Yay! NEW "Shirt-Crisp" INTERFACINGS are here!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

You've been asking us to make these special types of interfacings available to you, and after finally finding a mill willing to make them 
according to my very picky standards...they are here!

After extensive testing in our own busy ShirtMaking Studio, we are convinced that our NEW Pro-Woven SHIRT CRISP Fusible Interfacing and our NEW Pro-Woven SUPER CRISP Fusible Interfacing are the best woven fusible interfacings available anywhere!   Exclusive to Fashion Sewing Supply, these fantastic NEW fusible interfacings were specially made to produce perfectly CRISP shirt collars and cuffs, and can also be used to strengthen cotton quilting fabrics when making purses. 

They Absolutely DO NOT SHRINK and are WASHABLE on warm-to-hot settings AFTER FUSING TO FABRIC !

If you want interfacing for shirt collars and cuffs that look just like the expensive designer shirts you see in stores...THIS IS IT!

The difference between our Pro-Woven Shirt Crisp and Super Crisp Fusible Interfacing and ordinary woven fusible interfacing is that the base fabric is steamed to eliminate shrinkage before the special fusing adhesive is carefully applied to give full and even coverage.   These will be the best woven fusible interfacings for shirts (and other applications) that you have ever used!

Get all the details and the Special Introductory Prices HERE at Fashion Sewing Supply.

And I'll be back to sewing and posting tutorials as soon as my docs allow me to do more activity...like digging through my fabric stash ;)  xox~Pam