T-shirts patterned heart will be a trend

Monday, January 7, 2013
Not everyone likes with hearts or heart. Moreover, if an image was used as the design image of the shirt. Still using the T-shirts liver trend is expected to hit the fashion world.
T-shirts patterned heart will be a trend
Due to recent times Hollywood actresses look wara-Wiri using a t-shirt this heart. Kaos was used in a catwalk show or for everyday use. According to the sun, since the hollywood celebrities using the T-shirts heart, straight fashionistas scrambling to use the same design.

Some of the ranks of celebrities who now often performed using T-shirts heart is Toni Jones appeared with a thin shirt with a bright red heart. There was also a Sarah Jessica Parke Sex and the city artist Cheryl Cole, and singer Kylie Minogue who participate using the T-shirts heart.

How about you? What a heart design is your favorite picture?