Magazine: The Rake

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
It's taken me a while to find a men's fashion magazine I really like. GQ isn't really my style, Esquire is often great but doesn't really cover the same sort of clothes as this blog. The fact is, of course, few people consider my kind of clothes exactly 'fashionable' so they just don't get that much coverage in most magazines.

I've heard mutterings about The Rake for a while - published in Singapore, with an annual subscription that would buy you around five years of Esquire Subscriptions, they claim to cater to the "mature-minded gent who draws his satorial inspiration from icons such as Cary Grant, Fred Astaire , the Duke of Windsor, Gianni Agnelli and Sean Connery"


No doubt partly the cause of its high subscription costs, The Rake is considerably lighter on advertising than other magazines, which often seem to blur the line between telling you about clothes, and just letting manufacturers pay to fill the magazine full of pictures of their clothes.

Instead, The Rake focuses on quality content, with lengthy articles and plenty of full-pages of nothing but text. As it says, it's inspiration is classic tailoring and style, with a healthy interest in the way clothes are made as well as how they are worn. Despite its headquarters, much of the focus is on London, with articles about specific organisations and individuals on the tailoring scene. It's all topped off with a healthy dose of lifestyle content, briefly covering food, drink and travel.
It's also beautifully produced in a slightly less glossy, more 'made-to-keep' style than most magazines, which may be some comfort considering the cost. Definitely worth the investment, and worth taking the time to read rather than simply glancing at the pictures and then leaving on the coffee table.