Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Following on from my post about soles a couple of weeks ago, I thought a brief mention of resoling might be in order.

One of the tricky things about owning leather-soled shoes is the need to get them regularly resoled at some expense. For those of us with more money than sense, shoes can usually be sent back to the manufacturer to be completely rennovated but, in reality, just getting them resoled as they wear through is more than adequate. The difficulty is finding somewhere that will do a decent job of replacing the soles without charging more than the shoes cost in the first place.

The best bet is to have a look at other shoes they've done - there ought to be some kicking around - and check that you're happy that the soles are neatly stitched, made of decent quality leather, and that the edges have been trimmed and polished.

I was delighted to discover a place in Putney, not far from where I live, staffed by the sort of elderly gentleman who inspires instant confidence in his ability to do a cracking job. I was even more pleased when they quoted me just £35 to half-resole and to replace the heels.

Half refers to the way the replacement sole only covers the area that is actually in contact with the floor (and therefore wears down). It looks slightly less neat to anyone who might happen to be looking at the soles of your shoes, but is much cheaper as it doesn't require the removal of the entire heel.

Anyway, Cobblers of Putney did a terrific job and I shall certainly be going back.