Plain Vanilla Shirt...with Hem Detail

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Many of the shirts I make for my clients are of the "Plain Vanilla" type...tasteful but not fancy.
Usually I do not bother to post these to my blog because you have all seen plain tailor-made shirts 1000 times over. And I was ready to send this one to my client when I realized that it has a design detail that you might like to see.

I learned to call it  a "European Placket Hem" but it may go by other names. You can barely see this detail in the photo of the shirt above. Here is what it looks like on the "button" side of the shirt--

Often I use it as a little pocket to hold extra buttons. If my client loses a button, their local tailor has them conveniently right with the shirt.  Here is photo of the placket in its unfinished position--

This is not a separate piece. It is cut as an extension of the button placket. To finish, it is folded up to the right side, and edge-stitched. Placing buttons inside is optional, and the shirt sent to this client does not include them inside the placket extension.