My New Bundle of PRESSING Joy!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

OH BOY!  I have a brand new really Large and Wonderful 
Tailor's Pressing Ham! 

Isn't she beautiful?

As you can see...this new Ham of mine is so much larger than the ones found at fabric and notions stores.
It is professionally hand-made by Sonia at The Stitch Nerd Shop  ...and very reasonably priced for it's size.  

Oh yes, you need one of really do.

If you have never had a large pressing ham like this don't know what you've been missing. The long length of curve gives you so much better control of pressing darts and princess makes a big difference.

I used to have one just like it during my tailoring apprenticeship, but my EX-husband threw it into the fireplace along with some of my other sewing tools when I announced I was leaving...but that's another story.  I did try to make one myself from sawdust begged from a lumber mill...but the thing exploded all over my sewing machine and studio when I tried to stuff and stitch it. I have been using a make-shift version of a large ham...but it's not at all the same as this new one.  And really, I suppose I could have tried the whole saw-dust thing again...but to me It just wasn't worth trying again when these are so well-made and reasonably priced.

I have absolutely NO affiliation with this store. I am just extremely impressed with the quality of this product. 
So impressed that I just ordered this Ham and Seam-roll Holder...the one I am using now needs to go to the same place that I just tossed my former very ancient (smaller) Ham...into the trash!