The most Elegant of Interfacings...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sheer Elegance Interfacing

Now available exclusively at FASHION SEWING SUPPLY
Pro-Sheer Elegance Fusible the the ultimate lower-temperature fusible interfacing for stable knits and sheer to lightweight woven fabrics.
This sheer matte interfacing truly is different. Due to its unique weave and fiber content, it has 10% controlled stretch in the cross-grain, and is stable in the lengthwise grain. Pro-Sheer Elegance is made from a combination of Polyester, and stable Rayon  and can be fused at "low-wool to 
wool" settings of your iron.  It does NOT shrink.

It is absolutely the most amazing interfacing
that we have ever experienced!
Pro-Sheer Elegance barely affects the drape of fabric,
yet will add enough support
for stable facings, buttonholes, etc.
It is sheer, matte, silky, 60" wide....absolutely fabulous!

90% Polyester, 10% Rayon-- 60" wide
COLORS-- White or Black
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