A new jacket

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
I've been thinking for a while that I'm in desperate need of a new jacket. A blazer, perhaps, or a sports coat, if you're American. Either way, I need something to wear when the dress code, or my own inclination, calls for making an effort, but a suit would be going overboard. Lunch with my parents, dinner with friends, tea with in-laws, and so forth. My beloved double-breasted blazer is, alas, rarely suitable on these occasions. It goes badly with jeans, is a little too visibly formal when paired with chinos, and looks uncomfortable (even a little caddish, or so one of my friends insists) without a tie.

The obvious, and practical, choice would be a single breasted blue blazer. Perhaps herringbone, and with horn buttons rather then brass, to tone it down a little. Of course, never one for the obvious choice, I have instead been attracted to the idea of a grey jacket in a relatively brash check. Something, I thought, a little like the one here, which I found while browsing around for ideas.

In the end, a trip to Cad and the Dandy decided me upon a rather lovely Glen check with a little blue running through it.

It's made by Dugdale and is a particularly beautiful cloth which should make me a lovely mid-weight, single-breasted, Spring/Autumn jacket. I have, with my usual impeccable planning, ordered it so that it will be ready just in time for the Summer.