Pam takes a break...and oh yeah, New Buttons have arrived!

Friday, July 8, 2011

It's time for me to take a break from Blogging for a little while.  After sewing 9 identical white shirts with many design details over a span of a few very long days, I need some time off from the sewing machines.  You know I'll be back soon....but in the meantime, I'll be enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation from one of my jobs.

^ Click photo to Enlarge ^

Which brings me to my second job as the "Empress of Interfacing"  {Big GRIN}  at  Fashion Sewing Supply.   New "Buttons-by-the-Scoop" are here and ON SALE :)  More colors and styles have been added to both the light and dark assortments of our shirt/blouse size designer buttons. The scoops are generous...well over 150-160+ buttons per scoop. They are ON SALE for a limited time...and they ship at a low price too!  Find them in the Designer Buttons Category.

One last thing...  We've never had a mid-summer Interfacing Sale but are considering having one this year.
If you want to be sure not to miss it, and any future sure to sign up for our  Fashion Sewing Supply newsletter, in the tan box to the left. And don't worry...we only send our newsletters 4-6 times each YEAR, and you can "opt-out" at any time ;)