Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Grow or improve self-esteem to say tricky, Simply is how to grow or improve confidence was simple really. The trouble is get used to this that does not take a minute. Here I will share a powerful way to develop self-confidence, which is just enough with the usual confidence tips I apply to my life. And based on the Science of Psychology.
Sense of self-confidence
Before we discuss more about how to foster self-confidence would be much better if we first understand what it is that sense of self confidence ..

Believe in yourself (self-confident) or we usually brief with PD (PeDe) is the mental condition of a person who gives trust, or a strong belief in itself that a person can commit an act of courage, such as a man (gentleman) who want to shoot (express love) to the female idol of his heart, Appearing on stage, and so on.
Benefits confidence
Self-confidence is also a very important factor for success or financial success story (read = wealth), For those who have a high confidence can we interpret as A Courageous in all fields, pull the trigger, brave out big capital, bold an opinion in public, and other daring acts.

Basically, if our lives are to be successful or successful in many fields, before we have to increase confidence first. Because in any field is important to have a sense of daring. So, confidence is a must for all of us possess. Because we all know the benefits of what will happen if we have the courage.
The cause of the lack of confidence
In order to more easily master the confidence, first we have to know what causes a person does not have self-confidence???.

If we are doing a little research or are watching someone, the real cause of a person's lack of trust to themselves is because "They Lack Focus On Themselves".

I often see people who have a pretty or handsome face but they could not express his heart to someone who he loved, And that person has the advantage that not everyone has, Why???? ...

The answer is,

Because they are more focused on the lack of her own. When our mind is more focused on a single one of us lack, it is not just one, but all the advantages we have will also be covered with a single deficiency.
How to foster self-confidence
I have a friend that could be considered handsome, wealthy parents, have a car and a motorcycle, a nice house, but unfortunately he had a lisp (can not say "R").

He often confide in me about the same issues that are not confident to express his love for the woman he loves, he says he does not believe himself just because he slurred, he was embarrassed or afraid to be laughed at when he was chatting with her idol she was, he asked me , how to keep her lisp again?? .. and how to foster that confidence?

When I replied with just one confidence tips that I normally apply to myself, that is;

to increase the confidence that it is not eliminated but cadelnya Focus on what you have, "Focus on your strong suit" instead of "Focus on your shortcomings."

The confidence tips is how to foster self-confidence is very simple and powerful to me, a lot of people say to increase confidence when it PDKT his face, create a comfortable sitting position, and blah blah blah .. I think it's too complicated.

By the way, to improve self-confidence, the key is actually only one that is "Focus", Focus on the excess. People who are not confident they are in fact the "Focus" as well, but the focus is more on the shortcomings.

The more we focus on the advantages we have, the shortage we have will start to disappear, the more often we focus on the advantages we have in the form of action, that moment we they really believe that we ourselves do not have any shortage of an inch, and the often we do it right, then all the usual negative aura surrounding us will begin to disappear. And while it also positively radiant aura will begin to emerge glowing from within. Jets of this positive aura that would make everyone fall in love and feel at home with our being. Due to the positive aura can change our face that had looked ugly to look handsome. And it just started from Focus on the advantages, Remember! Focus on the strengths rather than focus on the shortcomings, because everything that a lot of it starts at one, in a small start.