do to maintain the durability of the garment. You have to separate the white dress, dark, bright, soft fabric and clothing. That way, the clothes will remain durable and color is still good.

Use vinegar
Apparently vinegar not only serves as a flavor enhancer, because vinegar can also be used to maintain the color of your clothes. How, before washing clothes, soak your clothes in water that has been mixed with 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Then the vinegar will lock the color of your clothes that are not easily fade.

Remove stains with MSG
Spices, MSG that you've known as a flavoring dishes that turned out to have other uses as cleaning the stain clothing. The trick, wet clothes stains first, then sprinkle MSG on the taint attached to the clothing. Then you can brush the stain and the results will disappear instantly.

Reduce the use of the dryer
Prolonged drying clothes will make the fabric shrink and damaged. For that, you do not excessively dry clothes to the dryer if you want to remain durable. You could just squeeze it and dried.