Redesign + Pattern Drafting + Sewing = A New Blouse

Thursday, July 21, 2011

 What do you do when your dearest "Daughter-from-another-Mother" asks you to fix a faded plaid RTW blouse she loves, but that's seen better days and has never fit right in the first place?'s what I did:  After determining that the  tight back yoke could not be altered, I took a good look at the blouse, drafted a pattern by hand, and made her a new one :)   

[Side note--Jill loves batik, so I unearthed a piece that has been aging in my stash for a long time.]

Well, to be precise I made a "fitting muslin", that I hope will be wearable. Yes...sigh...I know there is really no such thing as a wearable muslin (Gorgeous Ann, I felt you cringe, lol).  However I expect she will at least be able to wear this around the house while she plays with her 2 little girls.  

And I'll make her a few more from different fabrics, including some contemporary plaids from which I will cut the yokes and pockets on the bias :) more thing..... the moment my back was turned while I was moving things around in my forms decided to get a little frisky...It must be the heat, they are usually much better behaved ;) 

LOL, Get a Room!