Perfect Serged Rolled Edges...A Quick Tip !

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
This is a technique for facilitating a rolled edge using a serger. 

First, set your serger up to do a rolled hem, according to your machine's owner's manual.
Next, as you feed the edge to be rolled...notice how I use my finger to hold the fabric edge taut while also bending the edge slightly so that it is already "persuaded"  to roll.  You will also notice that I keep my serger knife in the upward position when doing a rolled hem. I find that I get a better rolled edge if I start with the "cleanest" straight edge as it feeds into the machine.  In this demonstration I used all four ultra-cheap serger just does a better rolled hem using 4 threads.

Here is the strip of medium weight cotton with it's rolled hem...look, no "Pokies" (loose whisker threads) !

This strip of fabric being roll-hemmed will be used to make a decorative "Euro-Ruffle" embellishment.
Coming soon....I'll show you my method for making  "Euro" center-stitched and gathered ruffles like the one shown below, without having to pull threads to gather!