The completed jacket, and my modelling career

Tuesday, October 18, 2011
My Cad and the Dandy jacket was finished a while ago, but I've been lacking a decent photo of me in it. I had hoped to make use of some that were taken at a garden party back in August, but it seems I spent my entire time either with my eyes closed or with half a canape stuffed in my mouth. Not the sort of elegance we're after on this blog.

It's actually a little ironic that I don't have any photos of me in the jacket, seeing as I recently wore it for a Cad and the Dandy photoshoot, to help them produce some material for their website. They've promised me one of the resulting photos to use on the blog but, in the meantime, here is a video in which I feature (briefly and somewhat strangely) wearing the new jacket. Don't ask me what the newspaper was about, although I can tell you the final photo does work better than you might think!

(The very paranoid amongst my readers might question whether my volunteering as an occasional Cad and the Dandy model makes me a less objective blogger, or suggests some sort of suspicious business relationship between me and them. All I would say is that I volunteered to be a model because I like Cad and the Dandy, and I like Cad and the Dandy because they make terrific suits. I wouldn't have gone back after the first couple if I wasn't extremely happy with them, and if I continue to write positively about them then it is entirely hearfelt. They have only a passing awareness of or interest in this blog and have never tried to influence what I write. Nor would I let them. Nuff said, I trust.)