Tips Boost Confidence

Thursday, January 31, 2013
In today's modern age there are some types of people are the type of people who believe in themselves and the type of people who lack confidence. Why would appear two different types namely the type of person who believes in themselves and the type of people who lack confidence? The problem is due to the emergence of two types of environmental factors that affect these people. Those people have been affected since the early or since your childhood. For example, if someone who is confident that the small time he keeps in the given motivation even though he failed he kept in the given motivation he became mentally strong. Unlike the case with people who lack confidence he has always given a sense of despair and no hope. And what if it is the farthest a person in despair? I have tips that How To Can Confidence, tips may be useful to you or as understanding yourself. And these tips on How To Can Confidence:
Tips Boost Confidence
1. Ponder You're Big / baliq / Adults. You are great and can think that if you lack confidence, then the life to come How????? Therefore, consider all your heart that if you do not believe in yourself, then life will come How?????
2. Read the Book or Watch TV Regarding Motivation Motivation Because your heart will be motivated and passion in this life. Addendum: AL-Quran is the motivation for Muslims Because reading Qur'aan and its meaning, the heart would be quiet.
3. Avoid people who despair or environments that are not conducive to being a confident person.
4. Berdo'alah. Because you pray with your heart then be opened by God to be a confident person.
Hopefully my article so you become a confident person. Similarly, the content of my article is not long because if I explain in a rambling, then you will read the article in despair he he he

Trend Model Girl Latest Hair Styles 2013

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
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Grow or improve self-esteem to say tricky, Simply is how to grow or improve confidence was simple really. The trouble is get used to this that does not take a minute. Here I will share a powerful way to develop self-confidence, which is just enough with the usual confidence tips I apply to my life. And based on the Science of Psychology.
Sense of self-confidence
Before we discuss more about how to foster self-confidence would be much better if we first understand what it is that sense of self confidence ..

Believe in yourself (self-confident) or we usually brief with PD (PeDe) is the mental condition of a person who gives trust, or a strong belief in itself that a person can commit an act of courage, such as a man (gentleman) who want to shoot (express love) to the female idol of his heart, Appearing on stage, and so on.
Benefits confidence
Self-confidence is also a very important factor for success or financial success story (read = wealth), For those who have a high confidence can we interpret as A Courageous in all fields, pull the trigger, brave out big capital, bold an opinion in public, and other daring acts.

Basically, if our lives are to be successful or successful in many fields, before we have to increase confidence first. Because in any field is important to have a sense of daring. So, confidence is a must for all of us possess. Because we all know the benefits of what will happen if we have the courage.
The cause of the lack of confidence
In order to more easily master the confidence, first we have to know what causes a person does not have self-confidence???.

If we are doing a little research or are watching someone, the real cause of a person's lack of trust to themselves is because "They Lack Focus On Themselves".

I often see people who have a pretty or handsome face but they could not express his heart to someone who he loved, And that person has the advantage that not everyone has, Why???? ...

The answer is,

Because they are more focused on the lack of her own. When our mind is more focused on a single one of us lack, it is not just one, but all the advantages we have will also be covered with a single deficiency.
How to foster self-confidence
I have a friend that could be considered handsome, wealthy parents, have a car and a motorcycle, a nice house, but unfortunately he had a lisp (can not say "R").

He often confide in me about the same issues that are not confident to express his love for the woman he loves, he says he does not believe himself just because he slurred, he was embarrassed or afraid to be laughed at when he was chatting with her idol she was, he asked me , how to keep her lisp again?? .. and how to foster that confidence?

When I replied with just one confidence tips that I normally apply to myself, that is;

to increase the confidence that it is not eliminated but cadelnya Focus on what you have, "Focus on your strong suit" instead of "Focus on your shortcomings."

The confidence tips is how to foster self-confidence is very simple and powerful to me, a lot of people say to increase confidence when it PDKT his face, create a comfortable sitting position, and blah blah blah .. I think it's too complicated.

By the way, to improve self-confidence, the key is actually only one that is "Focus", Focus on the excess. People who are not confident they are in fact the "Focus" as well, but the focus is more on the shortcomings.

The more we focus on the advantages we have, the shortage we have will start to disappear, the more often we focus on the advantages we have in the form of action, that moment we they really believe that we ourselves do not have any shortage of an inch, and the often we do it right, then all the usual negative aura surrounding us will begin to disappear. And while it also positively radiant aura will begin to emerge glowing from within. Jets of this positive aura that would make everyone fall in love and feel at home with our being. Due to the positive aura can change our face that had looked ugly to look handsome. And it just started from Focus on the advantages, Remember! Focus on the strengths rather than focus on the shortcomings, because everything that a lot of it starts at one, in a small start.

Tips and How To Prevent Hair Loss In Pregnancy

Tips and How To Prevent Hair Loss In Pregnancy - In addition to changes in body weight, pregnant women often experience hair loss problems. But do not worry, because there is the best way to prevent it. And here are Tips and How To Prevent Hair Loss In Pregnant Women as quoted from the following Quick Easy Fit.
Tips and How To Prevent Hair Loss In Pregnancy

Nutritious food is mandatory meal to maintain the health of pregnant women and their babies themselves. Also, do not forget to consume certain nutrients that also protect the hair follicles. For example, foods rich in vitamin E, C, B complex, and zinc.
Make sure you use a shampoo that contains silica or biotin. For both types of compounds are able to stimulate hair growth and keep the roots remain strong. Thus, the loss will be minimized.
Use a wide-toothed comb the hair was not too interested and make it fall out. In addition, combing hair also should be done slowly so that the scalp is more relaxed and does not make trauma.
Sometimes hair loss is also triggered by stress dialamai women during pregnancy. To prevent hair loss, the important thing to do first is to overcome the stress itself. Make sure you always find how to entertain themselves when depressed to keep the baby's physical health and prevents hair loss.
When a baby is born, usually women are more busy and forget about hair care. So rather than wait until the fall, it's better not stop when I was pregnant?

Thus Beauty and Health Articles and Tips on How to Prevent Hair Loss In Pregnancy on this occasion. Also read some articles Beauty and Health on the prevention of hair loss in the previous post, including:

Natural Beauty Tips Girls

A collection of natural beauty tips, from the beauty of the face, skin, body, until beauty nails, especially for friends who always want to look naturally beautiful. Who does not want to look beautiful and attractive? Every woman would want to always look beautiful naturally, so a variety of treatments have been undertaken to obtain such beauty, ranging from the traditional to nursing care in beauty salons, which would cost quite a bit too.
Natural Beauty Tips Girls

Some people say it's pretty expensive, but for me it's pretty relative and all the women would be born beautiful. All of it just depends on how we care for and maintain the beauty of it. In this article I will provide interesting information about the natural beauty tips using natural ingredients and traditional easy and without any side effects. For more details please see the following article:

Facial Care
The main thing to do to look good is to do facial treatments, because most people judge the beauty of the face. Companions can do facial treatments with natural ingredients as follows:
Tomatoes have vitamin C is good for the skin, so the tomatoes can be used as a facial mask for beauty care by grinding or blending tomatoes until smooth. Once the tomatoes are fine to use as a face mask, flatten by patting the face gently. The benefits of this tomato mask is to reduce excess oil on the face, smooth skin, and nourish the skin.

Orange juice can make the skin become clean, fresh and free of bacteria that cause acne, because the acid contained in the lemon can kill bacteria on the face. Companions can try by splitting and rub it directly on the face. When using lemon juice on the face may feel a bit sore for a while, but the results to be obtained will be beneficial for the skin.

Lemons contain Vitamin C which can treat and lighten skin color, other than that lemon is also beneficial to diminish dark spots on the face. How to cut the lemon into 2 parts, then squeeze the lemon into the bowl. Dip cotton in lemon juice, then rub the cotton into a friend's face in a circular motion. Let stand leftover lemon on your face without rinsing and leave overnight so that the content of lemon permeate the skin.

Skin Care
After doing facials well, the next step is to do a skin care skin always looks so healthy and soft with natural materials as follows:
Cucumbers can be useful to refresh and hydrate the skin because cucumbers have a lot of water content in it. Additionally Niacin contained in cucumber can also be useful to whiten the skin naturally. The trick with grated cucumber with medium, then add 10 drops of lemon juice. After that, apply to all parts of the body, leave for 15 minutes and rinse with clean water.

Olive Oil
Olive oil is beneficial for skin smoothing. The trick is also very easy just to rub it on a regular basis on the dry skin every day.

- Coconut Water
Coconut water contains amino acids and vitamin C to nourish and brighten the skin naturally. You do this by applying a fresh coconut juice on the skin. We recommend that you do every 1 week.

Nail Care
In addition to the face and skin, nails also become the center of attention in doing beauty treatments. Companions can try a variety of ways such as the following:
- Star Fruit Wuluh
Starfruit useful for cleaning dirt found on the sidelines of the nails and outer skin and strengthen nails. You do this by rubbing pieces of starfruit on nails will be cleaned, and then rinse with clean water.

For those friends who have that kind of nails brittle and easily broken, can try using lemon juice by soaking your nails in lemon juice mixed with 1 tablespoon honey and warm water. Soak nails for 10-15 minutes. Do it regularly and get your nails clean and radiant.

Garlic has substances that are useful to strengthen nails. How parutlah garlic until smooth, then apply to the nail. Wait a few minutes, then wipe nails with clean water.

That's a collection of the natural beauty tips that I can to share with friends. Hopefully this article can be useful for friends. Thank you and I'll see you again in the next article. ^ ^

Flannel Suits: the gentleman's choice

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Flannel for suits is a much-maligned, or perhaps just much-ignored, cloth. The film The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit was, according to Wikipedia, intended to draw attention to the 'stodginess and sameness' of the business community. But does that still apply? These days, stodginess or sameness in business suiting is more likely to be a gray or blue plain-woven worsted wool suit made of fairly lightweight cloth suitable for all-year-round wear in temperature-controlled offices. Flannel has become unfashionable, but at least it's not boring anymore.

My only flannel suit is a suitably dull, gray, double-breasted example from Hackett, and I love it.

I have come to realise that I love soft fabrics. I can't tell you why, there's certainly nothing inherently wrong with smooth-woven cloths, I just happen to go weak at the knees for fabrics with a bit of nap. It absorbs light, and usually adds weight so the suit hangs better, creating an attractive and shine-free sillhouette. Flannel, which is often deliberately brushed to raise a good nap, is a perfect example of this. These days it is often too warm for business-wear but, in less well-heated offices or if you spent a lot of time outdoors, it can be a good bet.

And where can you get one? Well, Hackett of course still do a lot of this sort of thing, and have the sort of properly dense flannel that I like. They are a little pricey though, so for a cheaper option you can always try Charles Tyrwhitt - they do a decent looking double-breasted gray flannel suit, although it's a little on the smooth side for my taste.

Definitely give flannel a try though. It'll make you feel warm inside.

How to Face Care Oily Skin Naturally

How to Face Care Oily Skin Naturally - Having oily skin can certainly cause problems with your appearance. The emergence of blackheads and acne is most often the case for those who have oily skin type is.
Despite these problems with oily skin, the various solutions can be obtained through natural treatments are easy and appropriate for you to do. As for how naturally oily skin care that could soon do, in full you can learn in this article published.
How to Face Care Oily Skin Naturally

How to Face Care Oily Skin Naturally
Here are some ways oily facial treatments you can do. Ranging from cleaning your face at least twice a day, to make relax to avoid stress.

1. Washing your face a minimum two times a day
Wash and cleanse skin of make-up and dirt at least twice a day is the most important thing you can do in the basic care of oily skin. As for the right moment you can do is to wash your face during the day when the face has begun to remove the oil, and at night when Handa will immediately go to sleep.

In this case you should also make sure that you use facial cleansers have a pH-balanced, so it is safe for your skin.

2. Avoid Beauty With Basic Materials Oil
For those of you who have oily, then one thing you need to consider is choosing and using the right beauty products. In this case you have to use beauty products are free of petroleum-based materials. Make sure that you only use products that are water.

3. Lots of Drinking Water
Play the lives of a healthy lifestyle is one of the most appropriate steps to do that can make skin health is maintained. The skin is getting enough fluids will certainly have a direct impact on the health of the skin. If the skin does not get adequate water coverage, then it can make your skin dry and produce more oil and accompanied by the growth of acne.

4. Choosing a Natural Mask for Oily Face
For those of you who have a problem with oily, then you can deal with it wearing masks made from natural ingredients. Various masks that you can try are as follows:

- Mask Strawberry and Lemon
In making strawberry and lemon mask you will need a variety of additives, among which is one tablespoon of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons honey, 2 egg whites, 4 drops of jojoba oil, and one cup of mashed strawberries.

Once the material has been collected, it is then you can make a natural mask by mixing all the above ingredients and apply on your face for 10 minutes. Make sure that all the ingredients are still fresh products.

- Tea Tree Oil and Sea Salt
In making this natural mask you will need some coarse sea salt and 10 drops of tea tree oil. The way is easy, that by mixing the two materials, and then apply on the face in a circular motion. Sea salt to slough off dry skin, while tea tree oil can make your skin dry bershih and oily areas.

- Plain Yogurt
Natural ingredients proven to be very beneficial for oily skin. The usefulness of plain yogurt can be used as moisturizers, cleansers and masks for the face. The trick is quite simple, namely by applying yogurt to the face and leave for 20 minutes. Then rinse your face with warm water. Do this mask every day to get maximum results.

5. Relax and Avoid Stress
Stress is one of penyebeb of problems for the skin. The state of stress encountered bedampak be negative for oily skin, which cause acne and blackheads. One way you can do to avoid stress is a way of relaxation. Relaxation techniques can be tested most easily done by soaking in warm water for 10-15 minutes, or read a favorite book.

Thus the article on How to Care Oily Face Naturally we submit to you. Also read the related article that is not less interesting, namely, Natural Masks for Skin Whitening Face. Good luck and hopefully useful

Women Hair Style Trends In 2013

Trend Hair Style Women's Year 2013-Although the year 2013 has not been up to, but in the days of late 2012, there have been many who search the info or up-date news about the style or hair style that she would eventually be the trend in 2013.
Women Hair Style Trends In 2013
Many women are now getting busy with looking for a style / style their hair will be how it will trend in 2013. In 2013, it was at the end of the eyes, many women are also preparing everything to welcome. Yes, this includes up-date hairstyles 2013. "Kan, comfortable if we knew what the future will trend in 2013", they think, perhaps. "Kan, good if we make a new sensation, a new hairstyle in the year 2013 or later", they thought, maybe.
Women Hair Style Trends In 2013
Some experts maintain that it is issuing their predictions about female hair styles 2013. In addition, many media outlets on the internet re-issued their analysis on this. Hair models that they call for the year 2013 was, hairstyles Spring Summer 2013 Hair Trends
Women Hair Style Trends In 2013
While according, Ningtyas Diah, a practitioner trying to divide the beauty of what will become a trend in the coming years especially in hairstyle. Women who work a dozen years in the world tatarias said, hairdressing trends for women in 2013 did not experience a significant change from the previous year. Even as it says many experts and professionals, hairstyle been booming in the 1960's will be the trend next year
Women Hair Style Trends In 2013

Hair is a woman's private parts, which are haram halal seen but people who saw it. The scholars characterize the hair jewelry that is not visible. We agree that because of the importance of hair in ornate, especially for women, no wonder if the hair is referred to as the crown of women. We look to him to be good, beautiful and gorgeous. But unfortunately many Muslim women who do not know how he should treat the hair that adorned his head. Even most of the Muslim follows coiffure pagan women, such as hair coloring or just memirang syar'i no reason and just follow the trend.

Yes, that's the way congratulations for women if you want to treat the hair. Hair is not to diumbar, whatever name hair trends, but should not show who is not lawful for him.

Dangers Of Women Wearing Tight Clothes health

Cancer Malignant Melanoma
Contemporary scientific research has found that women's dress but tight or transparent, it may experience a variety of malignant melanoma cancer on his limbs exposed.

Tight clothes and transparent poorer extremely dangerous in the medical journal in Britain, which in wearing tight clothes in a long time can cause cancer Milanoma. According to scientific research tight clothing worn by women in the blazing sun in a long time, after several years led to malignant cancer milanoma at an early age. and nylon socks they wear is not at all helpful in keeping their feet from the cancer is.
Dangers Of Women Wearing Tight Clothes health
Melanoma Cancer is a very dangerous skin cancer, and the cancer is usually started with a black mark on the skin, or moles. Mole is an abnormal collection of pigment cells (melanocytes) that appear on the skin

And the disease is sometimes the entire body with different levels. Symptoms of this cancer is the appearance of black dots rather wide and sometimes in the form of small dots, the area of ​​the foot or calf, or around the eyes can then spread throughout the body. The spread of this sphere with the growth in areas commonly seen, convergence spleen (upper thigh area), blood strike, and settled in the liver and damage it.

In some cases milanoma cancer also affects bone, part of the chest and abdomen. Cancer is also affecting the kidney, the kidney is damaged If the urine turns black. The fetus was not immune from attack milanoma ini.Orang suffering from cancer this cancer will not live long, because they have not found the right drug at the right can cure this cancer.

Tight clothing can cause infertility in women. In very cold weather, tight clothing does not function to maintain body temperature from cold attacks. Temperatures that are too cold can obviously dangerous condition of the uterus (Al-Istanbuli, 2006).

Interfering intestinal mobility
According to Dr. Octaviano Bessa, an internist from Stamford, Connecticut said that the use of pants that are too tight can interfere with the motility of the bowel. This makes a person feel uncomfortable or pain in the abdomen after two or three hours after eating. But sometimes people do not realize that the condition is caused by the use of tight pants.

Trigger clotting of blood vessels
The use of tight clothing will also interfere with the movement of the body that can lead to blood clots in the blood vessels, making blood flow is interrupted, causing varicose veins and causes the kinds of disturbances in tight clothes in a long time is to make a bad body shape and damaged spine.

Interfere with female fertility and mildew around the organ disorders
Results of research conducted in the John Bull (UK), suggests that endometriosis (a disorder that often lead to fertility problems in women) allegedly due to the habit because someone is always wearing tight clothing over the years. Using tight clothing will trigger endometrial cells (cervical mucous) to escape from the cavity of the uterus and settles in the ovaries, so that health becomes impaired.

Tights made especially jeans are a fashion favorite in the dress, but what my friend knows that jeans is not easy to absorb sweat? nah pile of sweat that are around the area often cause problems, such as the onset of fungus, vaginal discharge, itching or very annoying.

If this is allowed to continue, it will cause mildew around the female sex organs. If it is causing fungus, it is certain that a woman will experience a variety of disorders.

Keep in mind that the fungus was very like the atmosphere humid. he will flourish. Well if using automatic tights jeans lipatanya area will be moist, especially if worn all day that's one of the whitish appearance

Worsen the quality of sperm and cause infertility
Based on the research that the use of tight clothing that causes a decrease in sperm quality sperm count of 60 million per milliliter usually has now dropped dramatically to the figure of 20 million per milliliter. After extensive research it turns out the problem is still happening in the scrotum layer that protects the penis. Abnormal temperature in the scrotum because often pressured by tight jeans could have a negative impact on the quality of sperm due to a pile of sweat can not get out around the penis would have caused mold that will increase the temperature of the testes in sperm production.

More or less the same as women, the use of tight pants can lead to 'lack of air', especially the vital organs. Generally temperatures are conducive to vital organs normal to 36.5 degrees Celsius, but when wearing tight pants, udarapun temperature rose to 37 degrees Celsius. Heat conditions is very dangerous for sperm. A study to prove it by taking a sample of men who like to wear tight pants. The number of sperm produced is usually 60 million permilimiter, using tights sperm counts dropped dramatically-third, ie 20 million permililiter.

Why does this happen? Apparently the problem lies in the scrotum. Abnormal temperature in the scrotum because of tight jeans can be bad for sperm quality loh buddy why? because the pile of sweat can not get out around the vital organs. This will cause mildew which will increase the temperature of the testes in sperm production, and if passed will become itchy and it will spread to the testicles.

The ends were finally located on your fertility, although genetically thou fertile offspring, but with tight jeans usage habits could reduce the quality of fertility!

It may sound extreme but this is often experienced by some women. Although corsets are no longer popular, it's kind of clothing can reduce the wearer's lungs develop and this will result in heavy breathing. Also, it will reduce the oxygen that enters the body. Categories include clothing such as wedding underwear, bustier, and spandex

Raising gastric acid
Too tight will also cause a rise in stomach acid because the pressure is too big in the stomach. This can increase the pressure in the abdominal area that will cause stomach acid up into the esophagus.

Seeing the impact on health then think wisely if you intend to buy clothes a size smaller than the size of your body. Do not take the risk to look sexy and trendy, but it can actually cause bad effects for yourself

Danger Tight Clothes For Women's Health

Dr. Malvinder Parmar of Timmins & District Hospital, Ontario, Canada, has recently stated that tights sepinggul paresthesia likely to cause disease. Paresthesia own terms, according to Dorland Medical Dictionary, means pain or abnormal feeling like tingling, burning like fire and the like.

Writing in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Parmar admitted, last year was the arrival of sufficient number of patients who could be categorized as victims of paresthesia. He's been treating at least three women aged 22-35 years who complained of a burning sensation and itching around the thighs. Mild neurological disorder that happens because they love to wear tights limited to the hip, at least in the last six months.
Danger Tight Clothes For Women's Health
The results showed Parmar, disorder becomes permanent during sepinggul tights wrapped around the body. That's why Parmar suggest stay away from all kinds of tight clothing during therapy.

According to dr. Andradi Suryamiharia Sp.S (K), the neurologist on duty daily at Cipto Mangun Kusumo, Jakarta and FK-UI faculty, as neurological disorders, paresthesia recognizable symptoms of tingling which gradually turned into numbness. Tingling was caused disruption of the peripheral nerves, the nerves outside the brain tissue in the whole body. Generally the stress, infection, and metabolic disorders.

Threats Mushrooms
According to dr. Kusmarinah Bramono Sp.KK, a specialist in skin and venereal RSCM, basically all kinds of tight clothing potentially three types of skin disorders both limited hip and above the hips.

It was due to a moisture problem that allowed the fungus to breed fertile. In recent years, patients who went to the victim mushrooms Dermatology Clinic RSCM increased compared to previous years. Throughout 2002, approximately 35% of patients suffered a proven fungus. Their ages range from 15-45 years. Although not all of them related to the habits of dress, but the trend of rising yeast as a source of skin diseases to be wary.

Ideally, in a tropical country like Indonesia, or too thick tight clothing should be avoided. The skin becomes short of space to "breathe", while the fluid out of the body pretty much. As a result, the skin becomes moist. If not balanced right clothes, the fungus will be easier to breed. Type of fungus that is commonly found fungus tinea versicolor (white spots, brown, or reddish), fungi, ringworm with itchy spots stand out, as well as candida fungus, wet and itchy.

Black trace
As the name implies, the symptoms of itching and beruntusan that a trade mark of the dermatitis only appear when the skin friction between the body from outside the body.

Foreign objects potentially high friction not only a hard object, such as: jewelry, watches, or belts. Everyday clothing, if too tight against the body, or made of rough contours can also trigger injury.

"Tights primarily affects the skin in between your thighs. Initially perhaps only mild inflammation. But, if the process is prolonged, can cause black spots in the groin, "said Kusmarinah Bramono. If the owner of the body consciously distanced themselves from tight clothing, the black color may be reduced or lost altogether. However, Kusmarinah warned, the process of removing the black stain that can not be done as fast as turning the palm of the hand.

Another type of skin disease commonly descend tights wearer is urticaria or chilblains. The shape is similar to bump-bump caterpillar bites. The severity ranging bump for seed corn until puffy lips.

Urticaria can occur anywhere on the body. Based on observations Kusmarinah, many patients do not realize, urticaria can also be caused by stress and tight clothes.


Washing clothes is an easy thing, but it turns out there just do not understand how to wash clothes well.
Women's clothing has a lot of style, and the material is also varied. If any new clothes in belipun be damaged instantly when washed. Some people simply have more funds in the laundry to wash, but if you are not part of the wash itself is the absolute choice.

Beware fade

For women newly purchased clothes should be in your own laundry washing was combined with the other women's clothing in the washing machine and not safe from kelunturan case. If the first and second washing there is no problem then you may combine it with other women's clothes for the next wash.

Segment Based Rate kekotorannya

At the level of gross defilement more menswear in women's clothing appeal so you have aggregated partitioned based women's clothing before washing kekotorannya level. Do not combine a woman who wears clothes to play with mud or mop clothes women's clothes women wear everyday because women who had clean clothes can be contaminated with impurities.

Rendaman Old Clothes

Do not soak the shirt, pants, shirt women, and others were screened for too long more than an hour in a solution of detergent to resist damage.

Manual or machine?

When you want better results and cleaner and more confident then you should wash her ​​clothes by hand is your own. Washing machine when washing is not set according to fabric printing can make a woman or women's clothing is damaged.

Laundry Clothing Women Specific

Certain types of women's clothing with special materials or easily damaged should wash your laundry in the washing professionals to your lady clothes can be durable and long lasting
In the last rinse you can use a liquid softener and deodorizer ladies clothing for the best washing results.

India: Old-school tailor-made

Sunday, January 27, 2013
I am in India for a couple of weeks.

To say that India is, in some areas, 'very foreign' is so trite as to be hardly worth repeating. What I find more interesting is the idea that in some respects it's actually not so much a different country as a different time. The streets of some cities (I am thinking mostly of Varanassi, Mirzapur and the surrounding districts, where I have spent most of my time), with their crowds and smells, rickshaws dodging free-roaming animals, and small boys pushing massive carts laden with fruit and vegetables, strike me as the closest I am likely to come to understanding what London might have been like a hundred and fifty years ago.

By the same token, I rather suspect that simply observing Indian life gives a remarkably accurate idea of what it might have been like to live in the UK at a time when there were servants in every household with any amount of money. From a simple cook and cleaner in lower middle-class households all the way up to grand houses with twenty or thirty servants, and where even the simplest meal was prepared, cooked and served by one or two staff. I find it interesting to note how servants are both ubiqutous and invisible, just as they were in 19th Century England. Casually talked about, politely spoken to, but mostly treated as a matter of no more concern than your laptop, DVD player or washing machine.

All of this is a roundabout way of getting to a topic of more relevance to this blog, which is my interest at seeing that, while off-the-peg suits are by no means unobtainable here (particularly in the larger and more 'western' cities), in rural areas the way clothes are chosen and bought harks, once again, to the situation in England a hundred or so years ago. Cloth merchants and small tailors are everywhere and a man who wants a suit or a respectable shirt is as likely to choose some material and have one made up as he is to buy one off-the-peg.

Of course, how good the suit is depends hugely on the cloth and tailor chosen, and I suspect most bear little relation to the quality we would expect from a 'tailor-made' suit, but I like the idea that, here at least, people are still getting clothes made by small, independent craftsmen.

Nevertheless, in any situation a degree of 'convenience-shopping' is inevitable, and I was particularly amused by the box-sets offered in one cloth merchant. Each contains a length of cloth sufficient to make one pair of trousers, and a length of cotton sufficient for one shirt - thus a man can quickly pick up what he needs to create the standard uniform of the service industry or low-end professional worker in this part of the world. To me, they were vaguely reminiscent of those shirt/tie/cufflink sets sold in some shops in the UK, except somehow less ghastly because they still required the cloth to be taken to a craftsman and made into garments.

WOW! A New Vogue Men's Shirt Pattern!

Friday, January 25, 2013
Color me happily surprised to see a Men's shirt pattern with some nice design details among Vogue Patterns New Spring Collection!
Here are the line drawings--
Although not mentioned in the description, this style certainly appears to have a concealed button placket...I wonder why such a prominent detail was not mentioned. And while described as loose-fitting, shirts designed with side-panels like the ones here can be altered for a closer fit. 
That said, the shirt as shown on the model looks slightly fitted to my eye, rather than "loose". But we'll know soon, because I ordered the pattern today, and when it gets here I'll make one in Roger's size and we'll see how it fits. I'll also give a full review of the pattern.
Beyond all that...
Because I am a Shirt-Maker by profession, drafting my own patterns for the shirts I design for my clients... I am thrilled to see that Vogue has stepped up and produced a men's shirt pattern that finally has some interesting design details for sewists who use printed patterns!
...and Vogue has a new Men's Suit Jacket and Pants pattern (V8890) in the Spring Collection too!

Beauty Tips and Stay Fashionable When Rainy Season

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Of course you do not want to when it arrives at the office, school, college, and more then a friend or colleague teased with a laugh, 'Oh my God, how rich kecebur rats got so hell, really limp!', So see your looks chaotic and wet rain.

The rainy season does not mean the appearance of being sober for fear exposed to rain. Need to keep up appearances so that we remain confident in the task.
Beauty Tips and Stay Fashionable When Rainy Season
Here are some tips to keep the appearance neat and beautiful remains blocked despite the rain.

1. Umbrellas and raincoats important!
Ensure umbrellas and raincoats are already in your briefcase. To keep your work clothes stay neat and the hair is not wet from rain water, use umbrellas and raincoats when it started raining.

2. Do not be ashamed to wear flip-flops or sneakers
Instead of high heels you are a victim, you should go to work or on the move while wearing flip-flops or sneakers, it would be better if you have boots. Besides not be quickly destroyed by the water, this will allow you to move quickly.

Arriving at the office you can replace it with high-heeled shoes pet.

3. minimalist makeup
If you usually have to dress and style the hair from the face at home, it helps during the rainy season, apply makeup minimal. Probably quite a moisturizer, a little powder and lipbalm, than when you are perfect and the rain began to fall, it might ruin your appearance.

Select beauty products are waterproof and continue to use a skin moisturizer though maybe the sun do not shine.

Upon arriving at the office, prior to your desk, you should go to the toilet to change the makeup.

4. Use scarves
In addition to warm the body, especially in the neck, it can also enhance your appearance. Choose soft colors or bright, it gives a happy mood even during the rainy season.

5. smile
No one can predict exactly when the rain came. It could come at any time, so when you can not do anything while the sudden rain, the arrival in the office and got the joke, no need to get angry or sullen.

Smile, this drug remain potent for good mood and happy even though it rained all day

Tips To Eliminate Sense Less Confident

Seeing colleagues more successful, more established playmates, sometimes led to feelings of self-confidence
Though a sense of inferiority that just will confine you in stagnant situation. Because no self-confidence, you do not dare to take action, afraid to make changes. Who can kill a sense of inferiority? Yes, you own. Not easy. But if you do not immediately fight the feeling insecure, not exposed to harm others, but your own. Here are 7 ways to combat shyness
Tips To Eliminate Sense Less Confident

1. Discover the Advantages
One cause of low self-esteem, because you feel you do not have excess to be proud of in front of others. Ah, come on! Everyone will have an advantage; thing many do not realize the advantages of it. To discover the advantages of self-actualization. You can start by finding out what are the things that draw the most attention and become your hobby.

2. Work
After finding an activity or thing that attracts attention, do it intensely. Make a masterpiece out of your hobby. If you love photography, continue to make works of photo you like. Even if you conclude only interested in food, you also had to do with the intense and create a masterpiece.
Make the creation of new food processing or alloy that has not been invented before, for example. Produce works will provide the inner satisfaction and pride in yourself. Especially if you appreciated the work of others, your confidence level will undoubtedly rise dramatically.

3. Optimistic
Believe me, the fear of failure will only increase the sense of inferiority. To fight it, the only way you have to cultivate a feeling of optimism and positive thinking. If others can, why can not I? If I had tried but failed, then it's time to try again, not stopping.

4. Hanging out at the Environmental Positive
It could be as long as this sense of inferiority nurtured in an environment that is not conducive. Experience ridiculed, insulted, demeaned, and always being compared to someone else can bring traumatic feelings that resulted minder. If your environment does not give a feeling of comfort, start looking for a positive social environment, which could give positive comments instead of dropping.
How, back to point 1. Join the community or organizations that have common interests with you. Are in an environment with people who have similar interests, in addition to expanding horizons, cultivate the spirit and raise the motivation for the more advanced.

5. Thinking Open
Perhaps you've not inferior, but too stubborn and unwilling to accept input, so it could not make any significant changes in your career and life. Try to think openly. Who knows another person's input is true. A lot to read and find references that enrich knowledge. With an open mind, receive feedback, and enrich themselves with knowledge, you will be more motivated to get out of the shackles of inferiority and make new breakthroughs.

6. Look Motivator Idol
Motivation can come from anywhere. If difficulties motivate yourself against inferior, it may be time to find motivation motivator as fertilizer. Today many names popping motivator reliably in various media. You can choose motivator idols that you think could be a reference and a place to find a solution to your problem.

7. Do not Give Up
When the tip 1-6 inferiority nor change, does not mean having to give up. All things can not be obtained in an instant, as well as menananmkan confidence. Try and try again until you find the right formula and goals are achieved. Begin confidence grow from little things, like the proposal in meetings, making decisions in the discussion, and courage to get along with many people in the office.

Pretty Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Friday, January 18, 2013
Hey girls! Today I’m so excited to share the main topic for my article. Guess what? Yeah, I’m sure that you know already from the title. I will share to make your blue eyes looks pretty, sexy and adorable. How to apply eye makeup for blue eyes? For you who get blue eyes should be happy because this color is unique. Many people want to get this color on their eyes. But don’t be sad, dear, if you do not have blue eyes. Because you can use the amazing eye contact. So, now you also get blue eyes. Also be careful on choosing your eye contact girls.
Pretty Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes
In my last article, I told you about how to apply eye make up for brown and green eyes. Actually, it is does not matter what your eye color. When you brave to try a new experience, you can easy to apply some eye shadow color in your eyes. Like them who get brown and green eyes, you are also can try any color of your eye shadow. When you want to look natural, you can apply vintage or neutral eye shadow color on your eyes. Then when you want to look glamour, you can apply bright eye shadow color like gold, silver, purple, red, or blue.
Pretty Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes
For application of eye shadow to your beautiful blue eyes is same like eye makeup for other color. First, do not forget to apply your foundation or concealer to your eyelid so that your eye shadow will apply perfectly. Second, use the bright color on your eyelid. Then apply the dark color in the corner of your eyelid and blend it. Then don’t forget to use mascara and eyeliner, girls.
Pretty Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes
That’s all I can tell you right now girls. I will be happy to give you more tips about eye makeup for blue eyes in my web page here. Just write down about anything that you want to know on the comment box below and i will try my best to answer it.

How To Do Eye Makeup for a Party

Most women are confused when they receive invitations to attend the party. They are confused using makeup that suits their face, especially to their eyes. Eye can emit what is in someone’s heart. Eyes can also look sexier if we can apply eye makeup correctly. Actually, not to be confused how to do eye makeup in your eyes. Because eye make up it’s actually easy to do.
 Eye Makeup for a Party
These eye makeup simple but interesting to attend the party.
1. Apply a cream concealer or foundation to the eyelid as a base for your eyeshadow.
2. Select your preferred color eyeshadow. For those of you who want a natural look, use eyeshadow with neutral colors like brown, black, and gray. But for those of you who want to look glamorous, colorful eyeshadow tones can use gold, silver, or bright color such as purple, blue, orange or green.
 Eye Makeup for a Party
3. Apply eyeshadow on your eyelids. Prior to use bright colors as a base color. You can use a brush or for the more natural use your finger to blend it. After that apply a dark color on corner of your eye. After that, do not forget to blend it with a brush.
4. When finished applying eyeshadow on your eyelids, draw a line by using eyeliner on the top and bottom of your eyes.
5. Dab a light color eyeshadow in the corner of your eye to give a fresh impression.
6. Use mascara on your lashes, your eyes look sharp and sexy.
 Eye Makeup for a Party

7. Do not forget to shape your eyebrows using eyebrow pencil for eyes and face shape.
Now do not be confused anymore to attend a wedding or a birthday party of friends. No need to confuse how to do eye makeup for your party because you can be confident in using these eye makeup tips. Good luck!

Easy Natural Eye Makeup for Everyday

Today I will share about how to get natural eye makeup for everyday. I am sure this style is easy for you who expert in makeup but this style also easy for beginner who wants to try this eye makeup. You can also use this makeup for everyday and in every event. You can use this eye makeup for party, hang out with friends, and go to office or school.
Easy Natural Eye
For natural eye makeup, you should choose a neutral or vintage eye shadow color. Apply it to your eyelid after you apply foundation or concealer first on. Use your finger for blend bright eye shadow color to your eyelid. Then put darker eye shadow color in the corner of your eyelid. When choose the color, you should choose the same color such dark brown and light brown.
Easy Natural Eye
If you want to use different color, choose the light color for both. This is why this style called natural. For finishing touches, you have to use your eyeliner to your eyelid. Don’t use fake lashes, you should use mascara to give sexy impression.
Easy Natural Eye
Use eyebrow pencil or shadow to shape your eyebrow. Use dark brown color on. This is one of important thing to make natural eye makeup. Because eyebrow not only to form the shape of your eyes but also your whole face. With perfect eyebrows, you will look elegant and sexy.

That’s all I can tell you right now girls. May be useful and good luck! I will be happy to give you more tips about natural eye makeup  in my web page here. Just write down about anything that you want to know on the comment box below and i will try my best to answer it.

Jesse Draper Silicon Valley roots

In Silicon Valley, Jesse Draper's lineage is almost unparalleled. Her father is Tim Draper, a partner at Draper Fisher Jurvetson on Menlo Park's Sand Hill Road, a corridor known as the center of West Coast tech investment. Her grandfather and great-grandfather were venture capitalists, too.
Jesse Draper Silicon Valley roots
But the 28-year-old is famous in her own right, for "The Valley Girl Show," a Web TV show she created that started its fifth season this month ( Draper, no stranger to the camera, briefly played a character on a Nickelodeon series (produced by her aunt Polly Draper of "Thirtysomething" fame). "The Valley Girl Show" combines informative chats with a dash of irreverence, drawing on a culture in which tech workers try not to take themselves too seriously.
In earlier seasons, Draper is the first to admit, the show was a bit rough around the edges. Some of her guests - Scott McNealy, founder of Sun Microsystems; Barry Schuler, former chairman of AOL Interactive Services; and Heidi Roizen, a former vice president at Apple - may have been unprepared for her set, with its bright pink walls, couches and chairs, and the floral leis they were asked to wear while being interviewed.
Draper is seen bounding around the Stanford campus in a pink tutu, while a voice-over proclaims "Valley Girl!" in a tone that is meant to be a spoof on the vapid, ditzy Southern California Valley Girl stereotype.
Today, the show is more polished, and Draper has expanded her pool of interviewees to include not only the founders of the latest innovative companies (Hosain Rahman of Jawbone, Sabeer Bhatia of Hotmail and Tony Hsieh of Zappos) but also other famous figures, such as former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, former Los Angeles Mayor Dick Riordan, and former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson.
In 2013, her 40 new episodes will focus on technology and the fashion industry. Each episode runs about 15 minutes and garners 2 million views, thanks to partnerships she has forged with closed-circuit TV screens at airports, hospitals, chain restaurants, Roku and Boxee TV, and may soon be seen on in-flight screens on a major airline.
Draper, no airhead, can claim to be a Valley Girl two times over, splitting her time between Los Angeles and Atherton. Recently, she shared some of her choice hangouts with SFiS Style. They're, like, totally awesome.
Draper's favorite spots
Head Over Heels Boutique, 887 Santa Cruz Ave., Menlo Park. "This is one of my favorite boutiques on the Peninsula. Not only do they have incredible shoes and Parisian fashions, but they have a consignment shop with designer fashions that appear to never have been worn. I regularly find treasures here! Not many people know about that side of it. ... I almost don't want to share."
Cafe Borrone, 1010 El Camino Real, Menlo Park. "Have you heard of a 'frosted mocha'? I have never had such a heavenly coffee drink; it's more of a coffee milk shake masterpiece. I usually have a healthy lunch, a frosted mocha and then peruse Kepler's Books next door to pick up some new reading material."
Dutch Goose, 3567 Alameda de las Pulgas, Menlo Park. "As far as sports bars go, this is a Silicon Valley favorite and one of the only ones around. All are welcome, from the businessmen to AYSO soccer celebrations to two girls having a glass of wine. I know how to appreciate a good cheeseburger and Dutch Goose knows how to make them with their secret sauce unlike any I've experienced. I have grown up coming here, playing in the arcade and eating deviled eggs."
Prolific Oven & Bakery, 550 Waverley St., Palo Alto. "I'm a chocoholic and was raised on this chocolate cake. I definitely stop by far too often and order their chocolate-on-chocolate cake - usually for a birthday celebration, but do you really need a reason to buy a chocolate cake? I never do."


The top five pairs of shoes you should own

Thursday, January 17, 2013
In the style of previous posts, I thought I might share some views on a useful 'starting cupboard' of shoes. Of course, as ever, this is really just opinion and none of these are strictly required unless they happen to suit your particular style, lifestyle, and habit of dressing. I'm also not sure that I would say to anyone that five pairs of shoes is a 'starting' cupboard, so I've put these in roughly the order I would buy them if I were starting out now, and in this way they could easily be bought over a couple of years as funds allow.

Plain black oxfords
Sure, brogues are prettier, loafers are more comfortable, and brown more suitable for casual-wear, but a man with a pair of plain black oxfords can fulfil with confidence about 75% of all dress codes. Clearly, they're perfect with business suits of all shades, colours and cuts, and would only be inappropriate with very casual weekend suits. They can also, importantly, be worn with black tie (where brogues would not be suitable), white tie (patent leather is correct, but few would criticise black oxfords with a decent polish), morning dress, or just a reasonably smart blazer and flannels.

Brown Brogues
You'll need a casual pair of shoes to fill in the less frequent but more varied occasions where black shoes won't do. Weekend wear, wearing with chinos, wearing with tweed, wearing with jeans (if you must wear jeans), wearing with white cotton ducks to Henley, and so on. Of course, there are other casual shoes that could fill these gaps but few are quite so widely suitable. A pair of brown loafers are ideal with chinos, and nice with jeans, but hardly suitable to wear with a tweed suit. Polished oxblood monks might look cracking with a casual suit but are probably a bit much to wear with chinos and a blazer.

Of course, plain brown oxfords could do a similar job, but a) I love brogues (so you should too) and b) if you're going to have only one casual pair of shoes, it might as well be properly casual.

Deck Shoes
Ok, they might not be for everyone, but they do pick up the last straggling dress codes that wouldn't be covered by the two options above. Shorts, beachwear, that sort of thing. Only the most obsessive of iGent would insist on retaining suit and brogues on the beach or as he takes breakfast on his veranda on a sunny morning in August. For those of us with a pragmatic approach to dress, some kind of alternative is required. For me, at least, that alternative is deck shoes.

Loafers (black or brown)
Personally, I'd choose brown, but go for whichever you think you'll get more use from. If you wear suits Monday to Friday, then black loafers are probably more useful to break up the monotony and to give your Oxfords a rest. (Actually, if you really wear suits Monday to Friday then your second pair of shoes should probably be a second pair of black oxfords. Boring but true. Go for brogues if you want to liven them up.) If, on the other hand, your day-to-day wear is more of the chinos and jacket variety then brown loafers are more useful.

I favour a slim shape with rounded toes and the lowest-profile stitching around the toe possible and, for your first buy, a non-tasseled pair might be safest although I would be the last person to dissuade you from tassels if you're keen. For brown shoes, suede is an option, otherwise polished calf-leather is ideal.

Something fun, or practical
If you have all of the above then you're reasonably well covered, and it's time to pad out your collection. It might be that, for practical reasons, you just need another pair of plain black or brown shoes. If so, now's the time. If, on the other hand, you think you've more or less got what you need, then it might be time to stretch to something a bit different. Really love loafers? Perhaps time to get the tasseled pair. Always hankered after some monks? Buy some in black or brown, depending on your usual mode of dress. Live in a cold country and spend a lot of time wearing tweed? Perhaps go for a pair of brogued boots. Regardless, this fifth pair should give you something else to wear with many of your outfits but also something a bit special that suits your own style and that you'll take a particular pleasure in. For me, it's probably my tasseled loafers. And my brogued boots. And my patent leather evening shoes. I'm incorrigible.

The "Split Cowl Collar" Tutorial

Monday, January 14, 2013

This is a tutorial about how to add a wide or narrow, short or long, 
or overlapped and asymmetrical collar to any knit top.

First let's talk about the basic garment. The collar I'll be showing you can be added to any basic knit top.  Here are some examples of patterns by Butterick and Vogue that would work with an added collar. Note that the necklines are either "crew" or "jewel" in general shape and other words..nicely rounded and not particularly deep or wide.

I am going to show you how I added a wide overlapped collar (what I call a ""Split Cowl") to an otherwise simple knit pullover top. The bodice and sleeves are made with Rayon knit Jersey purchased from several months ago, and the collar is made from gray rayon ribbed knit that I have in my "fabric stash".  ** Please note that all seam allowances used in this tutorial are 1/4-inch---if you start with a pattern that has 5/8" seam allowances, the neckline seam allowance needs to be trimmed to 1/4-inch  **

Here are the bodice pieces shown side by side.  The front neckline is about 5-6 inches deep.  At the end of this tutorial you will see variations that have lower or higher necklines but the construction technique is the same.

The next step is to sew the shoulder seams--

Now the complete neck-edge (the "hole") needs to be measured.  I've found that the easiest way to measure the length of curves is to stand the tape-measure up on its edge, and that is what is shown below- 

Because the collar is going to be overlapped and so therefore "scientifically exact" measurements are Not needed, I am going to say that this neck edge is 21 inches around.  A collar needs to be made that is 21-inches long, plus a generous 3 inches for overlap and to have enough to seam the ends.  So the LENGTH of the over-lapped collar needed to fit this particular neckline is 24"...and I usually add an extra inch to give myself a little more overlap. Now what about the width?  I have made so many of these tops over the years that I know that I like the results best when the cut collar width (flat and single thickness before it is sewn) is 8 inches to 12 inches wide.   As you will see, this is an arbitrary width measurement, and after you make one, you will see the endless design possibilities by changing the width and shape of the collar. 

So I have decided that for this top, my collar will be cut 25 inches LONG and 10 inches WIDE.

WAIT! Before we all go cross-eyed...let's pause a moment and put this into perspective-- Remember...this is an easy'll see!  It boils down to this--A very basic rectangular collar is  going to be stitched into "the neckline hole" that you see above.  There, that's it in a nutshell!  Now let's continue....

Normally I just go ahead and cut out my collar from the fashion fabric and stitch it in. However, you can make a "test" collar from scrap fabric (that you can use as a pattern later) to see if you've measured correctly and like the width and finished folded depth of your collar.  Below is a piece of scrap fabric that has been cut to my determined 25- inch length and 10-inch width.

Then I quickly folded it in half lengthwise, and sewed the short ends with a 1/4-inch seam allowance--

Next I turned my "test" collar right sides out....and then overlapped it in preparation for it to be sewn to the neck-edge  (the yellow  pin you see is holding the overlapped collar at its raw edge....the folded edge of the collar is toward the bottom of the photo)--

The photo below should make things more clear. The bodice has been turned wrong side out, and the collar is going to be "dropped" inside of the neckline "hole", all the raw edges will be aligned, and the collar will be basted (by hand or by pins) to the neckline...right side of collar to right side of neckline.

Note that a yellow pin has been placed at the center back of the shirt and another at the center back of the collar.   Then...when the collar  is dropped down into the neckline "hole"... is shifted off center before basting, as shown below. The collar as shown below was quickly pin-basted  to the neck-edge in a one-to-one ratio (in other words, the collar is the same length as the neckline, neither one needs to be stretched or eased to fit the other).   If the collar is a little longer or shorter than the neck-edge, just increase or decrease the amount of the overlap.

To check the appearance of the test-collar, turn it right side out, as shown below--

I was satisfied with the appearance of the collar, and decided to use the same measurements for the "real" collar.  If I had wanted to, I could have quickly taken the stitching out and used the test-collar as the pattern for the "real" collar, but I like to just measure and cut simple rectangle shapes with my ruler and rotary cutter, rather than scissors and a pattern. So I did so with grey ribbed knit  The short ends of my ribbed collar were stitched and turned right sides out.....and then I hand basted the raw edges to prevent them from shifting before I stitched the collar into the neckline "hole".

In the photo below, the shirt is folded in half, matching the shoulder seams and the neck-edges. The collar is folded in half as well and compared against the neckline, as a guideline for how much to overlap the collar....and where to place the overlap (which is your can be placed wherever you want it to be).

 Then, as was done with the "test" collar, the collar is "dropped into the hole" of the neckline...right sides together, all raw edges even.

The collar is stitched to the neckline with a 1/4-inch seam by sewing machine or serger. The seam can be left as is, however I  like to finish the seam so that it lays flat by top-stitching it down from the right side, as shown below.

Below you see the finished collar and bodice from the right side--

As you look at the photograph above...are you wondering how a collar that is the same length on each short side, now looks like one edge is quite a bit longer and...that now, somehow, the collar is asymmetric? Here's why: The upper side of the overlap is exactly OVER-lap. 


Well...because is has to go up and OVER the other side-edge of the collar, it merely appears to be shorter!  And because the under-lap does not have to do anything but lay merely appears to be longer!  I just love when a straight collar "auto-magically" becomes asymmetrical  just because one side overlaps the other :)

Here are some variations of the design based on the same theme--

This red velour top was made with a more shallow front curve, about 4" deep.  The collar was cut about 9" wide, with No overlap.  The collar was fully interfaced with Pro-Sheer Elegance Fusible Interfacing from so that it stands up on the neck a bit. Additionally, because the collar was interfaced, the entire  neck-edge and shoulders were reinforced  with a 3/4-inch wide strip of the same interfacing, as shown below.

This version in Aqua stretch velour features a deeper U-shaped neckline, and the collar was cut about 8" wide with No overlap.

This collar was applied to a neckline about as shallow as the Red top, and has about a 4" overlap and is the widest of the examples shown, it's width is approximately 12".

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and see what a simple technique this is for adding an interesting design feature to any basic knit top!