Danger Tight Clothes For Women's Health

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Dr. Malvinder Parmar of Timmins & District Hospital, Ontario, Canada, has recently stated that tights sepinggul paresthesia likely to cause disease. Paresthesia own terms, according to Dorland Medical Dictionary, means pain or abnormal feeling like tingling, burning like fire and the like.

Writing in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Parmar admitted, last year was the arrival of sufficient number of patients who could be categorized as victims of paresthesia. He's been treating at least three women aged 22-35 years who complained of a burning sensation and itching around the thighs. Mild neurological disorder that happens because they love to wear tights limited to the hip, at least in the last six months.
Danger Tight Clothes For Women's Health
The results showed Parmar, disorder becomes permanent during sepinggul tights wrapped around the body. That's why Parmar suggest stay away from all kinds of tight clothing during therapy.

According to dr. Andradi Suryamiharia Sp.S (K), the neurologist on duty daily at Cipto Mangun Kusumo, Jakarta and FK-UI faculty, as neurological disorders, paresthesia recognizable symptoms of tingling which gradually turned into numbness. Tingling was caused disruption of the peripheral nerves, the nerves outside the brain tissue in the whole body. Generally the stress, infection, and metabolic disorders.

Threats Mushrooms
According to dr. Kusmarinah Bramono Sp.KK, a specialist in skin and venereal RSCM, basically all kinds of tight clothing potentially three types of skin disorders both limited hip and above the hips.

It was due to a moisture problem that allowed the fungus to breed fertile. In recent years, patients who went to the victim mushrooms Dermatology Clinic RSCM increased compared to previous years. Throughout 2002, approximately 35% of patients suffered a proven fungus. Their ages range from 15-45 years. Although not all of them related to the habits of dress, but the trend of rising yeast as a source of skin diseases to be wary.

Ideally, in a tropical country like Indonesia, or too thick tight clothing should be avoided. The skin becomes short of space to "breathe", while the fluid out of the body pretty much. As a result, the skin becomes moist. If not balanced right clothes, the fungus will be easier to breed. Type of fungus that is commonly found fungus tinea versicolor (white spots, brown, or reddish), fungi, ringworm with itchy spots stand out, as well as candida fungus, wet and itchy.

Black trace
As the name implies, the symptoms of itching and beruntusan that a trade mark of the dermatitis only appear when the skin friction between the body from outside the body.

Foreign objects potentially high friction not only a hard object, such as: jewelry, watches, or belts. Everyday clothing, if too tight against the body, or made of rough contours can also trigger injury.

"Tights primarily affects the skin in between your thighs. Initially perhaps only mild inflammation. But, if the process is prolonged, can cause black spots in the groin, "said Kusmarinah Bramono. If the owner of the body consciously distanced themselves from tight clothing, the black color may be reduced or lost altogether. However, Kusmarinah warned, the process of removing the black stain that can not be done as fast as turning the palm of the hand.

Another type of skin disease commonly descend tights wearer is urticaria or chilblains. The shape is similar to bump-bump caterpillar bites. The severity ranging bump for seed corn until puffy lips.

Urticaria can occur anywhere on the body. Based on observations Kusmarinah, many patients do not realize, urticaria can also be caused by stress and tight clothes.