Not quite panic time...yet.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011
YIKES what a day this has been...  This morning I was under a deadline to sew 5 shirts for my clients by Thursday!  Since then one client has sweet-talked me into adding another shirt (or 2 if I have time, haha) to his order...but that the extra shirts can wait to be shipped a little later.  So I have not hit the panic button...yet...not quite yet....

  • Fabrics chosen and pre-washed twice? Check!
  • Hand-drafted Patterns located and tweaked to new measurements? Check!
  • "Shirt Crisp" Interfacing ready?   Check!
  • Iced Tea chilling for my late night break? Check!
The 2 tailors on my staff who help with rush orders like these?  On Vacation!
I sincerely hope they are having a great time......  :)
SEWING NOTES-- Special Shirt-Interfacing from, Fabrics from Gorgeous Fabrics,, and Philips-Boyne.