Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Washing clothes is an easy thing, but it turns out there just do not understand how to wash clothes well.
Women's clothing has a lot of style, and the material is also varied. If any new clothes in belipun be damaged instantly when washed. Some people simply have more funds in the laundry to wash, but if you are not part of the wash itself is the absolute choice.

Beware fade

For women newly purchased clothes should be in your own laundry washing was combined with the other women's clothing in the washing machine and not safe from kelunturan case. If the first and second washing there is no problem then you may combine it with other women's clothes for the next wash.

Segment Based Rate kekotorannya

At the level of gross defilement more menswear in women's clothing appeal so you have aggregated partitioned based women's clothing before washing kekotorannya level. Do not combine a woman who wears clothes to play with mud or mop clothes women's clothes women wear everyday because women who had clean clothes can be contaminated with impurities.

Rendaman Old Clothes

Do not soak the shirt, pants, shirt women, and others were screened for too long more than an hour in a solution of detergent to resist damage.

Manual or machine?

When you want better results and cleaner and more confident then you should wash her ​​clothes by hand is your own. Washing machine when washing is not set according to fabric printing can make a woman or women's clothing is damaged.

Laundry Clothing Women Specific

Certain types of women's clothing with special materials or easily damaged should wash your laundry in the washing professionals to your lady clothes can be durable and long lasting
In the last rinse you can use a liquid softener and deodorizer ladies clothing for the best washing results.