Mojo/Sewjo is back!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Thank-goodness my sewing slump has passed...I was beginning to think that this beastly hot and humid summer had finally defeated me! But this past week, just as shirt orders for clients were starting to come in, I took some time to design and draft the pattern for a new dress for Julianna, age 4.  It's made from cotton coordinates from, and a "deconstructed then reconstructed" wire-stem silk flower from the dollar store :) If anyone is interested in how I use these silk flowers on clothing and how to make them totally washable, how to assemble them, etc...let me know in the comments section, and I'll do a quick tutorial for you :)

After I make a couple of new outfits for Julianna's little sister, it's back to shirt sewing full-time!  I have some ideas for new shirt design details, and in the upcoming weeks I'll also be showing you some ways to make a regular shirt pattern into a slim-cut version.

But first, I really MUST clean my sewing studio...I have been so lazy this summer!  I swear, if I haven't touched it within 24  months (that sounds so much better than 2 years, doesn't it?)...anyway...fabric not touched within 24 months? Out it goes!  As one of my Facebook friends asked recently, Do you ever feel that it will take nothing less than a bulldozer when it comes to clearing your sewing spaces?  Or am I the only fabric hoarder collector out here ?