A classic...The Spiral Cowl Collar

Monday, October 31, 2011

 Yes, I sewed for myself again!  Yes, it's yet another Cowl-neck tunic!
But before you think I am being redundant please remember:
  1. It's autumn, and I live near Buffalo....brrrr
  2. I have more than one ugly neck scar to hide.
This version features a applied cowl collar that has been "spiraled" before being sewn to the neckline. I love how a Spiral Cowl always drapes in nice even folds and covers the neck seam...rather than just "flopping down".  

Do we all know how to "spiral" a cowl ?  If you would like a quick tutorial, let me know in 'comments'...I'd be happy to snap some pics when I make another of this style in Stretch Velour ;)