Closet Crisis...

Monday, October 17, 2011
Do you remember when I told you that I was going to sew a new shirt for Roger?   

Well that was before I cleaned our closets this past weekend, and realized that he has dozens of shirts and several pairs of pants, suits, ties, etc...and saw that my closet is depressingly empty.  I mean, really...the state of my wardrobe is seriously embarrassing...sigh...

So starting today I am going to make time every day for the next 2-3 weeks to sew for MYSELF, for a change!   Well...I might squeeze a couple of children's outfits for Julianna and Brooklyn into the mix...but most of the "sewing action" will be for me me me me me!   I have just started to lose the 30 pounds (!!!) that piled onto my body over the past year....before and after surgeries while the docs were trying to get my thyroid hormones and other stuff balanced.  

Now that I am on the proper medications, I feel great, but not confident enough yet to be seen in skirts or dresses. That won't stop me though...I have lots of wonderful fabrics for pants, tops, and jackets that I can't wait to get my hands (and scissors) on!  None of the garments that I sew now will be very complicated.  Waistbands will need some elastic (abdominal swelling)...but that's OK, I am not wearing anything "tucked-in" now anyway.  And a little creativity will be needed...there are some very ugly scars on my neck that I'd like to cover while they are still fading.   I see variations of cowl-neck tunics in my immediate future ;)

My first thought was to wait to make new clothes until my figure was back to normal...but who knows how long that might take?  So phooey on that!  I want new clothes and I want them now!  
Do I sound selfish?  I hope not, because this self-indulgence feels pretty darned good ;)

I'll post what I make here...including a few tips and stay tuned.