Tips and How To Prevent Hair Loss In Pregnancy

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Tips and How To Prevent Hair Loss In Pregnancy - In addition to changes in body weight, pregnant women often experience hair loss problems. But do not worry, because there is the best way to prevent it. And here are Tips and How To Prevent Hair Loss In Pregnant Women as quoted from the following Quick Easy Fit.
Tips and How To Prevent Hair Loss In Pregnancy

Nutritious food is mandatory meal to maintain the health of pregnant women and their babies themselves. Also, do not forget to consume certain nutrients that also protect the hair follicles. For example, foods rich in vitamin E, C, B complex, and zinc.
Make sure you use a shampoo that contains silica or biotin. For both types of compounds are able to stimulate hair growth and keep the roots remain strong. Thus, the loss will be minimized.
Use a wide-toothed comb the hair was not too interested and make it fall out. In addition, combing hair also should be done slowly so that the scalp is more relaxed and does not make trauma.
Sometimes hair loss is also triggered by stress dialamai women during pregnancy. To prevent hair loss, the important thing to do first is to overcome the stress itself. Make sure you always find how to entertain themselves when depressed to keep the baby's physical health and prevents hair loss.
When a baby is born, usually women are more busy and forget about hair care. So rather than wait until the fall, it's better not stop when I was pregnant?

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