Closing of Ralph Lauren Rugby

Wednesday, November 7, 2012
The always excellent 'Boxing the Compass' blog has drawn my attention to the fact that Ralph Lauren Rugby is closing, with an amusingly mocking take on the brand. I'm not a huge fan myself; while I quite like the preppy look, and occasionally veer a little in that direction with my outfits, I'd prefer to construct the style myself from decent clothes made without necessarily any conscious preppy intention than to buy it, fully formed and largely falsified, from a single store. I think I only own one item of clothing from there - a nice-fitting pair of chinos that have nevertheless largely fallen apart within a year.

I'm not quite sure what's inspired Ralph Lauren to do this - supposedly they want to focus on their own brand, and on accessories. That may be no bad thing, they actually make terrific suits and other clothes, but seem often to be overshadowed by weirdly stylised spin-off brands that feel more like costumiers than clothes-shops.