"The Knot that's Not a Knot, Cowl Collar", Tutorial Revisited

Saturday, September 29, 2012

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I am revisiting one of my most popular tutorials because....
not-fun-at-all  thing happened on my way to writing the
"ShirtMaker's Secret" Collar Tutorial that I promised to show you. 

Being busy at work is the only good thing in an otherwise pitiful scenario. What follows is the "idiocy/pitiful" part.  

I have not had a spare moment to even step into my Studio for several days, and because I tend to be absentminded about these kinds of things...I left 2 large dehumidifiers running full-blast in my Sewing Studio for almost 6 full days days!  Now my sewing machines and even my computer in that room are "dead".  My repairman said that the hot dry air could have gotten so dry as to gum-up the grease (???)...but whatever, all I know is that (OMG) I now have 4 sewing machines that no longer work...at all.  They can be rescued, but it will take some time at the repair shop. I am choosing not to think about what all that hyper-dry air might have done to all of my thread.  But I will oil up my vintage machines (thankfully being kept in a different place), and get that Shirt-Collar tutorial to you as soon as I possibly can. 

In the meantime you have my apology, and hopefully you will enjoy the revisit of this tutorial about how to make one of my favorite designs, The Knotted Cowl....click here for the tutorial.