Sewing for ME! ...and a simple Pattern "Up-Sizing" Method.

Saturday, October 22, 2011
I already told you about the dreadful state of my feels so good to be doing something about it!   Last week I made a few pairs of new pants, and this morning I finished this draped cowl Tunic...shown here with a "vintage" necklace that totally hides one of my neck scars :) 

The pattern I used for this top is my absolute favorite cowl pattern, Ottobre Design (Woman) issue 02/09, #5. However,  I have "up-sized" since I last made one of these, so I needed to "up-size" the pattern.  I didn't need to change much in the back, but I needed to add more room in the front. So, since this is a simple pattern for knit fabrics with a cut-on options for accomplishing this could be much less 'textbook' than if I was making changes to a pattern designed for woven fabrics.

So, here is what I the Front of the tunic only--

I just moved the Center Front about 1" away from the fold of the fabric, and cut straight across at the top edge, and at the hem edge.  That's it!  

Now I had a front garment piece that gave me the 2" of extra room I needed for the "extra" that exists on my front at the moment ;)   Adding that extra width also made the cowl a little deeper...a side-effect I happen to like. 

Doing a "quickie" pattern alteration  like this worked for me because this is a simple knit silhouette.  Standard pattern alteration methods are best when you need to Up-Size a more complicated style, especially when designed for woven fabrics.

SEWING NOTES-- Fabrics shown were purchased at  Ottobre Patterns can be found at