Preparing for Winter 2: Gloves

Thursday, November 22, 2012
The second in my round of 'buying things I need every year, and think about buying every year, and never quite sort out' came in the form of a pair of very nice Paul Smith gloves.
I don't buy a lot of clothes from Paul Smith. Although I like the quality and some of the style, I prefer more straightforward and classic colours, patterns and cuts. I couldn't resist the gloves though - made from very soft, very dark brown leather with a thin wool lining, they're exactly the thing for the increasingly chilly but not quite 'brass-monkey' weather that heralds the run-up to Christmas. People who particularly like wearing gloves can always go for an unlined pair, but my personal view is that if it's not cold enough to justify a wool lining then it's not worth wearing something that makes it impossible to use a smart phone or fish change out of my pocket.

I personally like very dark brown gloves as a fairly all-purpose option. Black is fine, and can look smart with a suit when you are (presumably) wearing black shoes, although I personally think it's a little less elegant than brown. If you have more than one pair, then grey is a traditional but increasingly uncommon possibility for day-wear.

The slimmer and better-fitting your gloves are the better, of course (and the easier it is to do that fishing for change) and the ideal is to get them custom-made. I've never done so, but it's not outrageously expensive from places such as Walker Slater, and also gives you complete flexibility in your choice of colour, leather, and lining. Wool is comfortable and straightforward, fur is fantastic but too warm for all but the coldest days in London, and silk is lovely but generally more expensive.

It's having the choice that's nice, of course, and that inevitably is wear trouble begins. Now that I have one pair, I immediately start to realise all the other pairs I really need...