Easy Natural Eye Makeup for Everyday

Friday, January 18, 2013
Today I will share about how to get natural eye makeup for everyday. I am sure this style is easy for you who expert in makeup but this style also easy for beginner who wants to try this eye makeup. You can also use this makeup for everyday and in every event. You can use this eye makeup for party, hang out with friends, and go to office or school.
Easy Natural Eye
For natural eye makeup, you should choose a neutral or vintage eye shadow color. Apply it to your eyelid after you apply foundation or concealer first on. Use your finger for blend bright eye shadow color to your eyelid. Then put darker eye shadow color in the corner of your eyelid. When choose the color, you should choose the same color such dark brown and light brown.
Easy Natural Eye
If you want to use different color, choose the light color for both. This is why this style called natural. For finishing touches, you have to use your eyeliner to your eyelid. Don’t use fake lashes, you should use mascara to give sexy impression.
Easy Natural Eye
Use eyebrow pencil or shadow to shape your eyebrow. Use dark brown color on. This is one of important thing to make natural eye makeup. Because eyebrow not only to form the shape of your eyes but also your whole face. With perfect eyebrows, you will look elegant and sexy.

That’s all I can tell you right now girls. May be useful and good luck! I will be happy to give you more tips about natural eye makeup  in my web page here. Just write down about anything that you want to know on the comment box below and i will try my best to answer it.