Vintage Vogue Men's Batik Shirt

Monday, April 25, 2011
(please note--the sleeves are the same length..I took the photo at a slight angle...oops!)

Roger is taking a trip soon because his daughter is graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University...and he needs a few new comfortable shirts.  I think This batik fabric and vintage Vogue Pattern #9366, make a very fashionable match! 

Washable wood buttons from Fashion Sewing Supply finish the casual look of this shirt, as does the Pro-Sheer Elegance Fusible Interfacing that has the perfect hand for this smooth lightweight cotton batik.

In case you are will not be making him a pair of short-shorts as shown on the pattern envelope, LOL !  Something for which I am sure his daughter will be grateful ;)

However,  I will be writing a tutorial soon about how to professionally handle sleeve cap ease specifically on shirt sleeves after they have been set (sewn) stay tuned.

Is the Prime Minister going to dress-down for the wedding?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
While I am not certain how reliable the source is, it seems highly likely that Mr Cameron will be wearing a lounge suit for Prince William's wedding next Friday, as will Mr Clegg. If true, this is very disappointing news.

It is true that the wedding invitation permits 'Uniform, Morning Dress or Lounge Suits'. However, this was also the case at Prince Charles's wedding in 1981, and yet as far as I can tell every male politician in attendance wore morning dress. Clearly, the then Prime Minister did not, but her husband did and so did Mr Whitelaw, the deputy Prime Minister (immediately to the right, and second to the right of Thatcher, respectively.)

So what has changed, and why does a man who was educated at Eton and Oxford, and is notorious for spending much of his time at the latter swanning around in the custom evening tails of the Bullingdon club, think it is appropriate to wear a lounge suit to the wedding of the future King of England? It is almost certainly the most formal wedding he will ever attend, and there is absolutely no doubt that morning dress is the most appropriate attire for a civilian. Not to wear it is to make a deliberate statement, whether Cameron intends it or not. It will make his appearance at the wedding look more like just another political engagement, for which he has not even bothered to change out of his safe politician's uniform of a plain dark suit, a plain light shirt, and a plain coloured tie.

Why is he doing it? Because he is terrified of public opinion and terrified especially of the prospect of a photo of him in a top hat and tails appearing alongside every store about his privileged background, for the rest of his time in office. To that, I would say that he needs to have the courage of his convictions (or, at least, the courage of his upbringing) and confidently dress for the occasion.

Interesting site-- Pattern Drafting for Stretch Fabrics

Just FYI! You might already know about this site....

But if you do not...It's interesting free information if you need or want to draft or tweak close fitting "stretch fabric" pattern blocks for men women and children.

Yay! NEW "Shirt-Crisp" INTERFACINGS are here!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

You've been asking us to make these special types of interfacings available to you, and after finally finding a mill willing to make them 
according to my very picky standards...they are here!

After extensive testing in our own busy ShirtMaking Studio, we are convinced that our NEW Pro-Woven SHIRT CRISP Fusible Interfacing and our NEW Pro-Woven SUPER CRISP Fusible Interfacing are the best woven fusible interfacings available anywhere!   Exclusive to Fashion Sewing Supply, these fantastic NEW fusible interfacings were specially made to produce perfectly CRISP shirt collars and cuffs, and can also be used to strengthen cotton quilting fabrics when making purses. 

They Absolutely DO NOT SHRINK and are WASHABLE on warm-to-hot settings AFTER FUSING TO FABRIC !

If you want interfacing for shirt collars and cuffs that look just like the expensive designer shirts you see in stores...THIS IS IT!

The difference between our Pro-Woven Shirt Crisp and Super Crisp Fusible Interfacing and ordinary woven fusible interfacing is that the base fabric is steamed to eliminate shrinkage before the special fusing adhesive is carefully applied to give full and even coverage.   These will be the best woven fusible interfacings for shirts (and other applications) that you have ever used!

Get all the details and the Special Introductory Prices HERE at Fashion Sewing Supply.

And I'll be back to sewing and posting tutorials as soon as my docs allow me to do more digging through my fabric stash ;)  xox~Pam