JUST ARRIVED! Our Newest Interfacing Style!

Saturday, December 22, 2012
Pro-Sheer Elegance MEDIUM-weight Fusible Interfacing

Another of our True Professional-grade Interfacings, this is the Mid-weight version of our very popular Pro-Sheer Elegance Interfacing. Due to its unique weave and fiber content, it is totally stable lengthwise with some minimal "mechanical" crosswise stretch. 
It can be fused at lower temperatures and is washable after fusing to fabric. 
Like all of our other interfacings, it Does NOT Shrink! 
NO pre-treatment needed...because we have done that for you at the mill!
Available in three colors and 60" wide...This wonderfully flexible but stable interfacing was specially made for Light to Medium Woven fabrics like cottons, rayons, linens, denim, flannel, corduroy, and woven polyesters. This is the interfacing to choose when you want a soft lightly crisp result for collars, cuffs, and other places on your garment that need flexible support.  *** It is the "Lower Fusing Temperature alternative" to our Pro-Woven Light Crisp (cotton) Fusible Interfacing.***
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