Weekend tweed

Sunday, October 14, 2012
I certainly don't wear a jacket and tie every weekend, but sometimes smartening up is called for. When it is, you can't beat a tweed jacket and a sleeveless v-neck jumper for giving that 'sure, I've got to work, but it's also Sunday' look.

The jacket is a mid-weight tweed from Roderick Charles - a classic olive green with blue and gold over-check, which I chose as a more traditional alternative to my Donegal tweed suit. The tie is knitted silk, which is slightly more casual and, to my mind, goes nicely under a jumper.

Wearing too much of one colour is a dangerous game, but I like the mix of different tones of blue here, particularly as it's offset by the green of the jacket. The key, I think, is that items should be different either in shade or material, or both.