Beauty Tips and Stay Fashionable When Rainy Season

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Of course you do not want to when it arrives at the office, school, college, and more then a friend or colleague teased with a laugh, 'Oh my God, how rich kecebur rats got so hell, really limp!', So see your looks chaotic and wet rain.

The rainy season does not mean the appearance of being sober for fear exposed to rain. Need to keep up appearances so that we remain confident in the task.
Beauty Tips and Stay Fashionable When Rainy Season
Here are some tips to keep the appearance neat and beautiful remains blocked despite the rain.

1. Umbrellas and raincoats important!
Ensure umbrellas and raincoats are already in your briefcase. To keep your work clothes stay neat and the hair is not wet from rain water, use umbrellas and raincoats when it started raining.

2. Do not be ashamed to wear flip-flops or sneakers
Instead of high heels you are a victim, you should go to work or on the move while wearing flip-flops or sneakers, it would be better if you have boots. Besides not be quickly destroyed by the water, this will allow you to move quickly.

Arriving at the office you can replace it with high-heeled shoes pet.

3. minimalist makeup
If you usually have to dress and style the hair from the face at home, it helps during the rainy season, apply makeup minimal. Probably quite a moisturizer, a little powder and lipbalm, than when you are perfect and the rain began to fall, it might ruin your appearance.

Select beauty products are waterproof and continue to use a skin moisturizer though maybe the sun do not shine.

Upon arriving at the office, prior to your desk, you should go to the toilet to change the makeup.

4. Use scarves
In addition to warm the body, especially in the neck, it can also enhance your appearance. Choose soft colors or bright, it gives a happy mood even during the rainy season.

5. smile
No one can predict exactly when the rain came. It could come at any time, so when you can not do anything while the sudden rain, the arrival in the office and got the joke, no need to get angry or sullen.

Smile, this drug remain potent for good mood and happy even though it rained all day